Laptop Charger for Acer Compal Mitac Toshiba WinBook
Item #: TI1906   |    In Stock
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Laptop Charger for Acer Compal Mitac Toshiba WinBook

Item #: TI1906   |  In Stock
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Price: $63.95

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Product Specifications for Laptop Charger for Acer Compal Mitac Toshiba WinBook

BM Part #: TI1906
Voltage: 19.0 Volt
Capacity: 4.5 Amp
Length: 5.25"
Width: 2.25"
Height: 1.25"
Shipping Weight: 1.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year

Product Description

90 Watt AC Adapter

This AC adapter is specifically designed to power a variety of machines including Acer, Compal, Mitac, Toshiba and WinBook series laptop and notebook computers.

This item has a power status light and U.S. AC power cord.

Small size and long cord makes this a great spare adapter.

This ENERGY+ item is built with the highest quality standards, safety features and has a 12 month warranty.

Safety approvals include CCC, CE, GS, UL and VDE.


04G266006022, 103325, 103326, 103923, 103924, 103942, 104155, 104256, 104303, 104376, 104378, 106212, 106213, 106889, 106900, 1533561, 2521997, 2523114, 2523114R, 2527682, 2527682R, 2527738, 2527738R, 2528089, 2528089R, 2528253, 2528253R, 2528253R3, 2528295, 2528295R, 40001966, 41R4322, 41R4326, 41R4327, 41R4332, 41R4336, 41R4338, 45J7717, 6506058, 6506058R, 6506060, 6506060R, 6506104, 6506104R, 6857750100, 71530130002, 76-010570-20, 76-010900-5C, 76-011160-5A, 76-011201-25, 76-011651-5A, 76-011900-5C, 76-013005-00, 76-01B9DF-5A, 805N00032, 83-110106-340G, ACE83-110093-2100, ACE83-110106-2400, AD3201, ADP-75SB, ADP-75SB AB, ADP-75SB BB, ADP-90FB, ADP-90RH, ADP-90RH B, ADP-90RH BAF, ADP-90SB, ADP-90SB AB, ADP-90SB BB, ADP-90SB BBAGF, ADP-90SB BBANF, ADP-90SB BBASF, ADP-90SB BBAX, ADP-90SB BBDNF, ADT-19V90W3P, AP.00903.001, AP.A0201.001, AP.A0201.003, AP.A0305.001, AP.A0305.002, AP.A1003.001, AP.A1003.002, AP.A1003.003, AP.A1007.001, AP.T1903.001, AP.T1903.002, API1AD32, API1AD43, API1AD43-381, API2AD62, API2AD62-381, API3AD05, API3AD05-381, API4AD32, API4AD33, CA01007-0940, CP268388-01, DSO020723-00, FMV-AC314, FPCAC44, FPCAC44B, FPCAC44W, FPCAC46, FPCAC46A, FPCAC46AP, FPCAC51, FPCAC51A, FPCAC51AP, FPCAC53, FPCAC54AP, FPCAC57, FPCAC57AP, FSP090-1ADC21, LSE0202A2090,LSE0202C1990, LSE0202C2090, LSE0202D1990, LSE0202D2090, NBP001297-00, NBP001298-00, NBP001312-00, NBP001313-00, NBP001321-00, NBP001336-00, NBP001375-00, NBP001382-00, NBP001393-00, NBP001414-00, NBP001518-00, NBX001000-00, PA-1750-04, PA-1900-03, PA-1900-03GQ, PA-1900-03GR, PA-1900-04AR, PA-1900-04GR, PA-1900-04I2, PA-1900-05, PA-1900-05AW, PA-1900-06, PA-1900-15, PA-1900-15AR, PA-1900-15G, PA-1900-15GR, PA-1900-52LC, PA3165E, PA3165E-1ACA, PA3165E-1ACAB, PA3165U, PA3165U-1ACA, PA3380E-1ACA, PA3380U-1ACA, PA3380U-1ACA, PA3432E-1AC3, PA3432E-1ACA, PA3432U-1AC3, PA3432U-1ACA, PA3468E, PA3468E-1AC3, PA3468E-1ACA, PA3468U, PA3468U-1AC3, PA3468U-1ACA, PA3516U, PA3516U-1ACA, PC-AP7100, QCD1ACYZZZTA43, QND1ACYZZZ0014, QND1ACYZZZ0031, QND1ACYZZZ0049, QND1ACYZZZ00493, QND1ACYZZZ0073, QND1ACYZZZ0081, QND1ACYZZZ00D9, QND1ACYZZZTA43, QND1ACYZZZTA60, S26113-E518-V15, S2922366, SEB100P2-19.0, SLS0202A19G57LF, SLS0202C19G06LF, SLS0202C19G57LF, SLS0202D19G06LF, SLS0202D19G57LF, SLS0220A19057, SLS0220A19G57LF, VPRN-AC100, VPRN-AC200

  • 4MBO: EuroBook 8337
  • ABS: Mayhem G1, zForce F1
  • ACCEL AccelNote: 8170, CL00, CL05, CL10, CR10, CY13, N243, N341, N34AS1, N356
  • ACER:
