Dual Pro I1215BSBQUAD Battery System Balancer
Item #: I1215BSBQUAD   |    In Stock
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Dual Pro I1215BSBQUAD Battery System Balancer

Item #: I1215BSBQUAD   |  In Stock
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Product Specifications for Dual Pro I1215BSBQUAD Battery System Balancer

BM Part #: I1215BSBQUAD
Voltage: 12 Volt
Capacity: 15 Amp Max @ 12 Volts (Per Bank)
Input Voltage: 115VAC 60 Hz
Length: 5.88"
Width: 8.25"
Height: 17.1"
Shipping Weight: 30.00Lbs
Warranty: 3 Year Factory Direct
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  • Independent 15 amp output for each battery.
  • For use with Lead Acid batteries (can be easily configured for Gelled Electrolyte batteries).
  • DeltaVolt® Intuitive Charging Technology enhances both performance and life of batteries.
  • Fully automatic with multi-stage charging and float maintenance.
  • Dual fan cooled.
  • Reverse polarity, spark free operation.
  • Easy to read LED charge indicators.
  • Used in many applications, including lift equipment, electric buses, golf carts, scrubbers, & electric utility vehicles.

Product Description

The battery system balancer is specifically designed to charge 12V batteries independently of each other. Because the charger is dual fan cooled, it can deliver higher amperages throughout the charge profile and recover batteries at a faster rate. It is ideal for 220AH to 300AH capacity batteries.

This charger would be most useful for those who have a need to charge batteries independently and not as a group. In conjunction with the Dual Pro Battery Discharger, it can be used to sort and regroup like batteries to eliminate unbalanced batteries in a bank. Balanced batteries in a bank charge evenly, more completely and last longer.

An example would be a golf cart with four 12 volt batteries forming a 48 volt system. The cart has a 12 volt accessory that drains one battery significantly more than the other three in the pack. A user would not want to recharge that pack as 48 volts, because the lower battery will hold down the overall voltage and could lead to overcharging of the other three. This charger would charge all batteries to 100% independently.

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