Replacement Battery Pack for Compaq Presario R3000 R4000 HP Pavilion zv5000 zv6000 (Dark Grey)
Item #: L18650-8ZRX   |    In Stock
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Replacement Battery Pack for Compaq Presario R3000 R4000 HP Pavilion zv5000 zv6000 (Dark Grey)
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Replacement Battery Pack for Compaq Presario R3000 R4000 HP Pavilion zv5000 zv6000 (Dark Grey)

Item #: L18650-8ZRX   |  In Stock
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Price: $118.95
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Price: $118.95

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Product Specifications for Replacement Battery Pack for Compaq Presario R3000 R4000 HP Pavilion zv5000 zv6000 (Dark Grey)

BM Part #: L18650-8ZRX
Voltage: 14.8 Volt
Capacity: 4400 mAh
Type: Li-Ion
Length: 5.98"
Width: 4.49"
Height: 0.76"
Shipping Weight: 1.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year

Product Description

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Order today and receive free standard shipping on your Replacement Battery Pack for Compaq Presario R3000 R4000 HP Pavilion zv5000 zv6000 (Dark Grey). Only valid in the contiguous 48 states and not valid with any other offer.

Intelligent Battery Pack

This is a 8 cell Lithium Ion rechargeable battery designed to work in Compaq Presario R3000, R4000, Hewlett Packard Pavilion zv5000, zv6000 and Compaq HP NX9100, NX9105, NX9110 series laptop and notebook computers.

This battery ships fully charged, tested and ready to work.

This ENERGY+ item is built with the highest quality standards, safety features and has a 12 month warranty.

Currently ships with 2 styles of bottom Mounting Plates.

Not compatible with Pavilion zx51xx, zx52xx, zx53xx series.


346970-001, 371913-001, 371914-001, 378858-001, 383965-001, 383968-001, 846970-001, BHR60, GC86508DPI0, HSTNN-C11C, HSTNN-DB02, HSTNN-DB14, HSTNN-IB14, HSTNN-UB02

