AC Adapter for Various Brands Models
Item #: TI1506   |    SPECIAL ORDER: 2 Week Lead Time
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AC Adapter for Various Brands Models
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AC Adapter for Various Brands Models

Item #: TI1506   |  SPECIAL ORDER: 2 Week Lead Time
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Price: $59.95
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Price: $59.95

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Product Specifications for AC Adapter for Various Brands Models

BM Part #: TI1506
Voltage: 19.0 Volt
Capacity: 3.4 Amp
Type: AC Adapter
Length: 5.15"
Width: 2.35"
Height: 1.35"
Shipping Weight: 1.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year
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60 Watt AC Adapter

This AC adapter is designed to power a variety of brands, models, series of laptop and notebook computers.

This item has a power status light and U.S. AC power cord.

Small size and long cord makes this a great spare adapter.

This ENERGY+ item is built with the highest quality standards, safety features and has a 12 month warranty.

Safety approvals include CSA, CE, GS, TUV and UL.


0225A1865, 0225A1965, 0225C1865, 0225C1965, 0335A1960, 0335A1965, 0335A2065, 0335C1965, 0335C2065, 0F9710, 0N5825, 0TD230, 0TD231, 101953, 102042, 102444, 102458, 102522, 102664, 102665, 102918, 103310, 103316, 103325, 103326, 103739, 103905, 103907, 105067, 105068, 105195, 105927, 105928, 106293, 106294, 106295, 10653-a, 106821, 106838, 106840, 106867, 106903, 106911, 106963, 106964, 106979, 107000, 107062, 12-01793-01, 1533208, 1533516, 21.10180.071, 25.10180.101, 25.10181.001, 25.10181.021, 25.10185.061, 25.10202.001, 2521756, 2521974, 2522763, 2522763R, 2522772, 2522772R, 2522947R, 2527646, 2527646R, 2527712, 2527712R, 2527741R, 2527829, 2527829R, 2527877, 2527877R, 2527903, 2527903R, 2527911, 2527911R, 2527912, 2527912R, 2528095, 2528095R, 2528143, 2528143R, 2528179, 2528179R, 2528181, 2528181R, 2E.16190.001, 30-49013-01, 310-5422, 310-6405, 310-6499, 312-0367, 31TA6MB0023, 55522, 55523, 6500550, 6500589, 6500721, 6500920, 6501062, 6506063, 6506063R, 6506064R, 6506083, 6506083R, 6506101, 6506101R, 6857750100, 71530130002, 76-010513-00, 76-011653-5A, 83-110000-0013G, 83-110085-0200, 83-110087-220G, 83-110087-3100, 83-110114-0000, 83-110114-1000, 83-110114-2000, 83-110114-720G, 83-110128-0200, 83-110128-1000, 83-110128-1100, 