Laptop Charger for 120 Watt Acer Compaq Fujitsu HP Toshiba
Item #: TI2006   |    In Stock
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Laptop Charger for 120 Watt Acer Compaq Fujitsu HP Toshiba

Item #: TI2006   |  In Stock
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Price: $74.95

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Product Specifications for Laptop Charger for 120 Watt Acer Compaq Fujitsu HP Toshiba

BM Part #: TI2006
Voltage: 18.5 to 20 volt
Capacity: 6.3 Amp
Length: 6.50"
Width: 2.50"
Height: 1.50"
Shipping Weight: 1.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year

Product Description

120 Watt AC Adapter

This AC adapter is designed to power a variety of machines including Acer, Arima, Asus, Clevo, Compaq, ECS, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Toshiba, WinBook laptop notebook computers.

This item has a power status light and U.S. AC power cord.

Small size and long cord makes this a great spare adapter.

This ENERGY+ item is built with the highest quality standards, safety features and has a 12 month warranty.


0227A18120, 0227A19120, 0227A20120, 0227C19120, 0302A19120, 0302C19120, 0309A18120, 101521, 102066, 102140, 102141, 103522, 1533244, 2523519, 2523519R, 2527678, 2527678R, 316088-002, 316687-001, 316687-002, 316687-003, 316688-001, 316688-002, 316688-003, 316888-002, 316888-003, 317188-001, 344895-001, 344895-031, 344895-071, 344895-101, 345312-001, 345312-002, 345312-003, 346958-001, 347438-001, 347438-001N, 350221-001, 350775-001, 361072-001, 361072-031, 361072-071, 393945-001, 393946-001, 393946-002, 394900-001, 40004489, 6500918, 6501064, 6708BA0055A, 6708BA0055B, 6708BA0055X, 76-010502-00, 76-011160-5A, 76-011201-25, 83-110110-3000, 90-N55PW1002, 90-N7VPW1001, 90-N7VPW1011, 90-N9LPW1000, 91.47Y28.002, 91.49V28.002, ACE83-110101-4300, ADP-120SB, ADP-120SB A, ADP-120SB B, ADP-120ZB BBEF, ADP-135DB, ADP-135DB BB, AP.13501.001, AP.13503.001, AP.13503.002, AP.T3003.002, AP.T3006.003, CS.14D25.011, DR910A, DR910A#ABA, DR912A, DR912A#ABA, FPCAC54AP, HP-OW120F13, HP-OW121F13, HP-OW135F13, HSTNN-SA01, LC.T3001.001, LSE0227A20120, NBACEM101521, NBP001317-00, NBP001318-00, NBP001528-00, NBP001529-00, NBP001539-00, NBP001540-00, NBP001540-01, OP-520-76401, PA-1121-02, PA-1121-02A1, PA-1121-02LA, PA-1121-02LK, PA-1121-03NA, PA-1121-04, PA-1121-08, PA-1121-12H, PA-1121-22, PA-1131-08, PA-1131-08CR, PA-1131-08H, PA3290E-2ACA, PA3290U-2ACA, PA3290U-3ACA, PA3381E-1ACA, PA3381U-1ACA, PC-VP-WP55, PK100018000, PPP016S, PPP017S, QND1ACYZZZ00B2, QND1ACYZZZ00C1, QND1ACYZZZ00C12, SADP-135EB BAF, SLS0110B20017, SLS0110B20154, SLS0227A19K87LF, SLS0227A20017, SLS0227A20X17LF, SLS0302A19G06LF, SLS0302C19057, SLS0302C19G57LF, SLS0302C19K06LF

