Schauer Charge Master Battery Chargers

Schauer has been making battery chargers for over 100 years. They make chargers for electric powered wheelchairs, electric powered buses, starting/lighting batteries in cars and trucks, and much more. Their chargers are for lead acid batteries of all types and are used on any type of equipment, anywhere. With a selectable battery type, you just need one charger whether you have a Wet, Gel, or AGM battery.

Schauer chargers have found their way all over the world, including locations such as North Pole research stations, UN peace keeping missions in Africa and Asia, California telemetry units for water supply control, railroad crossing, and even bass fishing boats in Japan. These chargers really are used everywhere for everything!

The Schauer line of chargers are popular in automotive, commercial equipment, alternative energy, and mobile equipment applications. All Schauer battery chargers come with a two-year limited warranty. Find Schauer battery chargers online with Battery Mart!

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