60 Volt 13 Amp Dual Pro Eagle Charger
Item #: ACC-I6013   |    In Stock
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60 Volt 13 Amp Dual Pro Eagle Charger
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60 Volt 13 Amp Dual Pro Eagle Charger

Item #: ACC-I6013   |  In Stock
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Price: $646.95

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Product Specifications for 60 Volt 13 Amp Dual Pro Eagle Charger

BM Part #: ACC-I6013
Made In: U.S.A.
Voltage: 60 Volt
Capacity: 13 Amp
Length: 9.75"
Width: 8.25"
Height: 8.38"
Shipping Weight: 30.00Lbs
Warranty: 3 Year Factory Direct
Compatible with the DeltaView Link App:

Pro Charging Systems DeltaView Link App allows you to access pertinent information from your iOS or Android mobile device. DVL provides quick and easy verification that your Lift/Golf Cart/Scrubber/LSV is fully charged and gives you instant access to the charging history data. DVL can assist in making service calls much more efficient, even eliminating some calls all together, which saves you time and money.

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  • Made in the USA. Why it matters:
    • Superior craftmanship; rigorously tested; high-quality parts.
  • For use with Lead Acid (Wet/AGM) batteries
  • Easily reconfigured for Gelled Electrolyte batteries
  • Battery type LED indicator
  • Dependable, rugged construction, water resistant
  • Exclusive temperature compensation and fan cooled
  • Fully automatic with float maintenance
  • Reverse polarity spark free operation
  • Return to charge maintenance mode
  • Exclusive on board diagnostics
  • High visibility, easy to read charge indicators

Product Description

The Eagle Performance Series of chargers are specially designed for the industrial and electric vehicle markets. Eagle 60 volt battery chargers are known for performance, versatility, and efficiency.

  • The "Green" Charger: Totally "Repairable"
  • Not a Throw-Away Charger. Unmatched Performance, Reliability, Safety and Quality
  • TROUBLE FREE - Just Plug It In and Forget It!
  • Fully Automatic and Water Resistant

Plug Options Available, selectable in the Gray Box Below the Price:

Plug: SB® 50 Gray (Default)

Plug: SB® 50 Blue

Plug: SB® 50 Yellow

Plug: SB® 50 Red

Plug: SB® 175 Red

Plug: SB® 175 Gray

Plug: SB® 175 Blue

Plug: DC Male Plug: 2 Prong Angled

Plug: DC Male Plug: Three Prong

Plug: E-Z-GO DC Male Plug: 2 Prong Injected

Plug: E-Z-GO RXV

Plug: Yamaha Cart: 2 Prong

Plug: Star Car

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