  • ABS: zForce F1
  • ACCEL: AccelNote N356
  • ACER:
    • Aspire: 1360 Series, 1360, 1360LC, 1362, 1362LC, 1362LCi, 1362LM, 1362LMi, 1362WLC, 1362WLCi, 1362WLM, 1362WLMi, 1363, 1363LC, 1363LCi, 1363LMi, 1363WLM, 1363WLMi, 1365, 1365LCi, 1365LMi, 1500 Series, 1500LCe, 1500LCi, 1500LMi, 1501, 1501LCe, 1501LCi, 1501LMi, 1502, 1502LCe, 1502LM, 1502LMi, 1510 Series, 1510, 1510LC, 1510LM, 1510LMi, 1511, 1511LC, 1511LCe, 1511LCi, 1511LM, 1511LMi, 1512, 1512LMi, 1513, 1513LM, 1513LMi, 1514, 1514LMi, 1520 Series, 1520, 1520LMi, 1521, 1521LCi, 1521LMi, 1522, 1522LC, 1522LMi, 1522WLM, 1522WLMi, 1523, 1523LMi, 1523WLM, 1523WLMi, 1524, 1524LMi, 1524WLM, 1524WLMi, 1600 Series, 1601, 1601LC, 1602LC, 1602LM, 1603ELC, 1603ELM, 1603LC, 1603LCE, 1603LCE, 1604LC, 1604LM, 1605DLC, 1605LC, 1605LM, 1606LC, 1606LM, 1610 Series, 1610, 1610LM, 1612, 1612LM, 1612LMi, 1613, 1613LC, 1613LM, 1613LMi, 1620 Series, 1620, 1620LC, 1620LMi, 1621, 1621LC, 1621LM, 1621LMi, 1622, 1622LC, 1622LM, 1622LMi, 1622WLM, 1622WLMi, 1623, 1623LM, 1623LMi, 1624, 1624LM, 1624LMi, 1624WLM, 1660 Series, 1660, 1660WLMi, 1661, 1661LM, 1661LMi, 1661WLC, 1661WLCi, 1661WLM, 1661WLMi, 1662, 1662LC, 1662LM, 1662LMi, 1662WLM, 1662WLMi, 1663, 1663LM, 1663LMi, 1663WLM, 1663WLMi, 1664, 1664LM, 1664LMi, 1664WLCi, 1664WLM, 1664WLMi, 1670 Series, 1670, 1670WLMi, 1671, 1671LC, 1671LM, 1671LMi, 1671WLC, 1671WLM, 1671WLMi, 1672, 1672LM, 1672LMi, 1672WLCi, 1672WLM, 1672WLMi, 1673, 1673LMi, 1673WLM, 1673WLMi, 1674, 1674WLM, 1674WLMi, 5010 Series, 5012LMi, 5012WLMi, 5014LMi, 5014WLMi, 9800 Series
    • Extensa: 2000 Series, 2001LC, 2001LM, 2500 Series, 2501FLC, 2501LC, 2501LM
    • TravelMate: 2000 Series, 2001, 2001FX, 2001LC, 2001LCe, 2001LCi, 2001LM, 2001LMe, 2001XC, 2003, 2003LC, 2003LCe, 2003LM, 2003LMe, 2100 Series, 2100, 2100LM, 2100WLC, 2100WLCi, 2100WLMi, 2101, 2101WLC, 2101WLCi, 2101WLM, 2101WLMi, 2102, 2102WLC, 2103, 2103LC, 2103WLC, 2103WLM, W2303WLMi, 2200 Series, 2200, 2200LC, 2201LC, 2201LCi, 2201LM, 2201WLC, 2201WLCi, 2201WLMi, 2201XC, 2202, 2202WLC, 2203, 2203LC, 2203LM, 2203LMi, 2203WLC, 240 Series, 242LC, 242LCi, 242LM, 242LMi, 242X, 242XC, 242XM, 243LC, 243LCH, 243X, 243XH, 243Xi, 244LCi, 244LC-XPP, 250 Series, 2500 Series, 2500, 2500LC, 2501, 2501LC, 2501LCi, 2501LM, 2501LMi, 2501XC, 2502, 2502LC, 2502LCi, 2502LM, 2502LMi, 2503, 2504, 2504LC, 250LC, 250LCi, 250PE, 250PEXC, 252ELC, 252ELCi, 254ELCi, 2600 Series, 2601, 2601LCi, 2601LMi, 2601WLC, 2601WLCi, 2601WLM, 2601WLMi, 2602, 2602WLCi, 2602WLM, 2602WLMi, 2700 Series, 2700, 2700WLCi, 2701, 2701LC, 2701LCi, 2701LM, 2701WLC, 2701WLCi, 2701WLMi, 2702, 2702LC, 2702LCi, 2702LMi, 2702WLM, 2702WLMi, 2703, 2703WLMi
  • ADVENT: 7001, 7003, 7015, 7036, 7037, 7039, 7046, 7047, 7056, 7062, 7065, 7068
