Replacement Alcatel TLIB60B Cell Phone Battery
Item #: BLI-1417-1-3   |    In Stock

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Replacement Alcatel TLIB60B Cell Phone Battery

Item #: BLI-1417-1-3   |  In Stock

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Price: $27.95

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Product Specifications for Replacement Alcatel TLIB60B Cell Phone Battery

BM Part #: BLI-1417-1-3
Voltage: 3.7 Volt
Capacity: 1300 Ah
Type: Li-Ion
Length: 2.53"
Width: 1.97"
Height: 0.161"
Shipping Weight: 0.30Lbs (4.8 oz)
Warranty: 1 Year
  Little known fact:  
Replacement batteries and accessories have the comparable performance standards as OEM batteries but are significantly cheaper. Why? Simply carrying a brand name on a product makes it more expensive. Smart shoppers don't fall for that.

Product Description

This replacement battery is 100% compatible with the Alcatel TLIB60B and all compatible models. Our batteries and accessories are made with high quality parts and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications at a reduced price. All batteries are tested for 100% Quality Control Assurance.

This replacement battery includes a 1 Year Warranty to guarantee that it has no manufacturing defects.

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Cross Reference

The Replacement Alcatel TLIB60B Cell Phone Battery has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:
  • Alcatel CAB1400002C1
  • Alcatel CAB31C00002C1
  • Alcatel CAB31P0000C1
  • Alcatel CAB60B0001C1
  • Alcatel CAB60B000C1
  • Alcatel CAB60BA000C1
  • Alcatel TLi014A1
  • Alcatel TLiB60B
  • US Cellular CAB60BA000C1
  • US Cellular TLiB60B

This battery is compatible with these models:

Cell Phone
  • Alcatel 4028S-2AALUS1
  • Alcatel 4037T
  • Alcatel 5020D-2BALDE
  • Alcatel 5020T
  • Alcatel 5020W
  • Alcatel A460G
  • Alcatel A460GB
  • Alcatel ADR3045
  • Alcatel D393
  • Alcatel D396
  • Alcatel One Touch 5020D
  • Alcatel One touch 5020X
  • Alcatel One Touch A554C
  • Alcatel One Touch C1
  • Alcatel One Touch Evolve
  • Alcatel One Touch Evolve 2
  • Alcatel One Touch Fire
  • Alcatel One Touch Glory 2T
  • Alcatel One Touch Inspire II
  • Alcatel One Touch Inspire 2
  • Alcatel One Touch M POP
  • Alcatel One Touch M
  • Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 4.5
  • Alcatel One Touch Pixi Pulsar LTE
  • Alcatel One Touch Pixi Pulsar
  • Alcatel One Touch POP D3
  • Alcatel One Touch S Pop Dual
  • Alcatel One Touch Shockwave
  • Alcatel OT-4005D
  • Alcatel OT-4010
  • Alcatel OT-4010D
  • Alcatel OT-4010X
  • Alcatel OT-4012
  • Alcatel OT-4012A
  • Alcatel OT-4027A
  • Alcatel OT-4027D
  • Alcatel OT-4027X
  • Alcatel OT-4028
  • Alcatel OT-4028E
  • Alcatel OT-4028S
  • Alcatel OT-4030
  • Alcatel OT-4030A
  • Alcatel OT-4030D
  • Alcatel OT-4035
  • Alcatel OT-4035A
  • Alcatel OT-4035D
  • Alcatel OT-4035X
  • Alcatel OT-4035Y
  • Alcatel OT-4036E
  • Alcatel OT-4037
  • Alcatel OT-4037A
  • Alcatel OT-4037V
  • Alcatel OT-4037X
  • Alcatel OT-5017
  • Alcatel OT-5017A
  • Alcatel OT-5017B
  • Alcatel OT-5017E
  • Alcatel OT-5020
  • Alcatel OT-5020D
  • Alcatel OT-5020X
  • Alcatel OT-785
  • Alcatel OT-983
  • Alcatel OT-985
  • Alcatel OT-988
  • Alcatel OT-990
  • Alcatel OT4030D
  • T-Mobile Evolve
  • T-Mobile Evolve 3G
  • TCL J210
  • TCL J300
  • TCL J310
  • US Cellular ADR3045
  • US Cellular One Touch Shockwave

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What our Customers are saying
Battery ok
May 17, 2016
by on May 17, 2016

I bought this battery to replace one that literally lasted an hour. This does last longer but still not a whole day. I only text on the phone so either the phone is just poor battery management or the battery isn't great to begin with. The delivery was fast so I have no problem with Battery Mart.

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Battery overview
August 26, 2015
by on August 26, 2015

Needs re charging on average every 24/36 hrs even when switched off for 10hrs in evening

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