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If you need assistance finding the right ATV battery, please contact us and our customer service team will help you find the correct battery for your ATV.

What you need to know about maintaining your ATV battery

For many, there is a time during the year you put your ATV away for storage for a few months. Or even let it sit inactive for a longer period of time. This can be a huge problem, as batteries don't respond well to inactivity.

ATV batteries that sit for longer periods of time will build up sulphation on the battery plates. The sulphation will cause your battery's run-time, performance, and life to noticeably decrease. In the more advanced stages, the battery can be difficult (or even impossible) to charge or start your ATV.

Here are some tips to ensure your battery holds up after inactivity:

Use an automatic battery charger/maintainer: These units plug into standard 120VAC outlets and provide your battery with a charge current. This will keep the battery fully charged and maintained so that sulphation never builds up. It also helps towards breaking up loose sulphation that already may be present. Automatic chargers like the BatteryMINDer by VDC or Battery Tender by Deltran are perfect for these applications. Both of these brands can maintain your batteries in ways not to prevent damage to your battery. It is always recommended if you're using a maintainer on any wet battery to make sure you monitor the water level of the battery. These chargers are fully automatic and can be left connected to your battery all the time.

Keep your ATV battery in top shape: There are many types of batteries, and the two most common types for ATVs are conventional (wet) and dry AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries. If you have a conventional battery, you'll need to keep an eye on your fluid levels and add distilled water as needed. You should also keep your terminals protected with a corrosion preventative.

Do not let your ATV battery freeze: Whenever you decide to store your ATV battery, be sure it's not exposed to extremely low temperatures. Below-freezing temperatures can leave your battery cracked. If you keep a battery maintainer connected to your battery, this keeps the molecules moving and works towards keeping the battery from freezing.

If you'd like to look a little more in-depth or see some recommendations, please check out our article on the subject. If you have any questions about battery maintenance and would like to speak with one of our battery specialists, please give us a call at 1-800-405-2121.

ATV Batteries at a Discount

At Battery Mart, we have a long history of providing our customers with high quality discount batteries for a wide range of vehicles. We sell ATV batteries that can match the make and model of almost every ATV on the market to make sure you get exactly what you need to keep your ATV running. We sell fully tested ATV batteries that are guaranteed to power up every time, so you can get out and have fun without worrying about whether your ATV will make it through the day.

Battery Mart sells replacement ATV batteries that allow us to offer a retail price that is significantly lower than what the manufacturer can charge without sacrificing the quality of your battery. Because our replacement components are made with the same strict factory regulations and thoroughly checked by us before we sell them, we can offer our customers a discount on the ATV battery they need that other retailers can't beat. Battery Mart has been in the business of selling batteries for many years, giving us the edge in finding and selling the best ATV batteries out there at the lowest prices on the market.

Buy ATV Batteries with Confidence

Every ATV battery we sell comes to you after we have tested it for defects and charge ability with our fully trained battery testing experts. When you purchase your ATV batteries through Battery Mart, you get the best prices and quality available at any battery store, online or offline. While some online only battery merchants may appear to be competitive, our physical locations give us the practical knowledge we need to make sure our customers get the high quality batteries we promise.

Use our online search interface or find your ATV model by brand to get the exact battery you need. We carry all size options for many popular ATV brands like Kawasaki and Yamaha, as well as a huge variety of ATV batteries for all brands. If you have any trouble finding the ATV battery you need, a simple call to our customer service staff at 1-800-405-2121 will make sure we give you the right battery for your ATV.