    • Aspire: 1300, 1300DXV, 1300XC, 1300XV, 1301XV, 1302LC, 1302X, 1302XC, 1304LC, 1304XC, 1306LC, 1307LC, 1310, 1310LC, 1310XC, 1312LC, 1312LM, 1312XC, 1313, 1313LC, 1314, 1314LC, 1315, 1315LC, 1315LM, 1350, 1350, 1350LC, 1350LCe, 1350LM, 1350LMi, 1351, 1351LC, 1351LCi, 1351XC, 1352, 1352LC, 1352LCe, 1352LCi, 1352XC, 1353, 1353LC, 1353LCi, 1353LM, 1353LMi, 1353XC, 1354, 1354LM, 1354LMi, 1355, 1355LC, 1355LCe, 1355LCi, 1355LM, 1355LMi, 1355XC, 1355XV, 1356, 1356LC, 1356LCi, 1356LM, 1356LMi, 1357, 1357LC, 1357LCi, 1357LM, 1357LMi, 1357XC, 1360, 1360, 1360LC, 1362, 1362LC, 1362LCi, 1362LM, 1362LMi, 1362WLC, 1362WLCi, 1362WLM, 1362WLMi, 1363, 1363LC, 1363LCi, 1363LMi, 1363WLM, 1363WLMi, 1365, 1365LCi, 1365LMi, 1400, 1400, 1400L, 1400LC, 1400X, 1400XC, 1400XV, 1401, 1401L, 1401LC, 1401X, 1401XC, 1401XV, 1402, 1402L, 1402LC, 1402X, 1402XC, 1402XV, 1403, 1403L, 1403LC, 1403X, 1403XC, 1403XV, 1404, 1404L, 1404LC, 1404X, 1404XC, 1404XV, 1405, 1405LC, 1405X, 1405XC, 1406, 1406L, 1406LC, 1406X, 1406XC, 1450, 1451LCi, 1451LMi, 1452LC, 1452LCi, 1452LMi, 1454LCi, 1454LM, 1454MLi, 1454LMib, 3010, 3012WLM, 3012WLMi, 3013WLC, 3013WLCi
    • Ferrari: 3000, 3000LMi, 3000WLMi, 3200, 3200LMi, 3201LMi, 3400, 3400LMi, 3400WLMi, 3401LMi, 4000, 4000LMi, 4000WLMi, 4001WLMi, 4002LMi, 4002WLM, 4002WLMi, 4003WLMi, 4004WLMi, 4005LMi, 4005WLM, 4005WLMi
    • TravelMate: 240, 242LC, 242LCi, 242LM, 242LMi, 242X, 242XC, 242XM, 243LC, 243LCH, 243X, 243XH, 243Xi, 244LCi, 244LC-XPP, 250, 250LC, 250LCi, 250PE, 250PEXC, 252ELC, 252ELCi, 254ELCi, 420, 420, 420DLC, 420LC, 422, 422DLC, 422LC, 422XC, 426, 426LC, 426LC-PRO, 427, 427LC, 430, 432, 432L, 432LC, 432LCi, 433, 433ELC, 433ELCi, 433ELM, 433LC, 433LCi, 433LM, 434, 434LC, 434LCi, 435, 435L, 435LC, 435LCi, 435LM, 435LMi, 540, 540LCi, 540LMi, 541LC, 541LCi, 541LCib, 541LMi, 541XCi, 541XV, 542LCi, 542LMi, 543LCi, 543LMi
  • ACMA: Elite 6400D, Elite 6500D, Elite N258KA
  • ACTEBIS: Peacock FreeLiner XP, Targa Companion, Targa Visionary 1300, Targa Visionary 1600, Targa Visionary 1800, Targa Visionary 1900, Targa Visionary I, Targa Visionary II, Targa Visionary XP, Targa Xtender 400, Targa Xtender 500
  • ACTINA: Champion, Tytan 4 Pro, Tytan IV Pro
  • ADVENT: 2410, 3480DVD, 4470, 4480, 4480DVD, 5372, 5372DVD, 540DVD, 5480, 5480DVD, 5490, 6410, 6412, 6412DVD, 6413, 6413A, 6414, 6414B, 6415, 6415X, 6415XP, 6416, 6417, 6418, 6418XP, 6419, 6419XP, 6421, 6422, 6470, 6520, 6521, 6522, 7001, 7002, 7003, 7004, 7005, 7006, 7007, 7008, 7009, 7010, 7011, 7012, 7013, 7015, 7016, 7017, 7019, 7026, 7027, 7035, 7045, 7048, 7060, 7066M, 7073, 7078, 7093, 8050, 8089, 8575, 8889, N241S1
  • AJP: 8640, M300N
  • ALIENWARE: Area-51M (5500), Area-51M (m5500), Area-51M (m5550)
  • ALPHATOP: Green 500, Green 510, Green 713, Green 730, Green 731, Green 732, Green 733, Green 733e, Green 736
  • ALTIMA: M400G
  • AMAX: Elite 6500D, Elite N258KA
  • AMPTRON: Eureka NB9755
  • AOPEN: 1845, 1846, 2681-G
  • ARIMA: A0703, A0730
    • ArmNote: 340S, 340S2, 340S8, 8170, ACL00, ACL05, ACL10, CL00, CL05, CL10, CL50, CL51, CQ12, CR10, CY13, CY30, FY30, N241C2, N243, N243S9, N243SB, N341C2, N34AS1, N34BS2, N34BS3, N351S2, N351S4, N356, N35BS2, PL11
  • ASA COMPUTER: Mustang N351S4, N351S4-A, Mustang N35BS8
  • ASHTON DIGITAL: Green 730 (G730), MaxiNote 400, MaxiNote 420, Passport 2100
  • ASI NOTEBOOK: CL50, CL51, CL51A, DL70, DL71
  • ASUS: ASmobile AS62FM945GM1, AS62J945PM1, AS62JM945PM1, S62FM, S62J, S62JM, S96J, W2, W2000, W2000V, W2V, W3, W3000, W3000A, W3000N, W3000V, W3A, W3N, W3V, W5, W5000, W5000A, W5000Ae, W5A, W5Ae, W6000, W6000A, W6A, Z7, Z70, Z7000, Z7000A, Z7000N, Z7000Ne, Z7000V, Z70A, Z70N, Z70Ne, Z70V, Z71, Z7100, Z7100A, Z7100N, Z7100Ne, Z7100V, Z71A, Z71N, Z71Ne, Z71V
  • AVERATEC: 2100, 2100-EH1, 2150, 2150-EH1, 2155, 2155-EH1, 3260, 3260GE, 3260KX, 3270, 3270EE, 3270EH, 3280, 3280EH, 5500, 5500EA, 6110, 6110EH, 6128, 6128H, 6130, 6130H, 6130H1, 6130HS, 6210, 6210HX, 6210X, 6235, 6235EE, 6240, 6240EH, AV2150EH1, AV2150EH1R, AV2155EH1, AV3260-GE1, AV3260-KX1, AV3270-EE1, AV3270-EH1, AV5500-EA1, AV6110-EH1, AV6128H1-10, AV6130H1-10, AV6130HS-20, AV6200H60-01, AV6210HX80-01, AV6210X60-01, AV6235-EE1, AV6240-EH1
  • BAYCOM: WorldBook 4 Pro, Worldbook 4, WorldBook 4.1, WorldBook IV Pro
  • BENQ: JoyBook 2100, JoyBook 2100E
  • BLUEDISK: Artworker 8050, Artworker 8050D, Artworker 8089, Artworker C89 735 15, Artworker C89 M330 15, Artworker M8 XP Home, Artworker MH-6, MH-6-266, Artworker MS6, MS6-260
  • BOLDATA: BolData DL70, BolData DL71, BolData M37EW, BolData M38EW, BolData N341C2
  • BRICK COMPUTER: Marathon CL51, Marathon CL56, Marathon DL70, Marathon DL71, Mobile Warrior M300N, RocketBrick2A (N341C2), RocketBrick2S (N35BS8), RocketBrick2SL (N243S9), RocketBrick4A (N251C2)
