6326G1 SB® 175 Blue Connector: #1/0 Gauge
Item #: ACC-6326G1   |    In Stock
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6326G1 SB® 175 Blue Connector: #1/0 Gauge

Item #: ACC-6326G1   |  In Stock
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Product Specifications for 6326G1 SB® 175 Blue Connector: #1/0 Gauge

BM Part #: ACC-6326G1
Voltage: 48 Volt
Capacity: 175 Amp
Length: 3.13"
Width: 2.09"
Height: 1.0"
Shipping Weight: 0.50Lbs (8 oz)
Warranty: 60 Day Return

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Product Description

175 Amp Blue Connector Suggested for 48 Volt Systems

This innovative Blue SB connector provides cost-effective reliability, design flexibility, and safety for manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

The two pole connector is rated at 175 amps, with 600 volts of continuous AC or DC operation. Mechanical keys ensure connectors will only connect to other connectors of the same color. Different color housings are selected to identify voltages, thus preventing a mismatch of the power system.

Popular for UPS systems, telecommunications, forklift trucks, wheelchairs, EV, chargers, power electronics, and much more.


  • Mechanical keyed housing
    Prevents accidental mating of components operating at different voltages.
  • Single-piece housing and unitized construction
    Provides industrial quality and durability.
  • Quick disconnect
    Avoids the need to unfasten ring type terminals
  • Genderless design
    Makes assembly quick and easy
  • UL approved for current interrupt
    Safe for "Hot Swapping" without shutting down your system.
  • UL94 V-0 housing material
    Provides security in the knowledge that the connector chosen meets strict UL flammability ratings

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Cross Reference

The 6326G1 SB® 175 Blue Connector: #1/0 Gauge has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:
Allied Electronics 70162273
Anderson Power Products 6326G1
Anderson SB-175
Anderson SB175
Mouser 879-6326G1
Newark 11J5493