Odyssey ODP-AGM-35 Group 35 Battery
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Odyssey ODP-AGM-35 Group 35 Battery
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Odyssey ODP-AGM-35 Group 35 Battery

Item #: ODP-AGM-35   |  In Stock
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Product Specifications for Odyssey ODP-AGM-35 Group 35 Battery

BM Part #: ODP-AGM-35
Voltage: 12 Volt
Capacity: 59 Ah
Type: AGM
Battery Size: Group 35
Length: 9.50"
Width: 6.90"
Height: 7.90"
Terminal Height: 8.60"
Cold Cranking Amps: 675 CCA / 1200 PHCA
Shipping Weight: 45.90Lbs
Warranty: 2 Year
  • Group 35 AGM battery with Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL).
  • Advanced dual purpose battery for engine starts and deep cycle use.
  • 675 Cold Cranking Amps, 770 Marine Cranking Amps, 900 Hot Cranking Amps, and 1200 Pulse (5 second) Hot Cranking Amps.
  • Can be mounted or stored in any orientation except upside-down.
  • 2 years storage life at 68°F (20°C) without needing a charge.

Product Description

Designed to handle the increased use of onboard accessories in today’s vehicles, ODYSSEY Performance Series batteries combine long service life, high reliability and deep cycle capabilities. The ODYSSEY Performance series batteries provide all the reliability of the ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries but without the high cold cranking amps (CCA) or reserve capacity (RC) that many people may not require.

ODYSSEY batteries deliver the massive starting power, rapid recovery, and amazing deep cycling capability that today’s vehicles demand.

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