  • BULLMAN: A-Klasse 6 CEN, C-Klasse 5
  • CHEM USA ChemBook: 2050, 2051, 2051-C, 2051-S, 2051-V, 2056, 2056-C, 2056-S, 2056-V, 2056-X, 2070, 2071, 2500, 3020, 3812, 3812A, 4030, 4031, 4080, 4081, 8170, 9030 (CY30), 9030-C, 9030-S, 9030-Y (CY30), CQ12
  • CHILIGREEN: Agilitas M5-G713, Mobilitas CT C5-375E, Mobilitas CT C5-375E WX, Mobilitas CT C5-G733, Mobilitas CT C5-M400A, Mobilitas CT C5-M450C
  • CLEVO: M300N, M310N, M350B, M350C, M360B, M360C, M361C, M362C, M375C, M375E, M375EW, M375S, M37EW, M385C, M385E, M38AW, M38EW, M3CW, M3EW, M400A (Model A), M400A (Model B), M400G (Model A), M400G (Model B), MobiNote M300N, MobiNote M310N, MobiNote M350B, MobiNote M350C, MobiNote M360B, MobiNote M360C, MobiNote M361C, MobiNote M362C, MobiNote M375C, MobiNote M375E, MobiNote M375EW, MobiNote M375S, MobiNote M37EW, MobiNote M385C, MobiNote M385E, MobiNote M38AW, MobiNote M38EW, MobiNote M3CW, MobiNote M3EW, MobiNote M400A (Model A), MobiNote M400A (Model B), MobiNote M400G (Model A), MobiNote M400G (Model B)
  • COMPAL: A51, ACL05, ACL10, ACR10, ACT10, ACY13, ADY11, ADY13, AL50, AL51, AL55, APL10, APL11, BBL16, BBR10, BCL32, BCQ12, BR10, BTK20, BTW30, CL00, CL05, CL10, CL13, CL32, CL50, CL51, CL51A, CL55, CL56, CL62, CL67, CQ10, CQ12, CR10, CT10, CY13, CY30, CY30-15, DCL51, DCL513, DCL53, DCY30 (CY30), DL00, DL70, DL70-TVT, DL71, DL71-TVT, DL75, DL76, DQ70, EAL50, EAL51, EL80, EL81, ELD70, ELD71, FY30, GL30, GL31, HDL75, HDL76, HEL80, HEL81, HGL30, HGL31, IAL55, MAL50, MAL51, PL10, PL11
  • COMPOWER: 8175, CL00, CL05, CL10, CL50, CL51, CR10, CY13, CY30
  • COMPUTEK: DesigNote G510, DesigNote G730, DesigNote G732, Pro Note CL10, Pro Note CR10, Pro Note CY13
  • CTL Travel Master: NB 415 (243S1), NB 445 (CL10), NB 5100 (EW1), NB 5500 (CL50), NB415 (243S1), NB445 (CL10), NB5100 (EW1), NB5500 (CL50), NB5600 (CL56), NB5600 (CL56), U570 (ZW1)
  • CYBER POWER: Xployer U2 1000, Xployer X5-4000, Xployer X5-5000, Xployer X5-6000
  • CYBERCOM: CC5050, CC5396, CC6001, CC9783, CC9786
  • DECISION: Decision Maker 2002 (N34BS3), Decision Maker 201P (N35BS2)
  • DETEL: CL10, CR10, CY13, N34AS1
  • DIABLO: DayLine DL550, DayLine DL670 Plus
  • DIGITAL STAR: PowerNote CL56, PowerNote CQ12-15, PowerNote DL70, PowerNote DL71
  • DTK: 15-255II, 154W-259IAE, MaxForce 8175, MaxForce 8375, MaxForce 8575, 8575M, N35BS1
  • ECS: A530, A531, A532, A535, A535+ (plus), G500, G510, G713, G730, G731, G732, G732e, G733, G733e, G736, Green 500, Green 510, Green 713, Green 730, Green 731, Green 732, Green 732e, Green 733, Green 733e, Green 736, Green G510, Green G713, Green G730, Green G731, Green G732, Green G732e, Green G733, Green G733e, Green G736, i-Buddie A530, i-Buddie A531, i-Buddie A532, i-Buddie A535, i-Buddie A535+ (plus), Internetishop 730, Internetishop 731, Internetishop 732, Internetishop 733, Internetishop 736
  • EI SYSTEMS: 4401, 4402, 4403, 4405, 4406, 4410, 4411, 4412, 4413, 4415, 4416, 4417, 4418, 4419, 4430, 4431
  • ELASCO: CL50, CL51, CL56, CQ12, PL11
  • ELEMENTS: U-258, U-755
  • ENFACE: Ethane 360C, Ethane 375C, Octave Z500
  • ENPOWER: EPN-8170, N341C2
  • ERGO: Marathon CL51, Marathon CL56, Marathon DL70, Marathon DL71, RocketBrick 2A (N341C2), RocketBrick 2S (N35BS8), RocketBrick 4A (N251C2)
  • EUROCOM: 8170, M350C Milano, M38AW Milano II, M400A Cobra
  • EXCEL: SlimNote G730, SlimNote G732, SlimNote G733, SlimNote G736
  • F.I.C.: WaveLight Box Office 340
  • FORTUNE: M350C, M375C, M375E, M38AW
  • FOSA: 243S1, 340S, 340S2, 340S8, 341C2, 34BS1, 35BS1, 755II, ACL00, ACL05, ACL10, CL00, CL05, CL10, CL50, CL51, CL56, CY13, Flexi CL00, N340S2, N340S8
  • FREEDOM: Freedom 8170, Freedom CR10, Freedom CY13, Freedom N243S9, Freedom N341C2, Freedom N34BS8, Freedom N351S4, Freedom N356, Freedom N35BS8
  • FUJITSU: 755II5
