Peg Perego 12V Blue Battery with Charger
Item #: BLUIAKB0501-KIT   |    Backordered: Available October 1st, 2021
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Peg Perego 12V Blue Battery with Charger
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Peg Perego 12V Blue Battery with Charger

Item #: BLUIAKB0501-KIT   |  Backordered: Available October 1st, 2021
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Backordered: Available October 1st, 2021

Price: $93.90

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Product Specifications for Peg Perego 12V Blue Battery with Charger

BM Part #: BLUIAKB0501-KIT
Voltage: 12 Volt
Capacity: 12 Ah
Type: Sealed Lead Acid
Length: 6"
Width: 4"
Height: 4 3/8"
Shipping Weight: 11.10Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year

Product Description

This bundle kit contains both the 12 volt Peg Perego blue battery and the charger.

Peg Perego IAKB0501 12-Volt, 12 Ah High Performance Battery

Kids love their battery-powered vehicles. But, it's common to the see the battery tire out long before the rider does! With this Peg Perego 12-volt rechargeable battery, you can give your child the gift of non-stop fun. Perfect for hot-swapping: once the first battery's charge is used up, switch it with a fully charged spare and away they go!


  • Replacement or spare battery for all John Deere, Polaris or Ducati 12-Volt, two speed children's riding vehicles
  • Sealed, maintenance free, high capacity battery
  • Preselected for safety and efficiency for Peg Perego vehicles
  • Extend the playtime for young riders

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Keep your Peg Perego battery healthy

We ship out all Peg Perego batteries fully charged. However, we recommend that you have the Peg Perego charger to keep it healthy.

It's a good idea to recharge the battery every three months when the toy is not in use. This is important during the Winter when the toy might sit for extended periods of time. Keeping the battery maintained will make sure that when the toy is being used again, it'll run for a long time.

After use, you should charge the batteries immediately. You should never run down batteries and let them sit in a discharged condition for long. If they sit for too long, there's a good possibility they'll never power the toy for as long as it should. So, keep the batteries charged and maintained!

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