83-110147-020G, 83-110147-030G, 90-N55PW1000, 90-N6APW2000, 9803981-0001, A1-L1-L84D-M1-M2A, A1-PW-AC001, ACD83-110000-0013G, ACD83-110087-220G, ACD83-110087-340G, ACD83-110087-340G2, ACD83-110114-7000, ACD83-110114-7100, ACD83-110147-010G, ACD83-110147-010G2, ACDB1285060000028, ACDB12850600000282, ACE83-110087-3100, ACE83-110114-7000, ACE83-110114-7100, ACE83-110128-0200, ADP-50HH, ADP-60DB, ADP-65DB, ADP-65HB, ADP-65HB BBCF, ADP-65HB BBEF, ADP-65YB, ADP-65YB B, ADP-65YB BA, ADP65HB, ADP65HB BBEF, AG19034CY23, AP.15003.001, APAC01, APAC02, API3AD02-AB0, API3AD02-AB1, API3AD03, API3AD03-380, CA01007-0890, CF719, CP041551-01, CP045013-01, CP268387-01, DSO020794-00, EA-MV1V, F10653-A, F9710, FPCAC46B, FSP065-AAC, HP-OK066B13, K9060, L7-PW-AC001, L8-PW-AC001, LSE9802A1960, N5825, NBP001088-00, NBP001127-00, NBP001127-01, NBP001141-00, NBP001152-00, NBP001190-00, NBP001198-00, NBP001198-01, NBP001215-00, NBP001216-00, NBP001216-01, NBP001219-00, NBP001225-00, NBP001288-00, NBP001330-00, NBP001331-00, NBP001406-00, NBP001434-00, NBP001434-01, NBP001434-02, NBP001434-03, NBP001435-00, NBP001463-00, NBP001509-00, NBP001510-00, NBP001562-00, NBP001565-00, NBP001565-01, NBP001565-02, NBP001568-00, OP-520-63001, OP-520-70001, OP-520-73601, OP-520-73701, OP-520-75101, OP-520-75301, OP-520-75601, OP-522-70001, OP-522-73701, OP-522-75101, OP-524-70001, OP-524-72501, OP-524-73701, OP-524-75101, PA-16, PA-1600-02, PA-1650-01, PA-1650-01AR, PA-1650-01G1, PA-1650-01GA, PA-1650-01GQ, PA-1650-01WR, PA-1650-02, PA-1650-02A3, PA-1650-02AR, PA-1650-02G1, PA-1650-02G2, PA-1650-02GW, PA-1650-02I2, PA-1650-02R1, PA-1650-52LC, PA-1750-04TC, PA3032E-1ACA, PA3032U-1ACA, PA3097E-1ACA, PA3097U-1ACA, PA3396E-1ACA, PA3396U-1ACA, PA3449U-1AC3, PA3449U-1ACA, PA3467E, PA3467E-1AC3, PA3467E-1ACA, PA3467U, PA3467U-1AC3, PA3467U-1ACA, PC-AP6700, PC-VP-BP21, PC-VP-WP09, PC-VP-WP14, PC-VP-WP17, PC-VP-WP36, PCF-AP6500, QCD1ACYZZZTA51, QCD1HYWZZZBQW1, QND1ACYZZZ0022, QND1ACYZZZ00222, QND1ACYZZZ0090, QND1ACYZZZ00A4, QND1ACYZZZ00F5, QND1ACYZZZ00G3, QND1ACYZZZ00G32, QND1ACYZZZTA51, QND1ACYZZZTA78, S26391-F321-L100, S8-PW-AC001, SA20069-01, SADP-65KB, SADP-65KB B, SADP-65KB BBNF, SADP-65KB BBSF, SADP-65KB C, SADP-65KB D, SLS0225A19406, SLS0225A19N06LF, SLS0225C19406, SLS0225C1965, SLS0225C19G06LF, SLS0225C19G57LF, SLS0335A19G06LF, SLS0335A19G57LF, SLS0335A19N06LF, SLS0335C1965, SLS0335C19G06LF, SLS0335C19G57LF, SLS0335C19K06LF, SLS0335C20017, TD230, TD231, WAAC02, WAAC03A