  • ALIENWARE: Area-51M (766), Area-51M2 (766)
  • ALPHATOP: Green 713, Green 730, Green 731, Green 732, Green 733, Green 733e, Green 736
  • AMPTRON: Eureka NB9755
  • AOPEN: 1847, 1848-A, 1848-G, 1848-O, 1849-G, 2681-G
  • ARIMA: A0420, A0520, A520, A520-K7, A520-K8, A520-K9, A520-P4, W720
  • ARM COMPUTER: ArmNote D470W, ArmNote N351S2, N351S4, ArmNote N356
  • ASA COMPUTER: Mustang N351S4, N351S4-A
  • ASHTON DIGITAL: Green 730 (G730), Passport 2100
  • ASUS: A2000H, A2000K Series, A2500 Series, A2508H, A2514H Series, A2534H, A2540H Series, A2H, A2K Series, A4 Series, A4000 Series, A4000D Series, A4000G, A4000Ga Series, A4000K, A4000Ka Series, A4000L, A4000S Series, A4K, A4Ka Series, A4L, A4S Series, Z80 Series, Z8000 Series, Z8000D, Z8000DC Series, Z8000G, Z8000H, Z8000K Series, Z8000L, Z8000S, Z8000T Series, Z80D, Z80DC Series, Z80G, Z80H, Z80K Series, Z80L, Z80S, Z80T Series, Z81 Series, Z8100 Series, Z8100D, Z8100G Series, Z8100K, Z8100Ka Series, Z8100L Series, Z81D, Z81G Series, Z81L Series, Z82 Series, Z8200 Series, Z8200N Series, Z82N Series
  • BLUEDISK: Artworker D470K, D470V, Artworker DK7, DK7-3000+, Artworker DV4, DV4-306T, Artworker DW7, DW7-306T
  • BOLDATA: BolData D470K, BolData D470W, BolData D47EV
  • CHEM USA: ChemBook 3300
  • CHILIGREEN: Agilitas M5-G713, Mobilitas CT C5-G733, Mobilitas M7-470V, Mobilitas M7-470V WX, Mobilitas M7-470W, Mobilitas M7-470W WX
  • CLEVO: D400, D400E, D400K, D400H, D400P, D400S, D41EF, D41ES, D41EV, D420E, D420P, D420S, D420V, D42EF, D42ES, D42EV, D430E, D430F, D430P, D430S, D430V, D43EF, D43ES, D43EV, D460, D470, D470K, D470V, D470W, D47EV, D480V, D480W, D48EV
    • DeskNote: D400, D400E, D400H, D400S, D410, D410E, D410H, D410S
    • PortaNote: D400, D400E, D400K, D400H, D400P, D400S, D40EF, D40EV, D410, D410E, D410H, D410S, D41EF, D41ES, D41EV, D420E, D420P, D420S, D420V, D42EF, D42ES, D42EV, D430E, D430F, D430P, D430S, D430V, D43EF, D43ES, D43EV, D460, D470, D470K, D470V, D470W, D47EV, D480V, D480W, D48EV
  • COMPAL: A51, ABO, ELW80
    • Business NoteBook: NX9100 Series, NX9105 Series, NX9110 Series, NX9500 Series
    • Presario: R3000 Series, R3000t, R3000z Series, R3001AP, R3001US Series, R3002AP, R3002US Series, R3003AP, R3003EA Series, R3003US, R3003xx Series, R3004AP, R3004EA Series, R3004US, R3004xx Series, R3005AP, R3005xx Series, R3006AP, R3007AP Series, R3008AP, R3009AP Series, R3010AP, R3010EA Series, R3011AP, R3012AP Series, R3013AP, R3014AP Series, R3015AP, R3016AP Series, R3017AP, R3018AP Series, R3019AP, R3019xx Series, R3021AP, R3022AP Series, R3023AP, R3024AP Series, R3030EA, R3030US Series, R3038CL, R3039EA Series, R3040EA, R3040xx Series, R3050EA, R3050US