Jump Starters

At one time, a set of jumper cables (and a fellow friendly motorist) was what you needed to jump-start a car. Today, all you need is a jump starter.

Jump starters are one of the best companions to any vehicle. They are portable battery devices that allow you to get your engine started when your battery can't. Battery starters are similar to jumper cables, except you do not need an additional vehicle to provide power to boost the dead vehicle battery! Just attach the jump starter's clamps to your battery and follow the unit's instructions.

The latest generation of jump starters for sale use compact lithium-ion batteries. Many lithium ion car battery jump starters are light-weight and are a little larger than a paperback novel. Most Li-Ion units can do more than just jump-starting your car. They can recharge portable devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, and some can also be used as emergency light sources.

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Solar Truck Pac ES6000 Jump Starter
Item #: ACC-ES6000  |  

Solar Truck Pac ES6000 Jump Starter

Solar Truck Pac ES6000 Jump Starter

Item #: ACC-ES6000
Voltage: 12 Volt
Warranty: 1 Year (Directly Through Clore Automotive)
Price: $399.95