    • Amilo: A 1640, A 1645, A 1645G, A 1650, A 1650G, A 7600, A 7620, A 7640, A 8620, A1640, A1645, A1645G, A1650, A1650G, A7600, A7620, A7640, A8620, D 6820, D 7820, D (Model FHS2111), D1420, D-1420, D6820, D6830, D-6830, D7820, D7830, D-7830, D8820, D8830, D-8830, EL 6800, EL 6810, EL (N243S9), EL6800, EL6810, K7600, K-7600, L 6820, L 6825, L1300, L-1300, L1310, L-1310, L1310G, L-1310G, L6810, L-6810, L6820, L6825, M1405, M-1405, M1420, M-1420, M1424, M-1424, M1425, M-1425, M7405, M-7405, M7424, M-7424, M7425, M-7425, Pro V2020, Pro V2030, Pro V2035, Pro V2040, Pro V2045, Pro V2055, Pro V2060, Pro V2065, Pro V2085, Pro V3205, Pro V3405, Pro V3505, Pro V3505 Edition, Pro V8010, Pro V8010 MSD, Pro V8210
    • Biblo: 4100L, NH
    • LifeBook: N3000, N-3000, N3010, N-3010, P7120, P7120D
  • GATEWAY 2000: 3018GZ, 3040GZ, 3520GZ, 3522GZ, 3525GZ, 3545GZ, 3550GH, 3550GZ, 3610GZ, 4012GZ, 4024GZ, 4025GZ, 4026GZ, 4028GZ, 4028JP, 4030GH, 4030GZ, 4520GZ, 4525GZ, 4530GH, 4530GZ, 4535GZ, 4536GZ, 4538GZ, 4540GZ, 4541BZ, 4542GP, 4543BZ, 6010GZ, 6018GH, 6018GZ, 6020GZ, 6021GH, 6021GZ, 6022GZ, 6023GP, 6510GZ, 6518GZ, 6520GZ, 6525GP, 6531GZ, 7430JP, 8510GH, 8510GZ, 8515GZ, 8550GB, CX200S, CX200X, CX210X, CX2608, CX2610, CX2615, CX2618, M210, M250, M250A, M250B, M250E, M250ES, M250G, M250GS, M280, M280E, M285, M285-E G, M285-E SB, M285E, M285-E, M285E-G, M320, M325, M360, M360A, M360B, M360C, M460, M460A, M460B, M460QS, M680, MX3042, MX3044, MX3044h, MX3210, MX3215, MX3558, MX3560, MX3560h, MX3562, MX3563, MX3563h, MX3610, MX6025, MX6025h, MX6027, MX6027h, MX6028, MX6030, MX6124, MX6124h, MX6128, MX6135, MX6420, MX6421, MX6423, MX6424, MX6424h, MX6425, MX6428, MX6433, MX6433h, MX6436, MX6437, MX6438, MX6440, MX6440b, MX6440h, MX6441, MX6442, MX6450, MX6455, MX6625, MX6633, MX6633h, MX6640, MX6640b, MX6641, MX6641h, MX6708, MX6708h, MX6710, MX6750, MX6912, MX6951, MX6951h, MX8520, MX8523, MX8525, MX8528, MX8530, NX200S, NX200X, NX250X, NX260X, NX500S, NX500X, NX510S, NX550X, NX550XL, NX560X, NX560XL, NX850X, NX850XL, S-7200C, S-7200N, S-7500N, S-7510N, S-7700N
  • GENEX: M400A, M400G
  • GEO MICROSYSTEMS: E-Motion 910, 920, E-Motion 940, Focus 260, Focus 265, Prodigy 850
  • GERICOM: 1st SuperSonic Force, 1st SuperSonic Force XL, 241S1, 243S1, 243S6, 251C1, 251C5, 251S1, 251S5, 251S6, 8089, 8640, Bellagio 1440, Bellagio 1540, Bellagio 1720, Bellagio 8089, Bellagio, Bellagio Evolution, BlockBuster, BlockBuster Advance, BlockBuster Excellent 7000, BlockBuster Excellent, BlockBuster Radeon M, BlockBuster XP, Cinema, CL10, G713, G730, G731, G732, G732e, G733, Hummer (755IAX 755II0 755II6 755IIX N755), Hummer 30680, Hummer Advance 2560XL, Hummer Advance, Hummer Extreme, Hummer Force, Hummer FX 5600, Hummer Radeon 9000 Mobility, Masterpiece 2030, Masterpiece, Masterpiece G730, Masterpiece M9, Masterpiece Radeon, Masterpiece Shared, Masterpiece XL, Masterpiece XXL, Mobile Athlon, Silver Seraph Per4mance, Silver Seraph XL, Silver Shadow Per4mance, Silver Shadow Performa, Supersonic Force 2540XL, SuperSonic Force XL, T3, Webboy, Webgine, Webgine Advanced, Webgine Advanced XL, Webgine MSE, Webgine Per4mance, Webgine XL 2040, Webgine XL, Webgine XL Per4mance 2040, Webgine XL Per4mance, WebShox 2, WebShox 2030 XL, WebShox, WebShox Bellagio, WebShox Per4mance, WebsShox Per4mance Force
  • GETAC: MobileForce M220
  • GREENNOTE: Green 500, 510, Green G500, G510
  • HIGHLANDER: HighLander HL-34, HL-340s2 HL-340s8, HL-34AS-2, HL-38, HL-68, HL-81, HL-81/8175, HL-8175, HL-86, HL-86/8640, HL-8640, M38AW
  • HITACHI: Flora 270W NK1, 270W NV7, 270W NV8, 270W NV9, 270W NW4, 270W NW8
  • HUNDYX: HU M38AW, M450C
  • HYPERDATA: 1000, 100D, 1100, 1200, 1300, 2430, 2550, 3010 (CY30), 340S1, 340S8, 3410, 3500, 3560, 5000, 5100, 7320, 7550, 8100, 8575, 8640D, 8640D4, 8640DH, 8640SH, CL10, CL13, CL50, CL51, CQ12, CR10, CY30, MediaGo 1200, MediaGo 798, N341S2, N35BS1, N755II0, PL11, UF37, UF57, UH57
  • HYUNDAI: 259IA, 259II, ACY13, M-Life M350C, M350C-BJD, M-Life M400G, N243S8
  • INTREX: CL10, CL51, CQ12, CR10, CY30, FY30
  • IPC: 340S2, HighNote U, MagicNote U 340S8, MagicNote U, TopNote H 340S2, TopNote H, TopNote U, Web@Note 8170, 8175, Web@Note 8575, 8575AM, Web@Note 8640D, 8640M, Web@Note C (Green733), Web@Note C (Green733e), Web@Note T+ (Green732e), Web@Note TT+ (Green736), Web@Star 8170, 8175