Series, R3055CA, R3055xx Series, R3056RS, R3057EA Series, R3060AP, R3060EA Series, R3060EA, R3060US Series, R3065AP, R3065EA Series, R3070US, R3070xx Series, R3100 Series, R3101AP, R3101xx Series, R3111EA, 3112EA Series, R3113EA, 3114EA Series, R3116EA, 3117EA Series, R3118EA, 3119EA Series, R3120CA, R3120US Series, R3128RS, R3128xx Series, R3136EA, R3137EA Series, R3138EA, R3139EA Series, R3140CA, R3140US Series, R3145EA, R3145xx Series, R3150US, R3150xx Series, R3158EA, R3158IT Series, R3160US, R3160xx Series, R3190EA, R3190US Series, R3200 Series, R3201AP, R3201xx Series, R3202AP, R3202EA Series, R3202US, R3202xx Series, R3203AP, R3203US Series, R3204AP, R3204US Series, R3205AP, R3205EA Series, R3205US, R3205xx Series, R3206AP, R3206EA Series, R3206US, R3206xx Series, R3207AP, R3207EA Series, R3208AP, R3208EA Series, R3209AP, R3209EA Series, R3210AP, R3210CA Series, R3210US, R3210xx MV Series, R3211AP, R3211EA Series, R3212AP, R3212EA Series, R3213AP, R3214AP Series, R3215CA, R3215EA Series, R3220CA, R3220US Series, R3228EA, R3228xx Series, R3230CA, R3230EA Series, R3230US, R3230xx Series, R3235EA, R3235xx Series, R3240CA, R3240EA Series, R3240US, R3240xx Series, R3241EA, R3241xx Series, R3247US, R3248EA Series, R3249EA, R3249US Series, R3250EA, R3251EA Series, R3255EA, R3255xx Series, R3260US, R3260xx Series, R3275US, R3275xx Series, R3290US, R3290xx Series, R3300 Series, R3303EA, R3304EA Series, R3305EA, R3305xx Series, R3306EA, R3306US Series, R3307EA, R3307EA Series, R3309EA, R3309US Series, R3310CA, R3310EA Series, R3310US, R3310xx Series, R3311EA, R3312EA Series, R3313EA, R3314EA Series, R3315EA, R3315xx Series, R3320CA, R3320US Series, R3332EA, R3332xx Series, R3340CA, R3340US Series, R3344EA, R3345EA Series, R3346EA, R3347EA Series, R3353EA, R3354EA Series, R3355EA, R3356EA Series, R3357EA, R3358EA Series, R3360EA, R3360US Series, R3363EA, R3363xx Series, R3365EA, R3365xx Series, R3370EA, R3370us Series, R3375EA, R3375us Series, R3380EA, R3380xx Series, R3396US, R3396xx Series, R3399CL, R3399xx Series, R3400 Series, R3405US, R3405xx Series, R3408EA, R3408xx Series, R3410CA, R3410EA Series, R3410US, R3410xx Series, R3411EA, R3411xx Series, R3413EA, R3413xx Series, R3415EA, R3415US Series, R3418EA, R3418xx Series, R3420EA, R3421EA Series, R3422EA, R3423EA Series, R3425EA, R3425US Series, R3430EA, R3430US Series, R3440CA, R3440EA Series, R3440US, R3440xx Series, R3445EA, R3445xx Series, R3450EA, R3450xx Series, R3454EA, R3455EA Series, R3458EA, R3458xx Series, R3460EA, R3460US Series, R3465EA, R3465US Series, R3470CA, R3470US Series, R3475EA, R3475US Series, R3479EA, R3479xx Series, R3480EA, R3480xx Series, R3482EA, R3482xx Series, R3484EA, R3484xx Series, R3485EA, R3485xx Series, R3488EA, R3488xx Series
