Hy-Brid Scissor Lift Chargers

We're proud to offer application specific chargers for Hy-Brid scissor lifts. The Hy-brid scissor lift chargers offered are US built by Pro Charging Systems as part of their Recreation / Industrial series. These chargers are quickly becoming the standard by manufacturers in the rental market to replace inadequate OEM chargers. The unique DeltaVolt charging profile in these scissor lift chargers is designed to maximize battery capacity and run time.

Below is an extensive cross reference table to help you find the correct charger for your Skyjack application:

Hy-Brid Lift Model Number Hy-Brid Charger Part Number PCS Compatible Battery Charger
Push Around Platform Lifts
HB-P830 ELEC-745 RS1 / IS1
HB-P830CE ELEC-745 RS1 / IS1
Self-Propelled Platform Lifts
HB-830 ELEC-645 RS2 / IS2
HB-P830CE ELEC-645 RS2 / IS2
HB-1030CE ELEC-645 RS2 / IS2
HB-1430CE ELEC-645 RS2 / IS2
HB-1030 Gen 1 ELEC-640 RS2 / IS2
HB-1030 Gen 2 ELEC-765 RS2 / IS2
HB-1430 Gen 1 ELEC-640 RS2 / IS2
HB-1430 Gen 2 ELEC-765 RS2 / IS2