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Antigravity Lithium Ion Racing Batteries & Accessories

Antigravity Batteries offers the best in high-power, lightweight Lithium-Ion batteries for Powersports Vehicles and Race Cars. These batteries are the perfect replacement battery for your heavy and toxic lead/acid battery and offer weight reduction of up to 80% while having over TWICE the power of a lead/acid battery! The benefit is much better starting as well as handling and performance increases.

Antigravity batteries are made in the USA.

ALERT FOR WATERCRAFTS WITH TOTAL-LOSS SYSTEMS: These systems, especially when constant voltage monitoring isn't being performed, run a very high risk of ruining lithium batteries. Therefore, use of these batteries in total-loss systems will completely void the warranty.

Does this battery require trickle charging?

In most cases no… The battery is Maintenance Free and can hold a charge for up to a year PROVIDED the bike/vehicle does not have a PARASITIC DRAIN or accessory taking the energy. If your vehicles charging system is in good working order and you do not have any "parasitic drains" on the bike you should not have to charge this battery rarely if ever. If you do have longer layoffs, or your bike has accessories creating a drain you can purchase one of Antigravity battery chargers specifically designed for this Lifepo4 technology.

How do I charge the battery?

The Antigravity Battery comes ready to install, and start the bike/vehicle. We do offer Antigravity Lifepo4 chargers. It will charge the battery to its intended peak voltage and will shut off when the battery is charged. You should NOT use an automobile or motorcycle charger that is specific to Lead/Acid batteries! They can cause damage to the batteries because they charge in a different way than a specific Lifepo4 Lithium Charger. They often have a Desulfation feature or over voltage "Quick Charging" feature… both of which will damage the Antigravity Battery. Lead Acid chargers [in many cases] will overcharge a lithium battery ending up in damage which is not covered under our warranty.