  • COMPUTEK: DesigNote G510, DesigNote G732
  • CYBER POWER: Xployer U2 1000
  • ECS: G713, G730, G731, G732, G732e, G733, G733e, G736
    • Green: 713, 730, 731, 732, 732e, 733, 733e, 736, G713, G730, G731, G732, G732e, G733, G733e, G736
    • Internetishop: 730, 731, 732, 733, 736
  • eMACHINES: M2350, M2352
  • ENFACE: Ethane 470S, Ethane 470V, Ethane D410S, Ethane D470W
  • EUROCOM: D470S, D470W Series
  • EXCEL: SlimNote G730, SlimNote G732, SlimNote G733, SlimNote G736
  • FOSA: 755II, D400S, D470W
  • FREEDOM: Freedom N351S4, Freedom N356
  • FUJITSU: 755II5
    • Amilo: A 7600, A 7620, A 8620, A7600, A7620, A8620, D6830, D-6830, D7830, D-7830, D8830, D-8830, L 6820, L 6825, L6820, L6825, M1437, M-1437, M1437G, M-1437G, M1439, M-1439, M1439G, M-1439G, M3438, M-3438, M3438G, M-3438G, M4438, M-4438, M4438G, M-4438G, Pro V7010, Xi1526, Xi-1526
  • GATEWAY 2000: 7210GX Series, 7215GX Series, 7305GZ Series, 7320GZ Series, 7322GZ Series, 7324GZ Series, 7325GZ Series, 7326GZ Series, 7330GH Series, 7330GZ Series, 7410GX Series, 7422GX Series, 7430JP Series, 7510GX Series, M520 Series, MX7315 Series, MX7337 Series, MX7337h Series, MX7340 Series, NX860X Series, NX860XL Series, S-7710N Series
  • GERICOM: Beetle, Beetle 1720, 1720 E, Beetle 2430, 2430 E, Beetle A2500, Beetle Advance, Beetle G733, Beetle Mobile, G713, G730, G731, G732, G732e, G733, Hummer (755IAX 755II0 755II6 755IIX N755), Hummer 30680, Hummer Advance, Hummer Advance 2560XL, Hummer Extreme, Hummer Force, Hummer FX 5600, Hummer Radeon 9000 Mobility, Masterpiece, Masterpiece 2030, Masterpiece G730, Masterpiece M9, Masterpiece Radeon, Masterpiece Shared, Masterpiece XL, Masterpiece XXL, Webgine Per4mance, Webgine XL, Webgine XL 2040, Webgine XL Per4mance, Webgine XL Per4mance 2040, WebsShox Per4mance Force
  • GVS COMPUTERS: D410, D410S, D470W
  • HP:
    • Business NoteBook: NX9100 Series, NX9105 Series, NX9110 Series, NX9500 Series
    • Pavilion: zd7000 Series, zd7001EA, zd7001US Series, zd7005, zd7005EA Series, zd7005QV, zd7005US Series, zd7009, zd7009EA Series, zd7010CA, zd7010EA Series, zd7010QV, zd7010US Series, zd7012, zd7012EA Series, zd7015, zd7015EA Series, zd7020, zd7020EA Series, zd7020QV, zd7020US Series, zd7030EA, zd7030US Series, zd7035, zd7035EA Series, zd7038, zd7038EA Series, zd7040EA, zd7040US Series, zd7045, zd7045EA Series, zd7048CL, zd7048EA Series, zd7049, zd7049EA Series, zd7050EA, zd7050US Series, zd7055, zd7055EA Series, zd7058, zd7058CL Series, zd7060, zd7060EA Series, zd7063, zd7063EA Series, zd7065, zd7065EA Series, zd7066, zd7066EA Series, zd7070, zd7070EA Series, zd7080, zd7080EA Series, zd7100 Series, zd7101, zd7101US Series, zd7102, zd7102US