  • COMPAQ Business NoteBook Series: NX9100, NX9105, NX9110
  • COMPAQ Presario Series: R3000, R3000t, R3000z, R3001AP, R3001US, R3002AP, R3002US, R3003AP, R3003EA, R3003US, R3003xx, R3004AP, R3004EA, R3004US, R3004xx, R3005AP, R3005xx, R3006AP, R3007AP, R3008AP, R3009AP, R3010AP, R3010EA, R3011AP, R3012AP, R3013AP, R3014AP, R3015AP, R3016AP, R3017AP, R3018AP, R3019AP, R3019xx, R3021AP, R3022AP, R3023AP, R3024AP, R3030EA, R3030US, R3038CL, R3039EA, R3040EA, R3040xx, R3050EA, R3050US, R3055CA, R3055xx, R3056RS, R3057EA, R3060AP, R3060EA, R3060EA, R3060US, R3065AP, R3065EA, R3070US, R3070xx, R3100, R3101AP, R3101xx, R3111EA, 3112EA, R3113EA, 3114EA, R3116EA, 3117EA, R3118EA, 3119EA, R3120CA, R3120US, R3128RS, R3128xx, R3136EA, R3137EA, R3138EA, R3139EA, R3140CA, R3140US, R3145EA, R3145xx, R3150US, R3150xx, R3158EA, R3158IT, R3160US, R3160xx, R3190EA, R3190US, R3200, R3201AP, R3201xx, R3202AP, R3202EA, R3202US, R3202xx, R3203AP, R3203US, R3204AP, R3204US, R3205AP, R3205EA, R3205US, R3205xx, R3206AP, R3206EA, R3206US, R3206xx, R3207AP, R3207EA, R3208AP, R3208EA, R3209AP, R3209EA, R3210AP, R3210CA, R3210US, R3210xx MV, R3211AP, R3211EA, R3212AP, R3212EA, R3213AP, R3214AP, R3215CA, R3215EA, R3220CA, R3220US, R3228EA, R3228xx, R3230CA, R3230EA, R3230US, R3230xx, R3235EA, R3235xx, R3240CA, R3240EA, R3240US, R3240xx, R3241EA, R3241xx, R3247US, R3248EA, R3249EA, R3249US, R3250EA, R3251EA, R3255EA, R3255xx, R3260US, R3260xx, R3275US, R3275xx, R3290US, R3290xx, R3300, R3303EA, R3304EA, R3305EA, R3305xx, R3306EA, R3306US, R3307EA, R3307EA, R3309EA, R3309US, R3310CA, R3310EA, R3310US, R3310xx, R3311EA, R3312EA, R3313EA, R3314EA, R3315EA, R3315xx, R3320CA, R3320US, R3332EA, R3332xx, R3340CA, R3340US, R3344EA, R3345EA, R3346EA, R3347EA, R3353EA, R3354EA, R3355EA, R3356EA, R3357EA, R3358EA, R3360EA, R3360US, R3363EA, R3363xx, R3365EA, R3365xx, R3370EA, R3370us, R3375EA, R3375us, R3380EA, R3380xx, R3396US, R3396xx, R3399CL, R3399xx, R3400, R3405US, R3405xx, R3408EA, R3408xx, R3410CA, R3410EA, R3410US, R3410xx, R3411EA, R3411xx, R3413EA, R3413xx, R3415EA, R3415US, R3418EA, R3418xx, R3420EA, R3421EA, R3422EA, R3423EA, R3425EA, R3425US, R3430EA, R3430US, R3440CA, R3440EA, R3440US, R3440xx, R3445EA, R3445xx, R3450EA, R3450xx, R3454EA, R3455EA, R3458EA, R3458xx, R3460EA, R3460US, R3465EA, R3465US, R3470CA, R3470US, R3475EA, R3475US, R3479EA, R3479xx, R3480EA, R3480xx, R3482EA, R3482xx, R3484EA, R3484xx, R3485EA, R3485xx, R3488EA, R3488xx, R4000, R4001US, R4001xx, R4002US, R4002xx, R4003EA, R4003xx, R4005EA, R4005xx, R4006EA, R4006xx, R4009EA, R4009xx, R4010CA, R4010US, R4012EA, R4012US, R4015EA, R4016EA, R4017EA, R4017xx, R4024EA, R4024xx, R4025CA, R4025EA, R4025US, R4025xx, R4026EA, R4026xx, R4028EA, R4029EA, R4030EA, R4031EA, R4035CA, R4035xx, R4060EA, R4060xx, R4065EA, R4065xx, R4075EA, R4075xx, R4100, R4114EA, R4115US, R4125CA, R4125EA, R4125US, R4125xx, R4126EA, R4126xx, R4127US, R4127xx, R4130EA, R4130xx, R4145EA, R4145xx, R4146EA, R4146xx, R4150EA, R4150xx, R4155EA, R4155xx, R4157EA, R4157xx, R4200, R4205EA, R4206EA, R4208EA, R4209EA, R4218EA, R4219EA, R4220EA, R4222EA, R4225CA
  • HP Business NoteBook Series: NX9100, NX9105, NX9110
  • HP Pavilion Series: zd8203, zd8203AP, zv5000, zv5000t, zv5001z, zv5001, zv5001AP, zv5001US, zv5001xx, zv5002, zv5002AP, zv5003AP, zv5003EA, zv5004AP, zv5004EA, zv5005, zv5005AP, zv5006, zv5006AP, zv5007AP, zv5007LA, zv5008, zv5008AP, zv5009, zv5009AP, zv5010, zv5010AP, zv5011, zv5011AP, zv5012, zv5012AP, zv5013, zv5013AP, zv5014AP, zv5014EA, zv5015AP, zv5015EA, zv5016AP, zv5016EA, zv5017, zv5017AP, zv5018, zv5018AP, zv5019, zv5019AP, zv5020, zv5020US, zv5021, zv5021AP, zv5022, zv5022AP, zv5023, zv5023AP, zv5024, zv5024AP, zv5025, zv5025AP, zv5026, zv5026AP, zv5027, zv5027AP, zv5028, zv5028AP, zv5029, zv5029AP, zv5030CA, zv5030US, zv5034, zv5034US, zv5037, zv5037WM, zv5040, zv5040EA, zv5045AP, zv5045EA, zv5100, zv5101AP, zv5101US, zv5102, zv5102AP, zv5103, zv5103AP, zv5103EA, zv5103xx, zv5105EA, zv5105US, zv5111, zv5111EA, zv5112, zv5112EA, zv5113, zv5113EA, zv5114, zv5114EA, zv5116, zv5116EA, zv5117, zv5117EA, zv5118, zv5118EA, zv5119, zv5119EA, zv5120CA, zv5120US, zv5121, 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Cross Reference

The Replacement Battery Pack for Compaq Presario R3000 R4000 HP Pavilion zv5000 zv6000 (Dark Grey) has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models: