BatteryMINDer 48 Volt, 3 Amp Charger / Maintainer / Desulfator with FREE Multimeter
Item #: 483CEC1   |    In Stock

BatteryMINDer 48 Volt, 3 Amp Charger / Maintainer / Desulfator with FREE Multimeter
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BatteryMINDer 48 Volt, 3 Amp Charger / Maintainer / Desulfator with FREE Multimeter

Item #: 483CEC1   |  In Stock

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Price: $306.74

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Product Specifications for BatteryMINDer 48 Volt, 3 Amp Charger / Maintainer / Desulfator with FREE Multimeter

BM Part #: 483CEC1
Voltage: 48 Volt
Charging Rate: 3 Amp
Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Shipping Weight: 4.00Lbs
Warranty: 5 Year Factory Direct

BatteryMINDer Charger-Maintainer-Desulfator 7 Stages of Charging

  1. Analyze: Test the battery and determine if good or bad.
  2. Desulfate: Begins removal by dissolving harmful sulfate.
  3. Soft Start: Applies low current if battery tests low.
  4. Bulk: Provides maximum output to charge to 85%.
  5. Absorption: Provides low current to complete to 100%.
  6. Test: Determines if battery needs further desulfation.
  7. Maintenance: Maintains temperature-compensated full-charge.

What's in the box:

  • BatteryMINDer 483CEC1 Maintenance Charger-Desulfator
  • Auto-Temp Compensation Sensor (Installed)
  • RTA-2415 2' Ring Terminal Assembly and 15A replaceable fuse
  • EZC-01 EZ Connector And Mounting Screws
  • Instruction Manual
  • FREE Digital Multimeter ($14.95 Retail Value!)
  • Guaranteed to never over/under charge.
  • User can select battery type for ALL lead-acid based batteries.
  • Maximizes battery life and performance.
  • Detects batteries with weak or dead cells.
  • Sensor prevents over/under charge over wide environmental temperature range.
  • For Sealed, Wet (filler cap), Maintenance-Free, AGM, Gel, PLT, & Odyssey batteries.
  • Automatic HF desulfation pulses to dissolve harmful sulfate.
  • Multiple LED Indicators show state-of-charge and condition of battery.
  • Intrusion Protected from water & dust (Certified to International Standard IEC IP65).
  • Short circuit, spark, polarity and thermal run-away protected.
  • ECO Mode.
  • Extremely efficient, low operating costs.
  • Automatically reduces power consumption to very low level (allows unit to always remain connected to AC while consuming very low level of electricity.

Product Description

The most advanced series of Battery Charger-Maintainer-Desulfators that BatteryMINDer has ever offered using SmarTECHnology™. Users can now determine the level of charge remaining in their battery, and if weak and in need of replacement, before going bad. In addition, units test for weak cells and will recover weak or severely discharged batteries that other chargers would reject.

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golf cart snowbird
Apr8l 7, 2017
by on Apr8l 7, 2017

this was what I was looking for from all I heard ,its actually more than I needed to maintain and desulfate battery bank 8 batteries 48v system it seems to do everything one would want and more. but I,m not sure of proper insulation for best usage ( has extras I know nothing about and not sure if I need them all for best usage. I got the same exact one advertise here from buggies unlimited for a total $213.00 which included $5.00 s&H and tax

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