Flag to Post Terminal Adapters
Item #: DEK-02033   |    In Stock

Flag to Post Terminal Adapters
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Flag to Post Terminal Adapters

Item #: DEK-02033   |  In Stock

Price: $6.95

Price: $6.95

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Product Specifications for Flag to Post Terminal Adapters

BM Part #: DEK-02033
Shipping Weight: 0.30Lbs (4.8 oz)
Warranty: 60 Day Return

What's in the box:

  • (2) Flag to Post Battery Terminal Adapters

Product Description

These terminals are used to convert an L Terminal to a round type auto terminal.

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Just what I needed
November 4, 2019
by on November 4, 2019

These were perfect to adapt a U size lawn/tractor battery to work in my Mazda Miata. Auto batteries for Miatas are small, but expensive, and not readily available in-store. You can take a cheap ($22 at WalMart) lawn/tractor battery and drop it in the Miata. These adapters will convert the flag terminals of a lawn/tractor battery to your familiar auto battery post terminals for a small cost. These adapter are also not readily available, but Battery Mart will likely have them in-stock at a very fair price.

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First Class
August 20, 2019
by on August 20, 2019

First class apparatus ; first class service,

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Sized wrong
May 23, 2018
by on May 23, 2018

Bolts are too big for holes in battery blades. Bought a VERY common battery from Walmart and the bolts that came with these adapters are larger than the holes they are supposed to go through. Good idea, since I am also installing quick disconnects, but need slightly smaller bolts.

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May 24, 2017
by on May 24, 2017

Hard to find item but here it is and very quick delivery !

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Post adaptors for flag battery posts
December 27, 2016
by on December 27, 2016

The products were as advertised, and they worked for the purpose intended.

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good product
April 7, 2016
by on April 7, 2016

Have only used for 3 weeks, but seems to form a good, durable connection. This allowed me to use a modern gel-cell L-post utility battery in a 345 Deere lawn tractor. My only alternatives were a car battery or Deere's pricey wet-cell replacement. Saved $50; got a 300 cold amp sealed battery that can take a discharge. Starts great.

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Perfect for letting you use a tractor battery in a car
April 4, 2016
by on April 4, 2016

I have one miata that has had a tractor battery in it for the past 5 years. When my other miata's battery failed, replaced it with a tractor battery too and the flag to post adapters make the applications easy-pee-zee.

Battery Mart had a great price/shipping rate.

Billy Ray
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