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Sony Cordless Phone Batteries offers a wide selection of replacement Sony Cordless Phone batteries that are compatible with specific Sony Cordless Phone models. You can buy with confidence that replacement Sony Cordless Phone batteries from will have a long life at a great price.

If you need assistance with locating your Sony Cordless Phone battery please call our customer service team at 1-800-405-2121 or email us.

1-528-168-21 1-528-275-11 1-528-345-11
1-528-376-31 1-528-638-11 2961
2962 9000 9030
9060 9105 9108
9111 9112 9115
BP-T10 BP-T14 BP-T16
BP-T18 BP-T21 BP-T23
BP-T24 BP-T25 BP-T26
BP-T27 BP-T28 BP-T30
BP-T31 BP-T33 BP-T35
BP-T37 BP-T38 BP-T40
BP-T50 BP-Z11 NP-100
SPP-1000, SPP-1010 SPP-111 SPP-115, SPP-120
SPP-11H SPP-150 SPP-160, SPP-170, SPP-180, SPP-190
SPP-200 SPP-2000, SPP-2010, SPP-2100 SPP-205, SPP-250
SPP-22H SPP-300 SPP-320
SPP-50 SPP-510 SPP-5100
SPP-52 SPP-55, SPP-57, SPP-58 SPP-60
SPP-62 SPP-65 SPP-70
SPP-71, SPP-72, SPP-72C, SPP-73 SPP-75, SPP-77 SPP-80
SPP-85 SPP-88 SPP-882
SPP-90 SPP-900, SPP-910, SPP-930 SPP-9104
SPP-933, SPP-934 SPP-935, SPP-940 SPP-937
SPP-940 SPP-95, SPP-97 SPP-977
SPP-A1000 SPP-A1050, SPP-A1070, SPP-A1071 SPP-A1075
SPP-A11, SPP-A20, SPP-A40, SPP-A60 SPP-A110 SPP-A115, SPP-A120, SPP-A160
SPP-A170, SPP-A180, SPP-A190 SPP-A20 SPP-A2000, SPP-A2010, SPP-A2100
SPP-A2470, SPP-A2740 SPP-A2480 SPP-A250
SPP-A2770, SPP-A2780 SPP-A320 SPP-A40
SPP-A400, SPP-A450, SPP-A700 SPP-A5000 SPP-A57
SPP-A60 SPP-A900 SPP-A9171
SPP-A927 SPP-A9276 SPP-A9278
SPP-A940, SPP-A941, SPP-A945 SPP-A940BK SPP-A946
SPP-A948 SPP-A957, SPP-A967, SPP-A968 SPP-A97
SPP-A972, SPP-A973, SPP-A985 SPP-AQ120, SPP-AQ150 SPP-AQ25, SPP-AQ45
SPP-AQ400 SPP-AQ500, SPP-AQ600 SPP-AQ700
SPP-FX77, SPP-FX88, SPP-FX882 SPP-H270 SPP-H273
SPP-ID200 SPP-ID2000 SPP-ID300, SPP-ID400
SPP-ID910 SPP-ID970, SPP-ID971, SPP-ID975 SPP-ID990
SPP-L33, SPP-L33H, SPP-L333 SPP-LX55, SPP-LX550 SPP-M100
SPP-M502 SPP-M920, SPP-M932, SPP-M937 SPP-N1000, SPP-N1001
SPP-N1000WT SPP-N1003, SPP-1004 SPP-N1020, SPP-N1025
SPP-N933 SPP-S10 SPP-S20
SPP-S2430 SPP-S2700 SPP-S2720, SPP-S2730
SPP-S9000, SPP-S9001 SPP-S910 SPP-S9101, SPP-S9104
SPP-S9226 SPP-SS950 SPP-SS951, SPP-SS955
SPP-SS960 SPP-SS961 SPP-SS965, SPP-SS966, SPP-SS967
SPP-X30, SPP-X50, SPP-X90 SPP-Q100, SPP-Q105 SPP-Q110, SPP-Q120, SPP-Q150
SPP-Q200, SPP-Q210, SPP-Q300 SPP-Q400, SPP-Q405 SPPQ-405
SPP-QAQ600 BP-HP550-11 BP999
BPT37 BT999 EXS9950
EXS9960 EXS9965 EXS9966
EXS9980 EXS9995 EXT1960
EXT1965 FF1185 FF1187
FF1188 FF1710 FF1712
FF1719 FF1720 FF1722
FF1724 FF1725 FF1726
FF1740 FF1741 FF1742
FF1751 FF1760 FF1762
FF1765 FF1770 FF1775
FF2000 FF2000H FF2025
FF2100 FF2115 FF2125
FF2128 FF2150 FF643
FF643, FF674 FF674 GH3000
GH3010 GH3012 GH3028
MDR-RF970 MDR-RF970RK S60504
S60516 S60518 S60523
SCT-100 SPP-100 SPP-110
SPP-150 SPP-200 SPP-300
SPP-90 SPP-S10 SPP-S100
SPP-10910 SPP-200C SPP510
SPP5100 SPP-560F, SPP-860F SPP-IM977, SPP-IM982

Replacement Sony Cordless Phone Batteries

Our replacement Sony Cordless Phone batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications at a reduced price. Our batteries are made from the highest quality parts and are 100% compatible with the listed Sony Cordless Phone models. All our batteries include a minimum one year warranty.

The Battery Experts

Need assistance finding the right replacement Sony Cordless Phone battery? Please call us at 1-800-405-2121 or email us and our customer service team will help you find the correct battery for your Sony Cordless Phone.