Replacement Black & Decker, Dewalt Power Tool Battery (12V, 2.4Ah, NiCd)
Item #: TOOL-930   |    In Stock

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Replacement Black & Decker, Dewalt Power Tool Battery (12V, 2.4Ah, NiCd)

Item #: TOOL-930   |  In Stock

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Price: $53.95

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Product Specifications for Replacement Black & Decker, Dewalt Power Tool Battery (12V, 2.4Ah, NiCd)

BM Part #: TOOL-930
Voltage: 12 Volt
Capacity: 2400 mAh
Type: NiCd
Shipping Weight: 2.00Lbs
Warranty: 6 Month
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Replacement batteries and accessories have the comparable performance standards as OEM batteries but are significantly cheaper. Why? Simply carrying a brand name on a product makes it more expensive. Smart shoppers don't fall for that.

Product Description

This NiCd Replacement Battery is 100% compatible with the Black & Decker PS3550K. Our batteries and accessories are made with high quality parts and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications at a reduced price. All batteries are tested for 100% Quality Control Assurance.

Replacement For:

  • Black & Decker: 1251CN, CD1200, CD1200K, CD1202GK, CD1202K, CD120GK, CD120GK2, CD12CA, CD12CAB, CD12CAH, CD12CB, CD12CBK, CD12CE, CD431, CD431K, CD431K2, FS12, FS632, FSL12, GT5C390, GTC391, HP331, HP331K-2, HP331K2, HP431, KC120V, KC1251C, KC1251CN, KC1252CN, KC1261CN, KC1261F, KC1262C, KC1262F, KC1282C, KC1282F, KC12GTBK, KC12GTK, KC12GTKH, KC2000F, KC2000FK-P1, MT1203B, PS1200K, PS12VK, PS12VK2, PS130, PS350, PS3500, PS3525, PS3550, PS3550K, Q100, Q102, Q120, Q125, Q129, QuantumPro, TV250
  • Dewalt: DE9071, DW904, DW9071, DW917, DW930/K, DW940K-2, DW953K-2, DW965/K, DW968K-2, DW970, DW971K-2, DW972B/K-2, DW972B/KQ-2, DW975B/K, DW977B/K, DW979K

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Cross Reference

The Replacement Black & Decker, Dewalt Power Tool Battery (12V, 2.4Ah, NiCd) has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:
  • Black & Decker FS12
  • Black & Decker FSL12
  • Black & Decker PS12VK
  • Black & Decker PS12VK2
  • Black & Decker PS130
  • Black & Decker PS3500
  • Black & Decker PS3550K
  • Dewalt DC9071
  • Dewalt DE9037
  • Dewalt DE9071
  • Dewalt DE9072
  • Dewalt DE9074
  • Dewalt DW9071
  • Dewalt DW9072

This battery can be used in these models:

Power Tool
  • Black & Decker CD1200K
  • Black & Decker CD431K
  • Black & Decker HP331K-2
  • Black & Decker MT1203B
  • Dewalt 2802K
  • Dewalt 2812B
  • Dewalt 2812K
  • Dewalt 2852B
  • Dewalt 2861K-2
  • Dewalt 2872B
  • Dewalt 2872K-2
  • Dewalt 2872KQ
  • Dewalt 2898B
  • Dewalt 2898K
  • Dewalt DC Series DC528 (Flash light)
  • Dewalt DC540
  • Dewalt DC540K
  • Dewalt DC542
  • Dewalt DC542K
  • Dewalt DC612KA
  • Dewalt DC614KA
  • Dewalt DC727KA-AR
  • Dewalt DC727KA-B2
  • Dewalt DC727KA
  • Dewalt DC727VA
  • Dewalt DC740K-2
  • Dewalt DC740KA
  • Dewalt DC740KZ
  • Dewalt DC742KA
  • Dewalt DC742VA
  • Dewalt DC743KA
  • Dewalt DC743KB
  • Dewalt DC745KA
  • Dewalt DC745KB
  • Dewalt DC756KA
  • Dewalt DC756KB
  • Dewalt DC840KA
  • Dewalt DC840KB
  • Dewalt DC841KA
  • Dewalt DC845KA
  • Dewalt DC845KB
  • Dewalt DC940KA
  • Dewalt DC945KB
  • Dewalt DC980KA
  • Dewalt DC980KB
  • Dewalt DC981KA
  • Dewalt DC981KB
  • Dewalt DC981KZ
  • Dewalt DCD910KX
  • Dewalt DCD940B2
  • Dewalt DCD945B2
  • Dewalt DCDK12
  • Dewalt DW Series DW051K
  • Dewalt DW051K-2
  • Dewalt DW052K-2
  • Dewalt DW052K
  • Dewalt DW052K2H
  • Dewalt DW052Z
  • Dewalt DW053K-2
  • Dewalt DW053K
  • Dewalt DW053K2H
  • Dewalt DW904(Flash Light)
  • Dewalt DW904
  • Dewalt DW907K-2
  • Dewalt DW907K2H
  • Dewalt DW907Z
  • Dewalt DW912
  • Dewalt DW915 (Flash Light)
  • Dewalt DW917 (Flash light)
  • Dewalt DW917
  • Dewalt DW924K-B2
  • Dewalt DW924K-B3
  • Dewalt DW924K2AR
  • Dewalt DW924K2B2
  • Dewalt DW924K2B3
  • Dewalt DW924K2BR
  • Dewalt DW927K-2
  • Dewalt DW927K2
  • Dewalt DW927KV-2
  • Dewalt DW930/K
  • Dewalt DW930
  • Dewalt DW930K
  • Dewalt DW940K-2
  • Dewalt DW940K-2
  • Dewalt DW940K
  • Dewalt DW953
  • Dewalt DW953
  • Dewalt DW953K-2
  • Dewalt DW953K-2
  • Dewalt DW953K
  • Dewalt DW953KF-2
  • Dewalt DW953KS-2
  • Dewalt DW953KV-2
  • Dewalt DW953RFK2
  • Dewalt DW965/K
  • Dewalt DW965
  • Dewalt DW965K-2
  • Dewalt DW965K
  • Dewalt DW968K-2
  • Dewalt DW968K-2
  • Dewalt DW970
  • Dewalt DW970
  • Dewalt DW971K-2
  • Dewalt DW971K-2
  • Dewalt DW972
  • Dewalt DW972B/K-2
  • Dewalt DW972B/KQ-2
  • Dewalt DW972B
  • Dewalt DW972K-2
  • Dewalt DW972K
  • Dewalt DW972KQ-2
  • Dewalt DW972KS-2
  • Dewalt DW972RLK2
  • Dewalt DW974K-2
  • Dewalt DW974K
  • Dewalt DW974KQ
  • Dewalt DW975B/K
  • Dewalt DW975B
  • Dewalt DW975K
  • Dewalt DW976K
  • Dewalt DW977B/K
  • Dewalt DW977B
  • Dewalt DW977K
  • Dewalt DW979
  • Dewalt DW979K-2
  • Dewalt DW979K
  • Dewalt DW979K
  • Dewalt DW979K2-BR
  • Dewalt DW980
  • Dewalt DW980K-2
  • Dewalt DW981
  • Dewalt DW981
  • Dewalt DW981KD-2
  • Dewalt DW981KF-2
  • Dewalt DW981KQ

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Replacement Battrey
Apr53l 19, 2023
by on Apr53l 19, 2023

This is 4th battery I have purchased from U in last
5 years. Extremely happy with all.

Would recommend to a friend?
12 Volt Battery
March 12, 2023
by on March 12, 2023

Great price fast shipping great batteries hard to find. I have also ordered 18 volt from battery mart had no problem with them. Have ordered a motorcycle battery's from battery mart.

St Louis Mo
Would recommend to a friend?
Great replacement
May 22, 2019
by on May 22, 2019

Newer batteries have better/higher Mah ratings than OEM batteries that came with my drill/driver tool.

Bill D
Would recommend to a friend?
Better than the original
August 15, 2012
by on August 15, 2012

My drill now is more useful, the battery remains charged even when sitting idle.

Nova Scotia, Ca
Would recommend to a friend?
I'm Happy
Apr0l 14, 2012
by on Apr0l 14, 2012

The service was great, the battery, its for a DeWalt cordless drill, is as good as the one that came with the drill orginally. It's a fast charge, is powerful & the charge last a long time. No problems at all.

Kellogg, ID
Would recommend to a friend?
I would buy again
February 23, 2012
by on February 23, 2012


Would recommend to a friend?
So far so good.
October 1, 2011
by on October 1, 2011

I'm retired so it's not used as hard as if I was still working, but I think if I was working it would be up to it.

Would recommend to a friend?