16AWG X-Connect SAE Adapter
Item #: GC009   |    In Stock

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16AWG X-Connect SAE Adapter

Item #: GC009   |  In Stock

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Product Specifications for 16AWG X-Connect SAE Adapter

BM Part #: GC009
Length: 5" Connector-to-Connector, 1" Cord Length
Shipping Weight: 0.40Lbs (6.4 oz)
Warranty: 60 Day Return
  • Convert X-Connect to SAE power adapters.
  • Conveniently connect to any existing wiring connections.
  • Perfect for connecting to other 12-volt devices.
  • More ways to charge with plug-n-play accessory changes.
  • Rugged, watertight connector for extreme environments.

Product Description

X-Connect SAE Adapter converts an X-Connect connector to a standard SAE connector commonly found on traditional battery chargers. Offers a convenient way to use existing SAE power adapters and accessories with NOCO Genius Battery Chargers.

NOCO Genius Boost eyelet cable with SAE adapter features a heavy-duty mountable eyelet design for automotive and powersport applications. Mount the eyelets to the battery for quick access to both charging and jump starting. Remove the adapter from the eyelets to connect directly to either the GB20, GB30, or GB40 Boost models, or connect the adapter to the eyelets to allow for plug-n-play with SAE equipped battery chargers. The eyelets were designed to efficiently transfer maximum current flow with minimal power loss, and the silicone insulation is suited for both heat stability and flexibility in cold weather applications. (CHARGER AND JUMP STARTER SOLD SEPARATELY)

NOCO X-Connect

More ways to charge.

Rugged, water-resistant plug-n-play connections for maximum performance.

Permanently mount eyelet connectors on multiple vehicles to make hard-to-access batteries easy to charge. Charge through the 12V auxiliary or OBDII port from inside a vehicle, or simply extend the reach of your accessories. Whatever the case may be, X-Connect creates a solid weatherproof connection that provides maximum current flow and makes interconnecting different applications fast and easy. The possibilities are endless.

GC009 quick-disconnect


Connect to any other brand device or accessory.

We know there's a chance you may own other battery chargers, and we don't want to force you to replace it all in order to use our products, so we created a universal SAE to X-Connect adapter to accommodate. Having the SAE adapter will allow you to connect a different standard brand to any NOCO X-Connect accessories or chargers you own.

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Cross Reference

The 16AWG X-Connect SAE Adapter has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:

Compatible with:

  • G750 (All Versions)
  • G1100 (All Versions)
  • G3500 (All Versions)
  • G7200 (All Versions)
  • G4 (All Versions)

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