  • IRIDIUM Starbook 620, Starbook 625, Starbook 755, Starbook 800, Starbook S620, Starbook S625, Starbook S755, Starbook S800
  • ISSAM: SmartBook i-8050, SmartBook i-8050D, SmartBook i-8170, i-8175, SmartBook i-8375, SmartBook i-8575, i-8575A, SmartBook i-8640, SmartBook i-M350C, SmartBook M350C
  • JETTA: CR10 (9080), JetBook 2300, JetBook 2300P, JetBook 755SI4, JetBook 7800, JetBook 7855, JetBook 7964 Plus, JetBook 7964, JetBook 8500S, JetBook 9080, JetBook 9500, JetBook 9700P, JetBook 9700S, JetBook C250P, JetBook C250S, JetBook Q500A
  • JEWEL: Brilliant 2770, 2775, 2780, Emerald 2002, Emerald 2002 Plus, N243S2, N243S9, N251C2, N340S8, N341C2, N351S2, N351S4, N356S2, Opal 4000, Opal 4002, Saffier 1400, Saffier 1440, Saffier 1440 Plus, Saffier 1500, Topaz 9300, Topaz 9400
  • KEYDATA: 340S2, 340S8, KeyNote 6600, KeyNote 6660, KeyNote 9880, N34AS1
  • KEYNOTE: 340S2, 340S8, KeyNote 6600, KeyNote 6660, KeyNote 9880, N34AS1, N356S1
  • LAM SYSTEMS: LAM CL00, CL05, CL10, LAM CL50, LAM CR10, LAM CY13, LAM DL70, LAM DL71, LAM N243, LAM N34BS, N35BS
  • LEO:CL05
  • LIFETEC: LT40100, LT41300, LT41700, LT6001, LT9783
  • LION: 8000, 8170, ArtWorker 341C, N341C, N243S, N341C, Sarasota 243S, N243S, Sarasota 8050, Sarasota 8050D, Sarasota 8089, Sarasota 8375, Sarasota 8399, Sarasota 8575, Sarasota 8599, Sarasota 8640, Sarasota 8640C, 8640D, Sarasota 8640DH, 8640DM, Sarasota 8640HC, 8640M4, Sarasota 8640S, 8640SC, Sarasota 8889, Sarasota Artworker 8089, Sarasota Artworker 8399, Sarasota Artworker 8575, Sarasota Artworker 8599, Sarasota Artworker 8640, Sarasota Artworker 8889, Sarasota G730, Sarasota G731, Sarasota G732
  • LITTLEBIT: Idol 550, Luzon 636, Luzon M2, Marlin D71x, Marlin D732, Pearl X32, Razor 570, Razor 670, Razor 780, Razor Z81, Snapper X51, Snapper Z72, Spiny D53x
  • LUNAR: Zero G
  • MAGICBOOK: Hurricane 14, 15
  • MAX COMPUTER: MaxBook 340S2, 340S8, MaxBook 351 (N351), MaxBook 356 (N356), MaxBook 755IA, 755IA0, MaxBook CL00, MaxBook CY13, MaxBook N34, N34BS, MaxBook N35BS, MaxBook N755II1
  • MAX GROUP: MaxNote 9038, MaxNote 9055, MaxNote 9064, MaxNote 9258, MaxNote 9944, MaxNote C9971, MaxNote C9971-TV, MaxNote DL70, MaxNote DL70-TVT, MaxNote DL71, MaxNote DL71-TVT, MaxNote U-244, MaxNote U-258KA, MaxNote U-258KO, MaxNote U-755II, MaxNote U-755SI, MaxNote U-N244IIO
  • MAX STATION: MaxBook 340S2, 340S8, MaxBook 351 (N351), MaxBook 356 (N356), MaxBook 755IA, 755IA0, MaxBook CL00, MaxBook CY13, MaxBook N34, N34BS, MaxBook N35BS, MaxBook N755II1
  • MAXDATA: Eco 3000T, Eco 3000X, Eco 3100T, Eco 3100X, Eco 3150X, Eco 3200X, Eco 4000, Eco 4000A, Eco 4000I, Eco 4500, Eco 4500I, Eco 4500IW, Eco 755, Imperio 4000, Imperio 4000A, Imperio 4500, Imperio 4500A, Imperio 8100IS, M-Book 1000T, M-Book 1200, M-Book 1200T/X (755IA/755II4/755CI1) , M-Book 755, Performance 110T, Performance 120T, Pro 6000I, Pro 6000T, Pro 6000X, Pro 6100, Pro 6100I, Pro 6100IW, Pro 8000, Pro 8000X, Pro 8100IS, Pro 8100X, Vision 350, 350m, Vision 4200X, Vision 450, 450T, Vision 755, Vision FX 460, Vision FX 470, Vision MX
  • MAXSPEED: MaxBook N34, MaxBook N35BS
  • MECER: Mecer Colour MultiMedia N243S1, N243S8, Mecer N243S1, N243S8, Mecer N243SA, Mecer N244, Mecer N244II, Mecer N340S8, Mecer N35BS8, Mecer N755, N755-SI, Mecer N755IA, Mecer N755II, PowerX N755IA, PowerX N755II, Xpression DL70, Xpression DL71, Xpression N244II
  • MEDIABOOK: 340 (340S2, 340S8), 34AS, 34BS, 35BS, 8170, 8375, Invision (CL00), ML 500, Mobile CL10
  • MEDION: 8089, 8170, 8183, MAM2000, MAM2010, MD2629, MD2795, MD40220, MD40400, MD40673, MD40675, MD40812, MD40836, MD41017, MD41039, MD41050, MD41060, MD41161, MD41191, MD41272, MD41273, MD41274, MD41983, MD42032, MD42100, MD42193, MD42413, MD42414, MD42416, MD42462, MD42462s, MD42469, MD42489, MD42703, MD42811, MD5050, MD5396, MD95007, MD95020, MD95022, MD95044, MD95062, MD95078, MD95090, MD95091, MD95155, MD95188, MD95278, MD95300, MD95309, MD95319, MD95500, MD96100, MD96500, MD96500 WIM2040, MD9706, MD9783, MD9783-A Titanium, MD9786, MID2030, MIM2030, QAM3000, SAM2000, SIM2000 (XG-60x), SIM2000 (XG-650), WID2000, WID2010, WID2020, WID3000, WIM2040