Series, zd7112, zd7112EA Series, zd7120, zd7120EA Series, zd7128, zd7128EA Series, zd7129, zd7129EA Series, zd7131, zd7131EA Series, zd7139, zd7139EA Series, zd7140, zd7140US Series, zd7141, zd7141EA Series, zd7143, zd7143EA Series, zd7144, zd7144EA Series, zd7145, zd7145EA Series, zd7150, zd7150EA Series, zd7160, zd7160CA Series, zd7160EA, zd7160US Series, zd7167, zd7167EA Series, zd7168, zd7168EA Series, zd7169, zd7169EA Series, zd7170, zd7170EA Series, zd7180, zd7180US Series, zd7188, zd7188CL Series, zd7198, zd7198CL Series, zd7200 Series, zd7202, zd7202US Series, zd7228, zd7228EA Series, zd7229, zd7229EA Series, zd7230, zd7230EA Series, zd7230US Series, zd7235, zd7235EA Series, zd7236, zd7236EA Series, zd7245, zd7245EA Series, zd7248, zd7248EA Series, zd7249, zd7249CL Series, zd7250, zd7250EA Series, zd7255, zd7255EA Series, zd7256, zd7256EA Series, zd7257, zd7257EA Series, zd7258, zd7258EA Series, zd7259, zd7259EA Series, zd7260, zd7260EA Series, zd7265, zd7265EA Series, zd7267, zd7267EA Series, zd7269, zd7269cl Series, zd7270, zd7270EA Series, zd7280, zd7280US Series, zd7300 Series, zd7310, zd7310CA Series, zd7310EA, zd7310US Series, zd7320, zd7320EA Series, zd7340, zd7340EA Series, zd7341, zd7341EA Series, zd7342, zd7342EA Series, zd7348, zd7348EA Series, zd7349, zd7349EA Series, zd7350, zd7350EA Series, zd7360, zd7360US Series, zd7373, zd7373EA Series, zd7374, zd7374EA Series, zd7375, zd7375EA Series, zd7376, zd7376EA Series, zd7377, zd7377EA Series, zd7378, zd7378EA Series, zd7379CL, zd7379EA Series, zd7380EA, zd7380US Series, zd7381, zd7381EA Series, zd7382, zd7382EA Series, zd7383, zd7383EA Series, zd7384, zd7384EA Series, zd7385, zd7385EA Series, zd7389, zd7389CL Series, zd7390, zd7390EA Series, zd7392, zd7392EA Series, zd7395, zd7395EA Series, zd7998, zd7998US Series, zd7999, zd7999US Series, zd8203, zd8203AP Series, zv5000 Series, zv5000t, zv5001z Series, zv5001, zv5001AP Series, zv5001US, zv5001xx Series, zv5002, zv5002AP Series, zv5003AP, zv5003EA Series, zv5004AP, zv5004EA Series, zv5005, zv5005AP Series, zv5006, zv5006AP Series, zv5007AP, zv5007LA Series, zv5008, zv5008AP Series, zv5009, zv5009AP Series, zv5010, zv5010AP Series, zv5011, zv5011AP Series, zv5012, zv5012AP Series, 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  • HUNDYX: HN D400E, D400S, HN D470W
  • HYPERDATA: 3560, 4700, 7320, 7550, D470W, Green 732, Green 732e, N755II0
  • HYUNDAI: M-Life D400E, D400S, M-Life D470W
  • IPC: Mnote 410S, MultiNote D410S, Web@Note C (Green733), Web@Note C (Green733e), Web@Note T+ (Green732e), Web@Note TT+ (Green736)
  • IRIDIUM: Starbook 860, Starbook S860
  • ISSAM: SmartBook i-400, i-410s, SmartBook i-D400, i-D410s
  • JETTA: JetBook 2300 Series, JetBook 2300P Series, JetBook 755SI4 Series