  • 4MBO: EuroBook A15, EuroBook III, EuroBook IV, EuroBook V
  • ACCEL: AccelNote CY23, AccelNote CY25, AccelNote N341, AccelNote N341
  • ACER: TravelMate C100 Series, TravelMate C102 Series, TravelMate C102T, C102Ti, C102TCi, TravelMate C104 Series, TravelMate C104T, C104TCi, C104Ti, TravelMate C110 Series, TravelMate C110T, C110TC, TravelMate C110TCi, C110Ti, TravelMate C111T, C111TC, TravelMate C111TCi, C111Ti, TravelMate C112T, C112C, TravelMate C112TCi, C112Ti
  • ACMA: Elite N223II
  • ACOM: Patriot 6000 Series
  • ACTEBIS: Targa Companion, Targa Visionary 1300, Targa Visionary 1600, Targa Visionary 1800, Targa Visionary 1900, Targa Visionary I, Targa Visionary II, Targa Xtender 400, Targa Xtender 500
  • ADVENT: 2410, 3480DVD, 4470, 4480, 4480DVD, 5372, 5372DVD, 540DVD, 5480, 5480DVD, 5490, 6000, 6410, 6411, 6412, 6412DVD, 6413, 6413A, 6414, 6414B, 6415, 6415X, 6415XP, 6416, 6417, 6418, 6418XP, 6419, 6419XP, 6421, 6422, 6520, 6521, 6522, 7040, 7061M, 7063M, 7066M, 7072, 8050, 8089, 8889
  • AJP: 7321, 7521, 8080, 8081, M300N, M540G, M551G, MobiNote 3420
  • ALIENWARE: Area-51M (m3400) Ultraportable , Sentia (Model 223)
  • ALPHATOP: Green 320, Green 550, Green 551, Green 552, Green 553, Green 556, Green 556e, Green 720, Green 726, Green 799
  • ALR: Evolution
  • ALTIMA: M400G, M555G
  • AMAX: Elite N223II
  • AMS: Rodeo 1000CT, Rodeo 1010CT
  • ARIMA: A0610, A0620, A0622, A0626, A0650, A0651, A0701, A0703, A0705, A0760, CP10, CP10-S, CP10V, UK-B
  • ARM COMPUTER: ArmNote 340S, ArmNote 340S2, ArmNote 340S8, ArmNote 7521P Series, ArmNote CY23, ArmNote CY25, ArmNote CY27, ArmNote M722, ArmNote N30N3, ArmNote N341C2, ArmNote N38W, N38W2, ArmNote N38W3, ArmNote TS30W, TS30W2
  • ASHTON DIGITAL: Green 710, MaxiNote 400, MaxiNote 420
  • ASUS: ASmobile AS62FP945GM1, ASmobile AS96F945GM1, ASmobile AS96H662MX1, ASmobile S62Fp, ASmobile S96F, ASmobile S96H, M3 Series, M3000 Series, M3000N, M3000NP Series, W2 Series, W2000 Series, W2000V Series, W2V Series, W3 Series, W3000 Series, W3000A, W3000N, W3000V Series, W3A, W3N, W3V Series, W5 Series, W5000 Series, W5000A, W5000Ae Series, W5A, W5Ae Series, W6000 Series, W6000A Series, W6A Series, Z7 Series, Z70 Series, Z7000 Series, Z7000A Series, Z7000N, Z7000Ne Series, Z7000V Series, Z70A, Z70N, Z70Ne, Z70V Series, Z71 Series, Z7100 Series, Z7100A Series, Z7100N, Z7100Ne Series, Z7100V Series, Z71A, Z71N, Z71Ne, Z71V Series
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  • BAYCOM: 2200 Series, 2700 Series, 2850 Series, Agent PGA1, Agent PGA2, Voyage, WorldBook 1, WorldBook 2, WorldBook 3, WorldBook 3 Plus, WorldBook, WorldBook I, WorldBook II, WorldBook III, WorldBook III Plus, WorldBook Sub, WorldBook Sub II
  • BLISS: 2060
  • BLUEDISK: Artworker 8050, Artworker 8050D, Artworker 8089, ArtWorker C80, Artworker C89 735 15, Artworker C89 M330 15
  • BOLDATA: BolData N341C2, BolData N341C2
  • BRICK COMPUTER: Mobile Warrior M300N, Preceptor 4, Preceptor 5 (CY27), RocketBrick (N30N3), RocketBrick Plus (CY23), RocketBrick2A (N341C2), SpeedBrick (TS30W), SpeedBrick Plus (TS30W2), SpeedBrick Plus 3 (TS30W3)
  • BULLMAN: Aero 3-14, Aero 5 Cen Wide, A-Klasse 6 CEN
  • CALIFORNIA: ACCESS G553 Manta, M540G, M550V, M551G, M551V
  • CANON: InnovaBook 475CDS, 475CDT
  • CHEM USA: ChemBook 3015E, ChemBook 3470, ChemBook 3815, ChemBook 3830, 3830A, ChemBook 4025, ChemBook 4027
  • CHILIGREEN: Dynamic D4-22ES, Dynamic D4-22ES WS, Mobilitas CT C5-375E, Mobilitas CT C5-375E WX, Mobilitas CT C5-G553, Mobilitas CT C5-G556, Mobilitas CT C5-M400A, Mobilitas CT C5-M450C, Mobilitas CT C5-M550V, Mobilitas M5-M550V
  • CLEVO: 2200, 2200C, 2200S, 2200T, 2820, 2830, 2850, 3220, 3420, 3620, 86, 86CE, 860, 862, 863, D220S, D22ES, D230S, D270S, D27ES, D280S, DeskNote 2200, 2200C, DeskNote 2200S, 2200T, DeskNote 2700, 2700C, 2700T, M120, M120C, M120W, M121, M121C, M121W, M220S, M22ES, M270S, M300N, M310N, M350B, M350C, M360B, M360C, M361C, M362C, M375C, M375E, M375EW, M375S, M37EW, M400A (Model C), M400A (Model D), M400G (Model C), M400G (Model D), M450C, M540G, M540V, M541G, M541V, M545G, M545V, M54G, M54V, M550G, M550V, M551G, M551V, M555G, M555V, M55G, M55V, MobiNote 3220, MobiNote 3420, MobiNote 3620, MobiNote M120, MobiNote M120C, MobiNote M120W, MobiNote M121, MobiNote M121C, MobiNote M121W, MobiNote M220S, MobiNote M22ES, MobiNote M270S, MobiNote M27ES, MobiNote M300N, MobiNote M310N, MobiNote M350B, MobiNote M350C, MobiNote M360B, MobiNote M360C, MobiNote M361C, MobiNote M362C, MobiNote M375C, MobiNote M375E, MobiNote M375EW, MobiNote M375S, MobiNote M37EW, MobiNote M400A (Model C), MobiNote M400A (Model D), MobiNote M400G (Model C), MobiNote M400G (Model D), MobiNote M450C, MobiNote M450C, MobiNote M540G, MobiNote M540V, MobiNote M541G, MobiNote M541V, MobiNote M545G, MobiNote M545V, MobiNote M54G, MobiNote M54V, MobiNote M550G, MobiNote M550V, MobiNote M551G, MobiNote M551V, MobiNote M555G, MobiNote M555V, MobiNote M55G, MobiNote M55V, PortaNote 2200, 2200C, 2200T, PortaNote 2700, 2700C, 2700T, PortaNote 2820, PortaNote 2830, PortaNote 2850, PortaNote D220S, PortaNote D22ES, PortaNote D230S, PortaNote D270S, PortaNote D27ES, PortaNote D280S, Ultimate Plus 2820, Ultimate Plus 2830, Ultimate Plus 2850, Ultimate Traveler 3220, Ultimate Traveler 3420, Ultimate Traveler 3620
  • COMPAL: 888M1, BCY27, BTK20, BTW10, CY20, CY23, CY25, CY27, N30N3, N30W, N30W2, N30W3, N32NC, N38W2, N38W3, TS30W, TS30W2, TS30W3
  • COMPAQ: Presario 800, 800T, 800XL Series, Presario 80XL200, 80XL201 Series, Presario 80XL4, 80XL4S Series, Presario 80XL550 Series
  • COMPOWER: CY25, N30N3, N30W, TS30H
  • COMPUTEK: DesigNote G550
  • CTL: Travel Master NB 710 (CP10V), Travel Master NB710 (CP10V)
  • CTX: EzBook 300 Series, 330F, 330S, 330T, 350D, 350F, 350T, 350S, 360D, 360F, 360S, 360T, 364D, 364F, 364T, 372D, 372T, 374D, 374T, 377D, 377T, 390T, 400, 400T Series, 500, 500T Series, 700, 700C Series, 700E Series, 700M Series, 720CS, 722CS, 725CS, 730CS, 730CDT, 750CS, 750CDT, 750MS, 750MT, 760MS, 760MT, 764MS, 764MT, 770MS, 770MT, 772MS, 772MT, 774MS, 774MT, 777MS, 777MT, 800 Series
  • CYBERCOM: CC5061, CC5214, CC5218, CC5222, CC5223, CC5225, CC5389, CC5400, CC5498, CC5499, CC5943, CC5944, CC5945, CC5946, CC6181, CC6442, CC7321, CC9373, CC9580-F, CC9628, CC9695, CC9703, CC9787, CC9788, CC9799
  • CYCLONE: CP10-S, CP10V
  • DEC: HiNote TS30H, HiNote VP 700, 703, 710, 717, HiNote VP 725, 735, 745, 765
  • DELL:
    • Inspiron: 1000 Series, 1200 Series, 1300 Series, 2200 Series, 3000 M233ST, 3000 M266XT, 3000 Series, 3200 Series, B120 Series, B130 Series
    • Latitude: 110L Series, 120L Series
  • DETEL CY25
  • DFI: NB6600, NB6620
  • DIABLO: DayLine DL550, DayLine DL680 Plus, Dive DV30
  • DIGITAL: HiNote TS30H, HiNote VP 700, 703, 710, 717, HiNote VP 725, 735, 745, 765
  • DTK: 12W-223II, MaxForce 223II, MaxForce 8080