  • MICRO EXPRESS: CL10-C, CR10-C, CY13-C, NP3530L NP3530L (N351S4)
  • MICRO FLEX TECH: FlexNote 340, FlexNote 340S2, 340S8, FlexNote 8170, FlexNote BR10, FlexNote CL00, FlexNote CL10, FlexNote CL50, FlexNote CL51, FlexNote CR10, FlexNote N356, MicroFlex 8170
  • MICROBOOK: MicroBook 722T (355V2), MicroBook 844TU (NB35BS1), MicroBook 950, 950T (355V2)
  • MICRON: Transport T3000, Transport V1000, Transport V2000, Transport X1000, Transport X3000, X3100
  • MITAC: 7068, 8050, 8050D, 8050DC, 8066, 8089, 8089P, 8170, 8170A, 8175, 8317, 8375, 8375P, 8381, 8389, 8399, 8575, 8599, 8630, 8640, 8677, 8889, Getac M220, M220, M7068, MiNote 7068, MiNote 8050, MiNote 8050D, MiNote 8050DC, MiNote 8066, MiNote 8089, MiNote 8089P, MiNote 8170, 8170A, 8175, MiNote 8317, MiNote 8375, 8375P, MiNote 8381, MiNote 8389, MiNote 8399, MiNote 8575, MiNote 8599, MiNote 8630, MiNote 8640, MiNote 8640D, 8650G, MiNote 8640D4, 8640G4, 8640M4, 8640P4, MiNote 8640DH, 8640SH (120W AC), MiNote 8640L, 8640M, 8640P, MiNote 8640MP, MiNote 8640S, 8640SC, 8640SH, MiNote 8677, MiNote 8889
  • MPC TransPort: T3000, V1000, V2000, X1000, X3000, X3100
  • MSI: MegaBook S250, MegaBook S260, MegaBook S262, MegaBook S270, MegaBook S271, MS-1006, MS-1012, MS-1013, MS-1057, MS-1058
  • MTECH: CL51, CL56, CY30, N340S8, N34A, N34B
  • MUSTEK: Mustek Note CL10, Mustek Note CT10, Mustek Note CTL10, Storm G713
  • MWAVE: MWave CL51, CL51A, Mwave CL56, MWave DL70, MWave DL71, MWave FY30, Mwave N258KA
  • MYBOOK: N251C1, N251S6, N251S8, N341C2
  • NATCOMP: aNote 340S2, aNote 540i3, aNote i-5013-X, aNote i-8013-BT
  • NEC: Versa E400, Versa E680, Versa M500, Versa M540
  • NEO: Q-Note Z500, Q-Note Z500A, Q-Note Z500E, Q-Note Z500N
  • NETLUX: NX-8170, NX-8175, NX-8375, NX-8575, NX-8640, NX-8640DH
  • NETWORK: NBI 700C, NBI 800DC
  • NORTHGATE: G730, G730A, G731, G731A, G733, G733A, M8375, N243, N244, U755II, U755iA
  • NOTEBOOKY: MicroBook 825TU, MicroBook 843TU
  • OLIVETTI: XTrema 251 M
  • OPTIMA: Optima N341C2, Optima N356
  • ORDI: Enduro CL50, Enduro CL56, Enduro DL70, Enduro DL71, Nexus CQ12
    • Easy Note: D5, D5710, D5712, D5720, E1, E1245, E1260, E1280, E3215, E3225, E3227, E3228, E3228, E3242, E3244, E3245, E3248, E3250, E3255, E3256, E3258, E3265, E3266, E5, E5138, E5141, E5142, E5145, E5146, E5147, E5151, E5412, F5, F5275, F5277, F5280 HR, F5281 HR, F5287, F7, F7280, F7300, F7305, F7305/P, G1, G1320, G1340, G1350, H3, H5, H5310, H5315, H5360, H5530, H5535, H5605, K5, K5266, K5280, K5283, K5285, K5300, K5303, K5305, K5542, R1, R1000, R1004, R2, R2000, R3, R3320, R3400, R4, R4250, R4340, R4355, R4360, R4510, R4622, R4650, R5, R5155, R5175, R6, R6512, R7, R7710, R7720, R7725, R7745, R8, R8720, R8740, R8770, R9, R9200, R9252, R9500, S8, S8500
    • iGo: 2000, 2142, 2185, 2440, 2441, 2442, 2451, 2461, 2491, 4000, 4450, 4451, 5000, 5451, 5453, 5461, 5562, 5581
    • iPower: 5000 I, 5000 II, 5138, 5254, 5264, 5305, 5541, 5542, 5641
  • PATRIOT: 2276, 2410, 2450
  • PC CLUB EnPower ENP: 221, 250 Xnote Premier, 251, 252, 275, 345, 413, 630, 656 Xnote Premier Plus, 65604 Xnote Premier Plus, 680, 68004, 8170, 875 Mythos Spartan, 87503 Mythos Spartan Plus, ENP221, ENP250 Xnote Premier, ENP251, ENP252, ENP275, ENP345, ENP413, ENP630, ENP656 Xnote Premier Plus, ENP65604 Xnote Premier Plus, ENP680, ENP68004, ENP75803 Mythos Triton, ENP-75803 Mythos Triton, ENP-75803 Mythos Triton, ENP8170, ENP875 Mythos Spartan, ENP87503 Mythos Spartan Plus, Mythos Triton
  • PEACOCK: FreeLiner XP 2000, FreeLiner XP 2500, FreeLiner XP, Liberano T
  • PIONEER: Carver M400A
  • POINTER SYSTEMS: M375C, M38AW, M400A, M450C
  • PREMIER: N755CI, N755S1
  • PREMIO PC: Kaypro A1000
  • PRESTIGE: Prestige 87503
  • PRISMA BOOK: PrismaBook M300N, PrismaBook M350C
  • PROMEDION: M38AW, M400A, M400G, M450C
  • PROSTAR: 3724, 3742, 3762, 4062, 4082, M38AW, M3CW, M3EW, M400A
  • QDI: M-8050D, M-8089P, Millennium 8050D Slimline Widescreen, Millennium 8089P
  • QUANTA: EW1, G100D, SW1, TW3A, TW3M, TW5, U600A, W100A, Z500, Z500A, Z500N, ZW1L
  • RAINBOW: M350C Milano