  • JEWEL: N351S2, N351S4, N356S2, Opal 4000, Opal 4002
  • KEYDATA: KeyNote 9880, KeyNote 9880, N356S1
  • LEO: DesigNote D400S
  • LIFETEC: LT40100, LT41300, LT41700
  • LION: D470V, D470W, Sarasota D470V, Sarasota G730, Sarasota G731, Sarasota G732
  • LITTLEBIT: Maori 320, Maori 420, Maori D31, Maori P71
  • MAX COMPUTER: MaxBook 351 (N351), MaxBook 356 (N356), MaxBook 755IA, 755IA0, MaxBook N755II1
  • MAX GROUP: MaxNote 9000
  • MAX STATION: MaxBook 351 (N351), MaxBook 356 (N356), MaxBook 755IA, 755IA0, MaxBook N755II1
  • MAXDATA: Eco 3000T, Eco 3000X, Eco 3150X, Eco 3200X, Eco 755, M-Book 1200, M-Book 1200T/X (755IA/755II4/755CI1) , M-Book 755, Vision 4200X, Vision 755
  • MECER: Mecer N755, N755-SI, Mecer N755IA, Mecer N755II, PowerX N755IA, PowerX N755II
  • MEDION: D400S, MD40100, MD40673, MD40993, MD41300, MD41700, MD95074, Super Laptop P4, WID2000, WID2010, WID2020
  • MICRO EXPRESS: NP3530L NP3530L (N351S4)
  • MICRO FLEX TECH: FlexNote D470W, FlexNote N356
  • MICROBOOK: MicroBook 722T (355V2), MicroBook 950, 950T (355V2)
  • MICRON: Transport V2000
  • MPC: TransPort V2000
  • MTECH: D400S, D470W
  • MUSTEK: Storm G713
  • NEC: Versa Pro C Model PC-LC7008D, Versa Pro Model VA24S/AF
  • NORTHGATE: G730, G730A, G731, G731A, G733, G733A, U755II, U755iA
  • OPTIMA: Optima N356
  • ORDI: Nexus D410
  • PARS: Xcite D410S
  • PC CLUB: EnPower ENP 275, EnPower ENP 875 Mythos Spartan, EnPower ENP 87503 Mythos Spartan Plus, EnPower ENP275, EnPower ENP875 Mythos Spartan, EnPower ENP87503 Mythos Spartan Plus
  • PEARL: D400 Series
  • PIONEER: Power D470, D470V, D470W, Silver D410S, Soho D400E, D400F, Soho D400P, D400S, Soho D400V
  • PREMIER: N755CI, N755S1
  • PRESTIGE: Prestige 87503
  • PRISMA BOOK: PrismaBook D400P, PrismaBook D400S
  • PROMEDION: D410E, D410S, D470W
  • PROSTAR: 4014, 4074, 4094, 4794, D400E, D400S, D410S, D470W
  • QDI: A-520K8, Alacritas 520-K8
  • ROVERBOOK: Explorer D790 (D470W), Explorer D795 (D480V), Explorer E570 (D400E), Voyager D512 (755II1)
  • SAGER: 4020, 4060, 4080, 4320, 4321, 4750, 4760, 4780, 4790, 4791, D400E, D400S, D400V, D40EF, D40EV, D470K, D470V, D470W, D47EV, NP4020, NP4060, NP4080, NP4320, NP4321, NP4380, NP4381, NP4750, NP4760, NP4780, NP4790, NP4791
  • SEANIX: SeaNote D400
  • SIEMENS Amilo:
  • A 7600, A 7620, A 8620, A7600, A7620, A8620, D-6830, D-7830, D-8830, L 6820, L 6825, M1437, M-1437, M1437G, M-1437G, M1439, M-1439, M1439G, M-1439G, M3438, M-3438, M3438G, M-3438G, M4438, M-4438, M4438G, M-4438G, Pro V7010, Xi1526, Xi-1526
  • SMARTBOOK: SmartBook i-D400S, SmartBook i-D410S, SmartBook i-D470W
  • SOTEC: W720 Series
  • STAMP: All-in-one D470W, D470W
  • STARNOTE: StarNote D470W
