Quick Charge Portable 6/8 Volt, 25 Amp Battery Charger
Item #: QP6825   |    In Stock
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Quick Charge Portable 6/8 Volt, 25 Amp Battery Charger

Item #: QP6825   |  In Stock
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Product Specifications for Quick Charge Portable 6/8 Volt, 25 Amp Battery Charger

BM Part #: QP6825
Voltage: 6/8 Volt
Charging Rate: 25 Amp
Charging Battery Capacity: 150-350 Amp Hour
Length: 6.5"
Width: 7"
Height: 8"
Shipping Weight: 18.00Lbs
Warranty: 3 Year Factory Direct
Product Manual: Download
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  • Internal dip switch allows you to change charge profiles for gel, AGM, wet, and starting batteries as you need. See manual for details.
    • Can be calibrated for lithium ion, too, by the factory. Please contact us if you need a lithium charge profile.
  • Tri color LED monitors charge progress.
  • Current limited and reverse polarity protected. Will not overcharge your battery.
  • Reliable transformer based design.
  • Turns on with as little as 2 volts.
  • LCD display for monitoring volts or amps.
  • Popular for charging batteries for golf carts, electric vehicles, automotive, floor scrubbers, pallet trucks, railroads, aircraft, and RVs.
  • 8ft. alligator clip charging leads. 6ft. AC cord.

Product Description

The Quick Charge Portable QP6825 is a heavy-duty unit that will charge and maintain 6V or 8V batteries. This charger will charge batteries found in floor scrubbers, golf carts, electric vehicles, personnel carriers and more. The QP6825 is popular for shops that maintain industrial equipment that may use 6/8V batteries in series strings, but need to charger and analyze an individual battery. The charger is energy efficient and designed for quiet, continuous use. It is internally programmable for different charge profiles: flooded, AGM, or Gel lead acid batteries.

Ships with alligator clips.

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