Quick Cable 200 Amp High-Performance Battery Isolator
Item #: 303306-001   |    In Stock

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Quick Cable 200 Amp High-Performance Battery Isolator

Item #: 303306-001   |  In Stock

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Product Specifications for Quick Cable 200 Amp High-Performance Battery Isolator

BM Part #: 303306-001
Voltage: 12/24/36/48 Volt
Capacity: 200 Amp
Length: 11"
Width: 4.38"
Height: 3.5"
Shipping Weight: 5.90Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year
Product Manual: Download
  • Ideal for marine, RV, automotive, and commercial applications
  • Allows for simultaneous battery charging of a multiple battery system
  • Isolates batteries to insure power to start your vehicle
  • Reliable solid-state circuitry
  • Sealed to protect against oil, gas, salt, water, and harsh environments
  • Temperature range -40°F to 250°F (-40°C to 121°C)
  • Use with multiple battery charging systems
  • For wet cell or AGM batteries, all batteries must be same type to prevent damage
  • Recommended Cable Size / Circuit Breaker
    • Up to 20 ft: #000 ga. / 150 amp.
    • 20ft to 30ft: #0000 ga. / 150 amp.

Product Description

(12 - 48v) Use with General Motors alternators for 1985 and newer vehicles that require an extra ignition connection terminal.

Battery connection without an isolator.

Why You Want to Isolate Your Batteries

  • If your vehicle has multiple batteries, one should be dedicated to starting your engine and the other to power accessories.
  • Without an isolator your work battery will draw power from the battery with the higher charge until both batteries are equal. This could leave you with both batteries low and unable to start your vehicle.

Battery connection with an isolator.

Solution with an Isolator

  • A battery isolator will prevent current flow from one battery to another, thus each battery will be an independent power source.
  • With an isolator, one battery will run accessories and the other will have power to start your engine.

Charging batteries connecting to isolator.

Added Benefit with an Isolator

  • A battery isolator will also allow you to simultaneously charge both batteries independent of each other.
  • The amount of current flowing into each battery is determined by the independent batteries start of charge which guarantees that both batteries will be fully charged, prolonging the life of the batteries.

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Purchase of the Battery Isolator
March 9, 2022
by on March 9, 2022

Purchased an isolator from battery mart and received it in several days. The ordering was easy, and they kept me informed along about the purchase. The isolator was beefy and appears and was installed but not used on boat yet.


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Heavy duty and well built.
Apr0l 12, 2014
by on Apr0l 12, 2014

Installed in my show hearse, works great.

Grim Reaper
Ocala, Fl
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