  • ROVERBOOK: Discovery FT6, Explorer B570 (CQ12), Explorer E410 (FT6) (34BS1), Nautilus B500, E510 (CL51), Nautilus B570 (CL50), Nautilus D570 (CL50), Nautilus Z500, Navigator D570 (CL50), Navigator D575 (U600A), Navigator D575W (U600A), Voyager D512 (755II1), Voyager H570 (PL11)
  • SAGER: 3750, 3760, 3790, 3880, 4880, 4881, M350, M375E, M37EW, M38AW, M400A, M400AE, NP3750, NP3760, NP3790, NP3880, NP4880, NP4881, VM8000, VM8100
  • SCEPTRE TECH.: Mobility E5 (8575), N-Series N4-U2000, N-Series N4-U3000, SoundX S8550
  • SEANIX: SeaNote N243S1, N243S2, SeaNote N244, SeaNote N251, SeaNote S-E251-01, SeaNote SN231N-1, SeaNote SN238, SeaNote SN238A-1
  • SHEA PC: Shea Note CL50, Shea Note CL51
    • Amilo: A 1640, A 1645, A 1645G, A 1650, A 1650G, A 7600, A 7620, A 7640, A 8620, A1640, A1645, A1645G, A1650, A1650G, A7600, A7620, A7640, A8620, D 6820, D 7820, D 8820, D (Model FHS2111), D1420, D-1420, D-6830, D-7830, D-8830, EL 6800, EL 6810, EL (N243S9), K7600, K-7600, L 6820, L 6825, L1300, L-1300, L1310, L-1310, L1310G, L-1310G, L6810, L-6810, M1405, M-1405, M1420, M-1420, M1424, M-1424, M1425, M-1425, M7405, M7424, M-7424, M7425, M-7425, Pro V2020, Pro V2030, Pro V2035, Pro V2040, Pro V2045, Pro V2055, Pro V2060, Pro V2065, Pro V2085, Pro V3205, Pro V3405, Pro V3505, Pro V3505 Edition, Pro V8010, Pro V8010 MSD, Pro V8210
    • LifeBook: N3000, N-3000, N3010, N-3010, P7120, P7120D
  • SPECTEC: ACL00, ACL05, ACL10, ACT10, ACY13, APL11, BCL50, BCL51, BCQ12, CL00, CL05, CL10, CL50, CL51, CL55, CL56, CQ12, CR10, CT10, CY30, DL70, DL71, FY30 (CY30), PL11
  • STAMP: 243, 8170, All-in-one 243, All-in-one N243S6, CL50, CL56, G510, M350C, N244, UltraSlim 8170 UltraSlim
  • SUPER TALENT: 201A (N251C2), DM2002 (N34BS3), DM203 (NB243S9), DM-G732-B, G731, G732, G732e, G733, G736, N244, N244II, N258SAX, N351 Combo (N351S4)
  • SYSTEMAX: 8599, AL51, AL55, CL50, CL56, DL70, DL71, DL75, DL76, N243S9, N255II3, N34B, N35B, N755, Neotach 3300, Neotach XT, Pursuit 2100, Pursuit 2100R, Pursuit 2110 (N755, N755II), Pursuit 2110 (NB34BS1, NB35BS1), Pursuit 2120, Pursuit 2140, Pursuit 4025, Pursuit 4030, Pursuit 4125, Pursuit 4130, Pursuit 4200, Pursuit 4210, Pursuit 4220, Pursuit SC, Pursuit SM, SM2 (N243S1, N243S9), Pursuit SV (N34AS1), Pursuit SV2 (NB34BS1), Pursuit SV3 (N35BS1, N35BS8), SV3 (N35B), SX (340S2)
  • TANGENT: Shuttle 4700 (PL11), Shuttle 4700DT (PL11), Shuttle 8700 (2050)
  • TARGA: Companion, Radeon 9000, 9600, Visionary 1300, Visionary 1600, Visionary 1800, Visionary 1900, Visionary I, Visionary II, Visionary XP 210, Visionary XP 2200 Plus, Visionary XP, Xtender 400, Xtender 401, Xtender 500
  • TATUNG: N258SA, N755II8
  • TERRA: Anima 8575 i8, i8c, Anima M8170, M8175, Anima M8575
  • TOPNOTE: TopNote CL10, TopNote CL50, TopNote CY30
    • Equium: M40X-103, M40X-149, M40X-189, M40X-230
    • Satellite: 1110, 1110-S103, 1110-S123, 1110-S153, 1115, 1115-S103, 1115-S104, 1115-S123, 1130, 1130-S155, 1130-S156, 1135, 1135-S125, 1135-S155, 1135-S156, 1900-101, 1900-102, 1900-303, 1900-305, 1900-603, 1900-704, 1905, 1905-S227, 1905-S301, 1905-S302, 1905-S303, 1905-S304, 1955, 1955-S801, 1955-S802, 1955-S803, 1955-S804, 1955-S805, 1955-S806, 1955-S807, 2430, 2430-S255, 2430-S256, 2435, 2435-S255, 2435-S256, A100 (PSAA2U), A100 (PSAA2U), A100 (PSAA2U), A105, A105-S4124, M35X-S163, M35X-S1631, M40X, M40X-103, M40X-105, M40X-107, M40X-112, M40X-114, M40X-115, M40X-116, M40X-117, M40X-119, M40X-122, M40X-128, M40X-129, M40X-132, M40X-134, M40X-141, M40X-142, M40X-148, M40X-149, M40X-161, M40X-168, M40X-175, M40X-185, M40X-186, M40X-189, M40X-231, M40X-RS1, M60, M60-112, M60-131, M60-139, M60-148, M60-163, M60-BK3, M60-S6111TD, M60-S8112TD, M60-S8112ST, M60-S811TD, M60-S811ST, M65, M65-S809, M65-S8091, M65-S8092, M65-S821, M65-S8211, M65-S8213, M65-S9062, M65-S9063, M65-S9064, M65-S9065, M65-S909, M65-S9091, M65-S9092, M65-S9093, M65-S9094, Pro A100 (PSAA3E), Pro A100 (PSAA3U), Pro A100-000, Pro A100-240, Pro A100-296, A100-297, Pro A100-501, Pro A100-510, A100-511, Pro A100-514, A100-515, Pro A100-531, A100-532, Pro A100-545, Pro A100-564, Pro A100-711 (PSAA3E), Pro M70-134, Pro M70-198, M70-199, Pro M70-220, Pro M70-235, Pro M70-GM30XE, Pro M70-GM30XF, Pro M70-GM50XE, Pro M70-GM50XF
