Energizer 6/12 Volt, 2 Amp Battery Charger with 12V Plug, Clamps & Ring Terminals
Item #: ENC2A-PLUG   |    Backordered: Available September 3rd, 2022

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Energizer 6/12 Volt, 2 Amp Battery Charger with 12V Plug, Clamps & Ring Terminals

Item #: ENC2A-PLUG   |  Backordered: Available September 3rd, 2022

Today's Price: $42.95
Backordered: Available September 3rd, 2022

Price: $42.95

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Product Specifications for Energizer 6/12 Volt, 2 Amp Battery Charger with 12V Plug, Clamps & Ring Terminals

Voltage: 6/12 Volt
Charging Rate: 2 Amp
Length: 5"
Width: 3"
Height: 1.75"
Shipping Weight: 4.40Lbs
Warranty: 5 Year
Product Manual: Download

What's in the box:

  • (1) Battery Charger with 53" Quick-Disconnect
  • (1) 12 Volt automobile auxiliary power outlet (cigarette lighter) Plug
  • BONUS (1) Set of 24.5" Clamps
  • BONUS (1) 22" Lug Harness / Set of Ring Terminals
  • Keeps 12V batteries maintained for maximum performance and increased life.
    • Charges lead acid batteries, including STD, Wet, AGM, CAL, and GEL.
  • Easy connection to vehicle battery using included battery clips or ring terminals.
  • Automatically switches between charging mode and float mode monitoring.
  • High-frequency smart charging technology keeps batteries at optimal charge.

Product Description

This is a replacement charger for the Booster Pac ES6000 DC Charger with 12V automobile auxiliary power outlet plug.

About the Battery Charger

This 2 Amp intelligent microprocessor controlled battery charger is designed to give you optimal performance out of your batteries.

The internal microprocessor contains a "5-Stage Intelligent Charge" algorithm developed by DPI to give you maximum performance. This "Intelligent Charge" starts with a Diagnostics Stage before the charge starts. After the charge completes, the last stage keeps your battery maintained until you are ready to use it.


  • Input Rating : 120Vac, 0.43Aac
  • Output Rating : 12Vdc 2Amp
  • Approvals : UL / CUL Automotive Listed
  • Accessories: Red/Black Battery Clamp Leads
  • Battery Types: Lead Acid types including AGM, Flooded Sealed Maintenance Free

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Cross Reference

The Energizer 6/12 Volt, 2 Amp Battery Charger with 12V Plug, Clamps & Ring Terminals has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:
Booster Pac ES6000

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Great product
June 25, 2021
by on June 25, 2021

I needed a trickle charger for my car and the Energizer 6/12 volt, 2 amp battery charger works well. It turns on and off as promised so won't overcharge the battery. We used the ring terminals to run the cord from the battery and through the grill. I do not need to open the hood to remove or attach the charger when I am using the car - a huge help since I am 78 years old. The only thing I was not aware of - it cannot get wet. I do not park in a garage so we have had to devise a means to keep it dry. Solved this by purchasing a small thin plastic box, making holes near the top for the cord and putting the unit inside the box. It seems to work well this way and doesn't seem to overheat. I am definitely satisfied with the item and it is doing it's job.

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12v charger
December 22, 2020
by on December 22, 2020

Arrived in good shape.

Rural Minnesota
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