Battery Equaliser - 12oz Bottle
Item #: EQ-DL-12   |    In Stock

Battery Equaliser - 12oz Bottle
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Battery Equaliser - 12oz Bottle

Item #: EQ-DL-12   |  In Stock


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Product Specifications for Battery Equaliser - 12oz Bottle

BM Part #: EQ-DL-12
Made In: U.S.A.
Shipping Weight: 1.40Lbs
Warranty: 60 Day Return
MSDS: Download (PDF)
Directions for Use:

Please see our Tech Tips for full directions on use, including dosage formula and recommended Battery Equaliser amounts.

About returning this product:

This product cannot be returned once it has been opened or used.

  • Made in the USA. Why it matters:
    • Superior craftmanship; rigorously tested; high-quality parts.
  • Battery maintenance and restorative fluid.
    • Mixes with battery electrolyte to reduce sulfation on lead plates.
    • Reduces battery charge time, increases running time, and holds charge longer.
    • Prevents sulfation from occurring in new batteries and breaks up existing sulfation in older batteries.
    • Make your battery last longer, delaying disposal and reduces landfill impact and environmental waste.
    • Greatly reduces "gassing", which prevents the release of toxic lead/acid gases into your workplace and atmosphere.
  • Works in all flooded lead acid batteries:
    • Standard, non-sealed: Car, truck, motorcycle, airplane.
    • Deep cycle: Marine, RV, solar, golf cart.
    • Traction: Forklift, bus, electric cart.
    • Electric vehicle & golf cart traction batteries.
    • Stand-by power: UPS Back-up power units.
  • This liquid additive works 24/7! No wires, no switches, and no timers.
  • For use with batteries in motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, RVs, boats, golf carts, and electric forklifts.

Product Description

What is the Battery Equaliser?

It's battery maintenance in a bottle! Battery Equaliser is a non-corrosive, non-flammable liquid battery treatment. It's formulated to extend the life and performance of any new or used flooded lead acid battery. Our customers have used it with batteries in motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, and golf carts.

What does Battery Equaliser do?

It improves your battery's chemistry. This prevents sulfation from occurring in new batteries and breaks up any existing sulfation in older batteries. Battery Equaliser returns batteries as close to new as possible, with continued normal maintenance.

Why control sulfation?

Sulfation is a residue that remains on the plates of a battery after current is produced. This residue increases with each charge/discharge cycle. Over time, the residue/resistance will choke out the battery's ability to produce an electrical current.

Historically, over-charging or "equalizing charge", has been the only way to deal with this problem. Sulfation is a natural part of the battery's chemistry. Battery Equaliser is the only product on the market to effectively reduce existing sulfation and prevent new sulfation by improving the battery chemistry.

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How to Use Battery Equaliser:
  1. Shake well before using and avoid contact with metals and direct sunlight. Wear safety glasses while working around batteries.
  2. Check the acid level in each cell.
  3. Add Battery Equaliser to battery according to the Dosage Chart below.
  4. Charge battery after treatment or continue with normal use. Allow 5 Charge/Discharge cycles for maximum effect.
  5. Wash with soap and water to remove electrolyte and Battery Equaliser from your hands.
Dosage Formula Usage Chart:
Type of Battery Number of Cells * Battery Equaliser Required Total Amount Required Recommended Purchase
24-Volt Forklift 12 Cells 3.5 oz. per cell 42 oz. Two 32 oz. Bottles
N36-Volt Forklift 18 Cells 3.5 oz. per cell 63 oz. Two 32 oz. Bottles
48-Volt Forklift 24 Cells 3.5 oz. per cell 83 oz. Three 32 oz. Bottles
6 -Volt Golf Cart 3 Cells 2 oz. per cell 6 oz. One 12 oz. bottle (treats 2)
8-Volt Golf Cart 4 Cells 2 oz. per cell 8 oz. One 32 oz. bottle (treats 4)
12-Volt Deep Cycle 6 Cells 1 oz. per cell 6 oz. One 12 oz bottle (treats 2)
12-Volt Large Truck 8-D 6 cells 2 oz. per cell 12 oz. One 12 oz. Bottle
6TN & 6TL 12-volt Military 6 cells 1 oz. per cell 12 oz. One 12 oz bottle (treats 2)
Auto 12-volt 6 cells 1/2 oz. per cell 3 oz. One 12 oz bottle (treats 4)
  • Starting batteries should be re-treated every 2 to 4 years, depending on climate.
  • Deep cycle batteries can be re-treated annually or every 2 years if not used daily.
  • Batteries can not be harmed by over treatment.

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Saved my battery
December 9, 2019
by on December 9, 2019

My battery cost $200 to replace and it requires that the car is then programmed to the battery so it ends up costing me about $600 when it’s all complete. I put the required amount in each cell and the battery seams has good as new.

Washington state
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Battery Equaliser - 12oz Bottle
July 24, 2018
by on July 24, 2018

easy to use, work as intended . the battery on my car was very low on fluid and the performance was affected . after i placed the liquid on the battery the result was very quick , it only take one day to increase the volts . i will definitely recommend this product. make sure you follow instructions and take safety measurements .

Would recommend to a friend?