  • TOUCH MOBILE: Mobile Pro 5015, 5015 Plus, Mobile Pro 5114, 5115, Mobile Pro CL5114, CL5115, Mobile Pro CY3015
  • TRONIC: 5 C37E (M375E), 5 M300N, 5 M35C (M350C), 5 WorldBook IV Pro
  • TSUNAMI: Flyer Z500, Moover 755, Moover 8375, Moover 8640, Runner DL71, Runner MCL50, Runner MCL56
  • TWINHEAD: DuraBook D13RI, DuraBook D14RI, DuraBook N15RI, DuraBook NR14RA, DuraBook NR14RI, efio 3000, efio 3060, efio 3080, efio 3210, efio 3211, efio 3380, efio 3385, N7500 (G731), SlimNote 340S2, SlimNote 340S8
  • UBM COMPUTER: NCL50, NCL50-14, NCL50-15, NCL51, NCL51-14, NCL51-15
  • UNITED MICRO: M8375, N258KAO, N258KAX, N258SA, N755SI4
  • UNIWILL: 245II0, 245TI0, 245TI2, 255ELx, 255EN, 255ENx, 255II3, 255IIx, 255TI2, 255TI3, 259EI, 259EI3, 259ELx, 259EN, 259EN3, 259ENx, 259IA0, 259IA1, 259IA2, 259IA3, 259IA7, 259II0, 259II1, 259KI2, 755CI0, 755IA, 755II1, 755II8, 755IN, 755SI, 755SI4, Lio One, Lio Two, N241S1, N243S, N243S1, N243S2, N243S6, N243S7, N243S8, N243S9, N243SA, N243SB, N244, N244II, N244IIO, N245TI0, N245TI2, N251C1, N251C2, N251C5, N251S1, N251S5, N251S6, N251S7, N251S8, N255ELx, N255EN, N255ENx, N255II3, N255IIx, N255TI2, N255TI3, N257SA1, N258, N258AS, N258AX, N258KA, N258KAO, N258SA, N258SAO, N258SAU, N258SAX, N259EI, N259EI3, N259ELx, N259EN, N259EN3, N259ENx, N259IA0, N259IA1, N259IA2, N259IA3, N259IA7, N259II0, N259II1, N259KI2, N340G, N340P, N340S1, N340S2, N340S8, N341C2, N34A, N34AS, N34AS1, N34AS2, N34B, N34BS, N34BS1, N34BS2, N34BS3, N34BS8, N351C2, N351S1, N351S2, N351S4, N355V1, N355V2, N356, N356S, N356S1, N356S2, N356SZ, N35B, N35BS, N35BS1, N35BS2, N35BS8, N755, N755CA5, N755IA, N755IA0, N755IA6, N755IAX, N755II, N755II0, N755II1, N755II5, N755II8, N755IIX, N755INX, P53IA, P53IAx, P53IN, P53IN4, P53INx
  • USER EASY: 755II8, 755IN, CY13-15T (SXGA), CY30, N341C1, N341C2, PowerNote CR10, PowerNote CR10-15S, CR10-15XGA, PowerNote CY30, PowerNote FY30, PowerNote M CY13-15T(SXGA), PowerNote M FY30-15 (CY30), USEC 8170
  • VEGA: VegaPlus 255, VegaPlus 259, VegaPlus 901, 901XL, VegaPlus N251C1, VegaPlus N251S6, N251S8, VegaPlus N340S2, VegaPlus N340S8, N340S8T, VegaPlus N341C2, VegaPlus N34AS1, VegaPlus N34BS1, N34BS2, VegaPlus N355V1, VegaPlus N356S1, VegaPlus N35BS1, VegaPlus N755
  • VIDEOSEVEN (V7): MW Atlas XP P4
  • VOBIS: HighScreen XI 2200 Combo, Power 15M9 XD, Professional 15M9, Professional 15M9 XD
  • WAVELIGHT: 34AS1, Book Office 340
  • WEBTECH: N251C1, N251S6, N251S8, N340S2, N340S8, N341C2, N34AS1, N34BS1, N34BS2, N34S8, N355V1, N355V2, N356S1, N356S2, N35BS1, N35BS2
  • WINBEST: Platinum 8640
  • WINBOOK COMPUTER: V120, V200, V220, V230, V240
  • WORKEY: P4 8170
  • WORKSTATION: WorkBook 8575, WorkBook 8575
  • WORTMANN: Terra Anima 8575 i8, i8c, Terra Anima M8170, M8175, Terra Anima M8575
  • X TECHNOLOGY: G713, G732, G736, N244II, N244IIO, N755IN
  • XERON: 243S1, Mobile 4 Ultraslim, Mobile Pro ACL10, Sonic 710AX, Sonic Mobile, Sonic Mobile Pro, Sonic Power 2, Sonic Power, Sonic Power II, Sonic Pro 710AX, Sonic Screen
  • XTERASYS: 340, 340S2, 340S8, CL00, CL05, CL10, CL50, CQ12, CR10, CX-8375, CY13, FY30 (CY30), G732e, XteraNote 755IA6, XteraNote 755II8, XteraNote CL50, XteraNote CL51, Xteranote CL56, Xteranote FY30 (CY30), XteraNote N244II, XteraNote N258, XteraNote N258KA
  • YAKUMO: 8050, G732, G733, Q7 Mobile 2.2 GHz, Q7 Mobile XD 1.8, Q7 Mobile XD 2.0, Q7 Mobile XD, Q7 XD 2,4, Q7 XD 2.53, Q7 XD 2.66, Q7M 2.2 DVD-RW XD, Q7M 2.5 WLAN YW, Q7M 2.8 DVD-RW XD, Q7M Combo XD, Q7M DVD XD, Q7M DVD XD G733, Q7M Mobilium Wide II YW, Q7M Mobilium Wide YW, Q7M XD 2.4, Q7M XD 2.4 M9 (G732), Q7M XD, Q8 Mobile XD 1800+, Q8 Mobile XD 2000+, Q8 Mobile XD 2200+, Q8 Mobile XD 2400+, Q8M 2600+ DVD-RW YS, Q8M, Q8M XD
  • YAMSAN BCQ12, CL50, CL51, DCL50, DCL51, N243S8, N755IIX
  • ZITECH: Z500

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The Laptop Charger for Acer Compal Mitac Toshiba WinBook has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:
Toshiba and WinBook series

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