Vtech BT-18443, BT-28443 Cordless Phone Batteries

BatteryMart.com offers the aftermarket replacement Vtech BT-18443, BT-28443 Cordless Phone battery that is compatible with the Vtech BT-18443, BT-28443 Cordless Phone. You can buy with confidence that a replacement Vtech Cordless Phone battery from BatteryMart.com will have a long life at a great price.

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Please Note Before Ordering: Please compare the below batteries with your original battery to ensure which battery your cordless phone needs.

Replacement VTech LS6217 Battery

Replacement VTech LS6217 Battery

Item #: CPH-518D
2.4 Volt / 500 mah
• Dimensions: 2.1" / 0.66" / 0.33"
• Warranty: 1 Year
Today's Price: