BatteryMINDer 24 Volt, 4 Amp Charger for Gill Aviation with FREE Condition Indicator
Item #: 244CEC1-AA-S2   |    In Stock

BatteryMINDer 24 Volt, 4 Amp Charger for Gill Aviation with FREE Condition Indicator
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BatteryMINDer 24 Volt, 4 Amp Charger for Gill Aviation with FREE Condition Indicator

Item #: 244CEC1-AA-S2   |  In Stock

Price: $241.49
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Price: $241.49

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Product Specifications for BatteryMINDer 24 Volt, 4 Amp Charger for Gill Aviation with FREE Condition Indicator

BM Part #: 244CEC1-AA-S2
Voltage: 24 Volt
Capacity: 4 Amp
Input Voltage: 100 VAC, 50-60Hz
Length: 4.9"
Width: 7.3"
Height: 2.1"
Shipping Weight: 5.10Lbs
Warranty: 5 Year Factory Direct

BatteryMINDer Charger-Maintainer-Desulfator 7 Stages of Charging

  1. Analyze: Test the battery and determine if good or bad.
  2. Desulfate: Begins removal by dissolving harmful sulfate.
  3. Soft Start: Applies low current if battery tests low.
  4. Bulk: Provides maximum output to charge to 85%.
  5. Absorption: Provides low current to complete to 100%.
  6. Test: Determines if battery needs further desulfation.
  7. Maintenance: Maintains temperature-compensated full-charge.

What's in the box:

  • BatteryMINDer 244CEC1-AA-S2 Maintenance Charger-Desulfator
  • Auto-Temp Compensation Sensor (Installed)
  • 2' Insulated Battery Clip Cord Set with Quick Connector and 15A replaceable fuse
  • Instruction Manual
  • FREE Battery Condition Indicator ($11.95 Retail Value!)
  • Not for use with the Gill LT7000 Series aviation batteries.
  • Guaranteed to never overcharge/undercharge. (33°F to 130°F)
  • Tested and endorsed by leading Battery makers.
  • 100% Full - Time U.S. Patented Pulse-type Desulfation keeps battery free of sulfate or dissolves sulfate completely in older batteries
  • Detects and rejects batteries with bad cells. Terminates charge to prevent out-gassing
  • Maximizes battery life and capacity, recovers weak batteries.
  • Diagnoses battery's condition / state-of-charge
  • Recovers weak or deeply discharged batteries: including but not limited to flooded filler cap, maintenance-free, valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA), sealed lead-acid (SLA), starter, deep cycle and hybrid.
  • Maintains up to 6 batteries at a time. (requires our Y-Connector Item - BM Part # 210AY. Sold separately).
  • Auto-Restart after power failure
  • Intrusion protected from water and dust per IEC STANDARD IP65.
  • Bad cell detection with auto-shutdown.
  • Includes Short circuit, spark, reverse polarity protection, thermal runaway protection, automatic D/C disconnect on A/C failure and quick-connect/disconnect fused alligator clip assembly
  • Very high efficiency. California CEC Approved. Certified to California Energy Commision Standards.
  • Automatically detects input AC power.
  • ECO-mode with hi-efficiency / low power consumption. This allows the unit to always remain connected to AC while consuming very low level of electricity.
  • Ambient temperature compensation. Built-in temperature sensor automatically adjusts charge rate to ensure full-charge. (as low as 0°F or as high as 130°F)
  • 18 LED indicators show state-of-charge and important status mode / battery condition.
  • Rugged, vibration-resistant construction.
  • 6' AC cord, 6' DC cord with quick connector (SAE).
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NOT FOR USE WITH THE GILL LT 7000 SERIES. Please see Item # 244CEC1-AA-S3 for LT7000 Series batteries.

Our new GILL® aviation battery specific 2016 line of BatteryMINDer® battery charger/maintainers/desulfators are the most advanced we have ever produced.

In addition to charging and maintaining sealed or wet cell (filler caps), GILL® aviation battery users can now determine the level of charge remaining in their battery, and if weak and in need of replacement, before going bad. Units test for weak/dead cells and will recover weak or severely discharged batteries that other chargers would reject.

Known as the CEC1-AA series they feature advancements in easy to understand battery analysis and condition not previously available in any other single model. Their high efficiency design, controlled by industrially-rated microprocessors, allow continuous operation (24 hrs./day) for less than $0.43/month.

Temperature sensors prevents over/under charging from freezing to 130°F.

The BatteryMINDer 24 Volt, 4 Amp Charger for Gill Aviation with FREE Condition Indicator has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:

Works with Gill Aviation Batteries except LT7000 Series.

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What our Customers are saying
Good battery charger, useless extras
April 9, 2018
by on April 9, 2018

The battery charger charges and maintains my aircraft battery as advertised. Unlike its predecessor model, which failed after about 10 years, this one has no sensor cable for its "included" temperature compensator. I guess they don't know about cylinder heaters in cold climates and decided that ambient temperature in a hangar is always the same as under the cowl ... not! It comes with a useless (to me) large alligator clip adapter that I cut off to make a cable for the non-standard charger connector that actually exists under my cowl - no complaint there. It also came with a totally useless VOM, the cheapest, least accurate piece of junk test equipment I've ever seen. I thought the one I bought 20 years ago and have carried on board ever since was cheap, but at least it gave believable readings and didn't look like a child's toy. The charger itself looks sturdy, reliable and responsible, so it's surprising that they would package it with a junk give-away.

Northern CA
Would recommend to a friend?
works great.simple and reliable
January 28, 2018
by on January 28, 2018

works great.simple and reliable

Buffalo, NY
Would recommend to a friend?