AutoMeter BVA2100 Electrical System Tester with Stand and Printer
Item #: BVA2100KP   |    In Stock
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AutoMeter BVA2100 Electrical System Tester with Stand and Printer

Item #: BVA2100KP   |  In Stock
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Product Specifications for AutoMeter BVA2100 Electrical System Tester with Stand and Printer

BM Part #: BVA2100KP
Shipping Weight: 86.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year
Product Manual: Download
Printer Manual (PDF) Download
  • Can Be Use w/ Automotive And Heavy Duty Applications.
  • Accurately Pinpoints Electrical System Problems.
  • Features Advanced Digital Pulse Load Technology.
  • Includes Battery Charger; Inductive Amp Clamp; External Volt Leads.
  • Includes Two Separate Options For Automotive or Heavy-Duty Truck.
  • Quickly And Accurately Tests Nearly All 6 And 12 Batteries.
  • Tests Battery Banks Up To 4 Batteries And 24V.
  • Features Liftgate Testing Using Truck/Trailer Adapters.
  • No External Power Required; Runs On Rechargeable 6V SLA Batteries.
  • Includes 120V A/C Battery Charger.

Product Description

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The BVA-2100 is the ultimate electrical system tester specifically designed for the Heavy Duty market. Through the use of state of the art digital circuitry and a 400 amp True Load system system, the BVA-2100 delivers the word's most accurate, relaible, and fastest testing results for batteries, charging systems, starting systems, and voltage drop testing for heavy duty applications.

  • Can be used for both automotive and heavy-duty applications.
  • Accurately pinpoints electrical system problems (battery, starter, alternator, wiring, and connections).
  • Features advanced Digital Pulse Load (DPL) technology - patented test process and algorithm allowing operators of this product to rapidly measure a battery’s ability to provide adequate cranking power necessary to start the vehicle without the need for time consuming manual electrical system load tests.
  • True-Load – This AutoMeter equipment is unique compared with other products on the market in that this tester has the ability to apply a known significant load (True-Load) directly through the tester connections allowing for a more rapid and accurate test of the vehicle’s battery, starter, and charging system by the operator. This provides the ultimate in accurate high-speed battery testing when paired with AutoMeter’s Advanced Digital Pulse Load technology process, reducing the margin of operator error and workload during the diagnosis.
  • V-Drop Technology – this unique AutoMeter feature utilizes a patented process to automate the measurement of voltage drop in the charging circuit during starter engagement to ensure vehicle systems are operating at peak performance. This test occurs with minimal operator effort in the short period of time required for the engine to crank over and fire. AutoMeter’s V-Drop technology prevents the need to connect additional probes and/or disable ignition or fuel systems to engage in excessive engine crank periods. In the event that your AutoMeter tester equipped with V-Drop detects an issue, it will guide the operator through the diagnosis to identify which part of the circuit is causing the excessive voltage drop.
  • Includes internal battery charger, inductive amp clamp, and external volt leads.
  • Includes two seperate and specific options for automotive and heavy-duty truck applications.
  • Quickly and accurately tests nearly all 6V and 12V batteries and battery banks up to 4 batteries and 24V (including AGM).
  • Features liftgate testing - using AutoMeter's truck/trailer adapters, the BVA-2100 quickly isolates exact truck or trailer electrical system issues before they become a problem.
  • No external power required - runs on rechargeable 6V SLA battery, which charges when cables are hooked up to the battery. Also includes its own 120 VAC battery charger.

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