EarthX ETX12A High-Performance Powersports Lithium Battery
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EarthX ETX12A High-Performance Powersports Lithium Battery

Item #: LTX12A   |  In Stock


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Product Specifications for EarthX ETX12A High-Performance Powersports Lithium Battery

BM Part #: LTX12A
Made In: U.S.A.
Voltage: 13.2 Volt
Capacity: 4 Ah
Type: LiFePO4
Length: 4.5"
Width: 2.6"
Height: 3.7"
Cold Cranking Amps: 135 CCA / 220 PCA
Shipping Weight: 1.30Lbs
Warranty: 2 Year Factory Direct
Product Manual: Download
Datasheet: Download

Typical Charging Times

Charging Amps Charging Time
1 amp 4 hours
3 amp 1.5 hours
5 amp 45 min.
  • Made in the USA. Why it matters:
    • Superior craftmanship; rigorously tested; high-quality parts.
  • Due to shipping regulations regarding shipping lithium batteries, the EarthX batteries can only be shipped via FedEX or UPS Ground.
  • Extremely light weight, 70-80% lighter than lead acid batteries.
  • Very low self-discharge rate, it can hold a charge for the entire off-season (over six months) except in bikes with continuous draws such as a Harley.
  • Environmentally friendly, no hazardous lead or acid, non poisonous, non-toxic.
  • 4,000 charge cycle life versus 350 charge cycle life of a lead acid battery. Can last up to eight years!
  • Maintenance free.
  • Fast charging (as little as 30 minutes).
  • Higher voltage while cranking means faster starts.
  • Wide operating temperature range, will not freeze or boil-over.
  • Some applications may require the EarthX Terminal Adapter Kit (sold separately).
  • Made in the USA with imported cells
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Product Description

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Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

EarthX Lithium batteries, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), are designed to be a light-weight, maintenance free replacement of your standard lead-acid battery. These batteries will work with all vehicle charging systems and "modern" lead-acid battery chargers, thanks to the exclusive built-in electronics (Battery Management System, BMS). No other motorsport lithium battery offers built-in electronics which protect it from over-discharging or over-charging while keeping the cell's charge level balanced.

EarthX batteries are an exceptional value given the fact they can last four times longer than your conventional lead-acid battery, lasting up to 8 years. The battery includes a full 2 year warranty (not prorated like others). Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with EarthX's Factory Direct warranty!

What Makes EarthX Different?

  • Built-in circuitry (Battery Management System, BMS) to ensure the charge levels are equally balanced 100% of the time for optimal performance and life.
  • Built-in circuitry to protect from over-charging and over-discharging
  • No special cell balancing charger needed due to our built-in BMS.
  • Custom designed cells for maximum cranking amps, lightest on the market and up to an 8 year life span.
  • Cranking amps are rated using an American standard (SAE), not a Chinese standard so our CCA rating is equivalent to existing lead acid batteries.
  • Torture tested to extreme temperatures (-22F to 140F) and vibration (2G 25hz).

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What's the difference between the "equivalent" and "Actual" amp hour capacity?

The manufacturer includes the "equivalent" rating to show a more apples-to-apples comparison between the lithium chemistry and the lead-acid battery that you're likely replacing.

In performance and real life usability for lead acid starting batteries, they only use ~30% of the stated amp hours before the voltage drops so low you can not start your vehicle. Lithium batteries, however, have a 98% depth of discharge.

For example, the EarthX ETX36 is a replacement for a YTX20 battery, which has 18ah capacity. The amount of usable amp hours are [18ah x 0.3 = 5.4ah]. The ETX36 uses a 12.4ah lithium cell which is actually 7 amp hours more than the lead acid battery it's replacing.

Cross Reference

The EarthX ETX12A High-Performance Powersports Lithium Battery has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:

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What our Customers are saying
KTM 350 sx
November 20, 2022
by on November 20, 2022

it works great , starts fast

South Daytona , Florida
Would recommend to a friend?
earth x battery for ktm500 snow bike
February 28, 2022
by on February 28, 2022

weights nothing, replaced a lithium ion battery that didn't work in cold weather. every sat when I go to ride the earth x is dead ? once i jump start the bike its good all day by about Tues its dead again, muli meter doesn't show a short, what ever. a little pricey for not doing the job.

Would recommend to a friend?
Monster Power from a tiny Well made Battery
Apr25l 2, 2021
by on Apr25l 2, 2021

The cranking power of this thing is on another level. Touch the start button and boom. Wow this battery is great. Worth every penny. Make sure to buy the side post conversion kit. It is a must for most motorcycles.

Hodaka Joe
Would recommend to a friend?
Awesome Upgrade
March 21, 2021
by on March 21, 2021

Awesome upgrade from the lead/acid battery in my motorcycle. Went from 70 cold crank amps to 135.

Janus #537
Riverside, CA
Would recommend to a friend?
EarthX battery review.
November 17, 2020
by on November 17, 2020

so far so good. very light, it feels like a fake display toy but packs a big PUNCH !

Would recommend to a friend?
Light weight battery
January 2, 2019
by on January 2, 2019

Great light weight battery. Am using it to power up the gps on my Polaris 800 RMK.

Would recommend to a friend?
Lithium Bike Battery
October 15, 2018
by on October 15, 2018

Outstanding! Even with a brand new standard lead/acid battery this bike ( Yamaha WR450) always seems to crank a little slow and is hard to start, even after it is warm. With this new Li battery it cranks noticeably faster and fires up great even when cold! They are pricey being about twice the price of standard batteries, but since their projected lifetime is twice as long as a standard battery that helps offset the price difference. The super light weight of these batteries is also a real nice added benefit as well! They are a little smaller in size as well and I like the fact they come with several different sizes and thicknesses of sticky backed foam to help size them to nicely fit in the battery tray as well. TWO THUMBS UP!!

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Would recommend to a friend?