  • SUPER TALENT: DM-G732-B, G731, G732, G732e, G733, G736, N351 Combo (N351S4)
  • SYSTEMAX: N755, Pursuit 2120
  • TARGA: Visionary XP 210
  • TOPNOTE: TopNote D470W
    • Equium: A60-152, A60-157, A60-158, A60-173, A60-181, A60-191, A60-199, A60-692
    • Satellite: A60 Series, A60-S130, A60-S156, A60-S1561, A60-S159, A60-S1591, A60-S1591ST, A60-S1592, A60-S1592ST, A60-S166, A60-S1661, A60-S1662, A60-S1662ST, A60-S1691, A60-S1691ST, A60-S310, A60-S331, A60-S536, A60-S537, A65 Series, A65-S1062, A60-S1063, A65-S1064, A60-S1065, A65-S1066, A60-S1067, A65-S1068, A65-S1069, A65-S1070, A65-S109, A65-S1091, A65-S126, A65-S1261, A65-S136, A65-S1361, A65-S1362, A65-S1662, A65-S1672, A65-S1762, A70 Series, A70-S2362, A70-S249, A70-S2491, A70-S2492, A70-S2492ST, A70-S256, A70-S2561, A70-S259, A70-S2591, A75 Series, A75-S206, A75-S2061, A75-S209, A75-S2091, A75-S211, A75-S2111, A75-S226, A75-S2261, A75-S229, A75-S2291, A75-S2292, A75-S2293, A75-S231, A75-S2311, A75-S276, A75-S2761, A75-S2762, P25-S670, P25-S676, P25-S6761, P30 Series, P30-S6362, P30-S6362ST, P30-S6363, P30-S6363ST, P30-S701, P30-S701TD, P35 Series, P35-S609, P35-S6091, P35-S611, P35-S6111, P35-S6112, P35-S629, P35-S6291, P35-S6292, P35-S631, P35-S6311, P35-S7012
    • Satellite Pro: A60 Series, A60-107, A60-110, A60-138, A60-146, A60-185, A60-186, A60-188, A60-532, A60-683, A60-832
  • TRONIC: 5 D47V (D470V), D47W (D470W), P47V (D470V)
  • TSUNAMI: Slider D400, Slider D400V, Slider D470V
  • TWINHEAD: N7500 (G731)
  • UNIWILL: 244II0, 755IA, 755IN, 755SI, 755SI4, 766, 766S, N351C2, N351S1, N351S2, N351S4, N355V1, N355V2, N356, N356S, N356S1, N356S2, N356SZ, N755, N755CA5, N755IA, N755IA0, N755IA6, N755IAX, N755II, N755II0, N755II1, N755II5, N755II8, N755IIX, N755INX, N766, N766S, N766SA, N766SAX, P71, P71EN, P71EN0, P71xx, P72, P72EN, P72EN0, P72ENx, P72IA, P72IAx, P72xx, X72IA, X72IA6, X72IAx
  • USER EASY: 755II8, 755IN
  • VEGA: VegaPlus N355V1, VegaPlus N356S1, VegaPlus N755
  • VOBIS: Professional 15M9, Professional 15M9 XD
  • WEBTECH: N355V1, N355V2, N356S1, N356S2
  • WINBOOK COMPUTER: V120, V200 Series, V220, V230, V240
  • X TECHNOLOGY: G713, G732, G736, N755IN
  • XERON: Sonic 710AX, Sonic Movie M11, Sonic Movie M11A, Sonic Power Plus, Sonic Power Plus AS, Sonic Power Plus S, Sonic Pro 710AX
  • XTERASYS: G732e, XteraNote 755IA6, XteraNote 755II8
  • YAKUMO: G732, G733, Q7 XD 2,4, Q7 XD 2.53, Q7 XD 2.66, Q7M 2.5 WLAN YW, Q7M 2.8 DVD-RW XD, Q7M DVD XD, Q7M DVD XD G733, Q7M Entertainment XD, Q7M XD 2.4, Q7M XD 2.4 M9 (G732)

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Cross Reference

The Laptop Charger for 120 Watt Acer Compaq Fujitsu HP Toshiba has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models: