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Motorola Two Way Radio Batteries offers a wide selection of aftermarket replacement Motorola Two Way Radio batteries that are compatible with specific Motorola Two Way Radio models. You can buy with confidence that replacement Motorola Two Way Radio batteries from are built with superior parts and come to your door at a great price.

With our vast inventory of replacement batteries, finding your battery can be a little daunting.If you need assistance with locating your Motorola Two Way Radio battery please call our customer service team at 1-800-405-2121 or email us.

TalkaboutT-5410 Datron Guardian G25RPV100
BPBH1301 TK3202 TK3302
BP212/2MH 14B84547H01 Mobius
53615 53617 53720
56315 56318 60-84641H01
6060937H01 APX4000 Astro
AX Series BP212/2XT-1 BP265LI
BP4018XT BP4063MH BP4071MH-1
BP6305LI BP7144 BP7144MH
BP7144MHXT BP9008 BP9009
BP9009HC BP9012 BP9013LI
BP9013LIP BP9360 BP9360MH
BP9628MH BP9628MHXT BP9815
BP9858MH BP9858MHXT BPR2000
BPR40 BZ4002 cosmo
Cosmo CP100 CP110
CP125 CP1300 CP150
CP150 CP1600 CP1660
CP185 CP200 CP200
CP250 CP250 CP476
CP477 CT150 CT250
CT450 CT450LS Dimension 1000
Dimension 2000 Dimension IV Director
DP4400 DP4401 DP4600
DP4601 DP4800 DP4801
EM1000 EP350 EX500
EX600 Expo Light Duty GP1200
GP1280 GP2000 GP320
GP340 GP350 GP360
GP380 GP640 GP68
GP680 GP900 GTX Series
H34BBU3164AN Handi Com HKNN4002A
HKNN4002B HNN9044A HNN9056
HNN9720B HT10 HT1000
HT1250 HT1250 HT1550
HT1550 HT210 HT220
HT220 Omni HT220 Slimline HT440
HT50 HT600, HT800 HT6000
HT750 HT750 HT90
JT1000 KEBT-071-A KEBT-071-B
KEBT-072-A KEBT-072-B KEBT-086-B
Keynote Lingo L3000 LTS2000
M370H1A M6899 Mag One BPR40
Mag One BPR40 Metro-Pageboy III Minitor II
Minitor Minitor V MT1000
MT1500 MT2000 MT500 Omni
MT500 Slimline MT700 MTS2000
MTX638 MTX800, MTX900 MTX8000, MTX9000
MTX8250LS, MTX9250 MTX850, MTX850LS MTX950, MTX960
MX300 Series MX800 NLN8096A
NLN6791B NLN6899A NLN7057A
NLN7434A NNTN4970A NNTN6034A
NTN4593 NTN4594 NTN5448A
NTN5521B NTN7143 NTN7144
NTN7147 NTN7149 NTN7341A
NTN7394A NTN7395 NTN7396
NTN7397 NTN7398 NTN8294AR
NTN8923AR NTN9395A NTN9815
NTN9858C P140 P145
P160 P165 P180
P185 P200 P210
P50 P60 Pagecom
PMNN4071_R PMNN4071 PMNN4071AR
PMNN4092AR PMNN4409 PMR2000
PR1500 PR1500 PR400
PR400 PRO2150 Pro3150
PRO5150 PRO5150 Elite PRO5150
PRO7150, PRO9150 PRO7150 PRO9150
PTX600 R750 Radius 50
Radius 60 Radius GP300 Radius GP600
Radius HT10 Radius P10 Radius P100
Radius P110 Radius P1225 Radius P1325
Radius P200 Radius P210 Radius P50
Radius SP10 Radius SP50 RBMT500
RDU2020 RDU2023 RDU2080d
RDU4100 RDU4103d RDU4160d
RDU4163d RDV2020 RDV2080d
RDV5100 RLN6305 Saber
Saber / Astro Saber MX1000 Saber / Astro Saber MX2000 Saber / Astro Saber MX3000
Saber MX1000 Saber MX2000 Saber MX3000
SP10 SP21 Spirit
Spirit GT Spirit M Spirit SU42
Spirit SV52 Spirit STX
SX700 SX700R SX710
T2700 T4800 T4900
T5300 T6000 Series T6200
T6210 T6220 T6300
T6310 T6320 T6550
T7000 Talkabout 5950 Talkabout 6510
Talkabout T7100 Talkabout T7400 Talkabout FV500
Talkabout Spirit GT Plus Talkabout Spirit GT Talkabout T289
Talkabout T5320 Talkabout T5400 Talkabout T5410
Talkabout T5420 Talkabout T5530 Talkabout T5800
Talkabout T5820 Talkabout T5900 Talkabout T6000 Series
Talkabout T6206 Talkabout T6220 Talkabout T6500
Talkabout T6530 Talkabout TA280 TRBO
Visar XPR3300 XPR3500
XPR6300 XPR6350 XPR6500
XPR6550 XPR7350 XPR7550
XTN Seres XTS1500 XTS1500
XTS2500 XTS2500 XTS3000
XTS3000 XTS3500 XTS3500
XTS5000 XTS5000 XU Series (XU1100, XU2100, XU2600)
XV Series (XV1100, XV2100, XV2600)

Replacement Motorola Two Way Radio Batteries

Our factory-fresh aftermarket replacement Motorola Two Way Radio batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications at a reduced price. Our batteries are made from the highest quality parts and are 100% compatible with the listed Motorola Two Way Radio models.

The Battery Experts

Need assistance finding the right replacement Motorola Two Way Radio battery? Please call us at 1-800-405-2121 or email us and our customer service team will help you find the correct battery for your Motorola Two Way Radio.

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