AutoMeter RC-300 Battery Tester for 6V & 12V Applications
Item #: ACC-RC-300   |    Special Order: Ships In 2-4 weeks

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AutoMeter RC-300 Battery Tester for 6V & 12V Applications

Item #: ACC-RC-300   |  Special Order: Ships In 2-4 weeks

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Price: $592.95

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Product Specifications for AutoMeter RC-300 Battery Tester for 6V & 12V Applications

BM Part #: ACC-RC-300
Length: 6.75"
Width: 3.75"
Height: 1.00"
Shipping Weight: 6.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year (90 Days on Cables)
Product Manual: Download
Load Test Capacity: 40 Amp
Battery Sizes: 4.0 to 50 Amp Hour
Volt Ranges: Digital 0-30
Internal Battery: 9 Volt Alkaline
What to Expect from the RC-300:

Immediately determine Amp Hours remaining in each battery. The RC-300 is a portable, full-featured, menu-driven battery tester that provides quick and professional load results using Auto Meter's proven Load Testing Technology. The RC-300 is user friendly. It tells you what to do. It is professionally accurate. Detailed test results are shown on the LCD display after each test and can be reviewed and/or printed from memory.

The RC-300 performs a battery load test on 6 & 12 volt batteries. The RC-300 automatically identifies the appropriate voltage & displays the menu selection & instructions needed for the battery being checked or tested.

  • Tests 6V and 12V batteries rated between 4AH - 50AH. Great for Powersports and small valve regulated batteries.
    • Tests SLA, Flooded, Gel Cell, or AGM batteries. Also tests discharged batteries and detects bad cells.
  • Applies a true 40 amp load during testing to simulate real world operating conditions and provide more accurate test results.
  • Stores the last 50 tests in memory
  • The RC-300 6V and 12V battery tester enables the user to "blue print" known good batteries of different types/sizes to drive improved testing accuracy. The unit will store up to 40 different "blue printed" battery types.
  • Test results include: battery's measured amp hour (AH) capacity, battery voltage and percent of charge, and what the battery's state of health is ("good", "near end of life", or "bad").
  • 30" - 16 gauge leads
  • Tough impact resistant plastic housing with easy grip rubber booth that prevents damage to the unit.

Product Description

Handheld Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and powersport battery tester. Tests 4 AH to 50 AH rated batteries.

The RC-300 is a portable, fully featured 6V & 12V battery tester that provides quick and accurate results utilizing Auto Meter's Award-winning "Digital Pulse Load" technology. The RC-300 is user friendly, instructing the user exactly what to do while testing an SLA battery. Professionally accurate test results are shown on a LCD display after each test. The RC-300 small battery tester has a built in memory so you can easily review and/or print test results.

  • Designed for Power Sport and Small Valve Regulated Batteries
  • Amp Hour Scale - 4 to 50 Ah
  • Best of Both Worlds - Accuracy via Patented Resistance & Load Test
  • Fully Automated Load 40 amp Digital Pulse Load
  • Innovative database function allows for highly accurate custom testing of individual battery types
  • Increased testing accuracy if tested batteries were "blue printed"
  • Stores 40 blue printed battery types
  • Allows the user to customize the percentage of rated amp hour versus actual amp hour at which the tested battery would pass or fail
  • Tests flooded and AGM batteries
  • Tests discharged batteries
  • Easy Input Menus
  • Dynamic Memory Input for Custom Battery Results
  • Stores the last 50 tests in memory
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • 64 character 4 line LCD screen
  • 30" - 16 gauge leads
  • Tough plastic case with easy-grip rubber boot
  • Customer communication with optional bolt-on PR-20 printer or PR-12 infrared printer or PC cable

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Excellent tester.
Apr0l 25, 2014
by on Apr0l 25, 2014

Excellent for facility maintenance, primary use testing fire alarm extender panel batteries. Saves time and money, facility guy's can clear battery related fire alarm panel troubles as well as monitor battery life.

Washington DC
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Great tester thanks
June 7, 2012
by on June 7, 2012

Testing Batteries

Denver Intl Air
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Good Product _ meets our needs
February 10, 2011
by on February 10, 2011

Testing Solar Batteries

Old I&C Tech
Baltimore , MD
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Excellent product,
March 26, 2010
by on March 26, 2010

very easy to use and clear readings

Oak Brook IL
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