BatteryMINDer Model 1215C: 12 Volt, 1.5 Amp Charger & Desulfator
Item #: 1215C   |    Limited Stock Available

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BatteryMINDer Model 1215C: 12 Volt, 1.5 Amp Charger & Desulfator

Item #: 1215C   |  Limited Stock Available

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Price: $74.17

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Product Specifications for BatteryMINDer Model 1215C: 12 Volt, 1.5 Amp Charger & Desulfator

BM Part #: 1215C
Voltage: 12 Volt
Capacity: 1.5 Amp
Input Voltage: Worldwide 90-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz
Length: 4"
Width: 3"
Height: 1.25"
Shipping Weight: 1.60Lbs
Warranty: 5 Year Factory Direct
Product Manual: Download

BatteryMINDer Charger-Maintainer-Desulfator 7 Stages of Charging

  1. Analyze: Test the battery and determine if good or bad.
  2. Desulfate: Begins removal by dissolving harmful sulfate.
  3. Soft Start: Applies low current if battery tests low.
  4. Bulk: Provides maximum output to charge to 85%.
  5. Absorption: Provides low current to complete to 100%.
  6. Test: Determines if battery needs further desulfation.
  7. Maintenance: Maintains temperature-compensated full-charge.

What's in the box:

  • BatteryMINDer Charger (Model 1215C)
  • Auto-temperature compensation sensor (installed)
  • Two (2) mounting brackets and screws
  • Battery clips (Fully-insulated, Aircraft grade, 15A replaceable fuse)
  • Ring terminal assembly with 15A replaceable fuse
  • Charges, Maintains, Recovers 12-V auto, truck, marine, maintenance type (filler caps), sealed, maintenance-free, starter, deep cycle, AGM, lead-acid batteries.
  • Guaranteed to never under or overcharge.
  • Recovers & Reconditions deeply discharged batteries automatically, using high-frequency pulse type desulfation circuitry.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Extends battery life up to four times.
  • Maintains up to 4 batteries at a time.
  • Operates for less than 50 cents/month.
  • Automatic pulse desulfation (full time).
  • Hi/Lo temperature compensation with Auto-Temp Sensor.
  • Never connect two or more batteries together before fully charging each and checking their condition. Failure to fully charge each battery and check their condition can result in a serious safety hazard.

Product Description

BatteryMINDer Model 1215C: 12 Volt, 1.5 Amp Convertible Onboard or Benchtop Charger & Desulfator

How often do you wish you had second battery charger-maintainer but don't want to buy another? The "Convertible" may be your answer!

Some charger-maintainers are designed to be mounted directly to the battery but are not meant to be moved or used elsewhere. BatteryMINDer® Model 1215C easily connects to the "under-the-hood" battery you need most to keep maintained over winter or summer. It easily unclips from its own bracket. Once installed, there is never any need to undo or reinstall the electrical connectors each time you want to use it on different batteries. Mounts easily with one of the two supplied brackets. Use the second on your workbench or mount it "On Board" another vehicle, RV, Boat, PWC, or ATV.

Comes with fully-insulated clips for use on your other batteries.

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Perfect charger
May 9, 2023
by on May 9, 2023

This does everything I wanted. Very easy to use. Excellent value since it does so much.

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