VDC Temperature Sensor
Item #: ABS-248   |    In Stock
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VDC Temperature Sensor

Item #: ABS-248   |  In Stock
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Product Specifications for VDC Temperature Sensor

BM Part #: ABS-248
Length: 8'
Shipping Weight: 0.35Lbs (5.6 oz)
Warranty: 60 Day Return
  • 2' Ring Mounted Temperature Sensor and 6' Extension Cable. Connects to the battery's negative terminal.
  • Can double the life of any type of 12/24V battery.
  • Prevents over/under charging batteries.
  • Senses battery temperature and allows charger to automatically adjust output to ensure correct rate.
  • Works from 0°â€“130°F

Product Description

BatteryMINDer® ABS-248 12/24 Volt battery temperature sensor can double the life of any type of 12V or 24V battery when used properly. It enables your temperature compensated charger / maintainer / desulfator to accurately adjust its voltage to your battery's environment. The ABS-248 At-the-Battery Temperature Sensor remotely informs the BatteryMINDer® of the batteries’ ambient temperature if they are not in the same ambient temperature as the BatteryMINDer®. This is necessary to ensure the correct Charging Profile to prevent over- or under-charging.

The VDC At the Battery Temperature Sensor is 7 foot long and for these VDC Chargers:

  • 1500
  • 1500-OBD2
  • 1510
  • 1510-OBD2
  • 15CEC1B
  • 2012
  • 2012-AGM
  • 2012-AGM-OBD2
  • 2012-OBD2
  • 128CEC1
  • 128CEC1-OBD2
  • 244CEC1
  • 483CEC1
Aviation Use
  • 128CEC1-AA-S2
  • 128CEC1-AA-S3
  • 128CEC1-AA-S5
  • 244CEC1-AA-S2
  • 244CEC1-AA-S3
  • 244CEC1-AA-S5
Power Chairs & Mobility Scooters
  • 128CEC1-XLR1
  • 244CEC1-XLR1
  • 244CEC1-XLR2
  • SCC-515-5
  • SCC-515-15
  • SCC-180
Solar-powered for Aviation Use
  • SCC-515-5-AA-S2
  • SCC-515-5-AA-S3
  • SCC-515-5-AA-S5
  • SCC-515-15-AA-S2
  • SCC-515-15-AA-S3
  • SCC-515-15-AA-S5

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