  • ECS: A530, A531, A532, A535, A535+ (plus), G320, G550, G551, G552, G553, G556, G556e, G720, G726, G799, Green 320, Green 550, Green 551, Green 552, Green 553, Green 556, Green 556e, Green 720, Green 726, Green 799, Green G320, Green G550, Green G551, Green G552, Green G553, Green G556, Green G556e, Green G720, Green G726, Green G799, i-Buddie A530, i-Buddie A531, i-Buddie A532, i-Buddie A535, i-Buddie A535+ (plus), Precision 2000 SlimNote G550
  • EI SYSTEMS: 3000, 3001, 4414
  • ENFACE: Ethane 220, Ethane 270, Ethane 3220, Ethane 360C, Ethane 375C, Ethane D270, Octave 2820, Octave 2820-50, Octave 2850
  • ENPOWER: N341C2
  • EPSON: ActionNote 800, 866C, 880C, 880CX, ActionNote 890, 890C, 895C, ActionNote 910C
  • ERGO: RocketBrick (N30N3), RocketBrick 2A (N341C2), RocketBrick Plus (CY23), SpeedBrick (TS30W), SpeedBrick Plus (TS30W2), SpeedBrick Plus 3 (TS30W3)
  • EUROCOM: 3420 Series, M120 Voyage, M120C Voyage, M270S Series, M270S Viper M, M350C Milano, M400A Cobra, M540G, M550G
  • EVEREX: MB02, MB05, StepNote 3500 Series, StepNote Plus, StepNote SR Series
  • EXCEL: SlimNote G550, SlimNote G551, SlimNote G553, SlimNote G556
  • F.I.C.: 20, 2000, 30, 56, 57, A3, A320, A320 Plus, A360, A360 Plus, A380, A385, A385L, A386, A40, A420, A430, A440, A440S, A45, A45 Plus, A450M, A455, A46, A460, A460L, A5, A550, A560, A985, A985L, CT1, CT2, EM1, GR1, GR2, GT1W, GT2W, J1, J3, L1, L4, LE1, LE4, LM1W, LM2W, M2, M285, M285G, M285L, M288, M296M, M4, M7, M755, M755 Plus, M785, M795, MB02, MB02M, MB02N, MB05, MB05 Plus, MB05C, MB05H, MB05M, MB05P, MB05T, MBO2, MH47, PA354, WaveLight Box Office 340, WB-B55, WB-B55-C
  • FORTUNE: 2700D, M350C, M375C, M375E, M551G, M555V
  • FOSA: 2700, 2700, 30N3, 30N3L, 3220, 340S, 340S2, 340S8, 341C2, 3420, CY20, CY23, CY25, CY27, N222, N340S2, N340S8
  • FREEDOM: Freedom CY27, Freedom N341C2
    • Amilo: A 1650, A 1650G, A 6600, A1650, A1650G, A6600, D1420, D-1420, D5100, D5500, D-5100, D-5500, D6100, D6500, D-6100, D-6500, D7100, D-7100, D7199, D-7199, D7500, D-7500, D7800, D-7800, D8800, D-8800, K7600, K-7600, L 7300, L 7300G, L1300, L-1300, L1310, L-1310, L1310G, L-1310G, L7300, L7300G, M1405, M-1405, M1420, M-1420, M1424, M-1424, M1425, M-1425, M1450, M-1450, M3100, M-3100, M4100, M-4100, M4500, M-4500, M6100, M-6100, M6300, M-6300, M6500, M-6500, M6800, M-6800, M7300, M-7300, M7405, M-7405, M7424, M-7424, M7425, M-7425, M7440, M-7440, M7440G, M-7440G, M7800, M-7800, M8300, M-8300, M8800, M-8800, Pro V2010, Pro V2020, Pro V2030, Pro V2035, Pro V2040, Pro V2045, Pro V2055, Pro V2060, Pro V2065, Pro V2085, Pro V3205, Pro V3405, Pro V3505, Pro V3505 Edition, Pro V8010, Pro V8010 MSD, Pro V8210
    • LifeBook: 30N3, C1010, C1020, C-1010, C-1020, C1110, C1110D, C1110, C1110D, C-1110, C-1110D, C-6597 Series , C-6637 Series , FMV FM-4, FMV-612NU2/E, P7120, P7120D
  • GATEWAY 2000: 3018GZ Series, 3040GZ Series, 3520GZ Series, 3522GZ Series, 3525GZ Series, 3545GZ Series, 3550GH Series, 3550GZ Series, 3610GZ Series, 4012GZ Series, 4024GZ Series, 4025GZ Series, 4026GZ Series, 4028GZ Series, 4028JP Series, 4030GH Series, 4030GZ Series, 4520GZ Series, 4525GZ Series, 4530GH Series, 4530GZ Series, 4535GZ Series, 4536GZ Series, 4538GZ Series, 4540GZ Series, 4541BZ Series, 4542GP Series, 4543BZ Series, 6010GZ Series, 6018GH Series, 6018GZ Series, 6020GZ Series, 6021GH Series, 6021GZ Series, 6022GZ Series, 6023GP Series, 6510GZ Series, 6518GZ Series, 6520GZ Series, 6525GP Series, 6531GZ Series, CX200S Series, CX200X Series, CX210S Series, CX210X Series, CX2608 Series, CX2610 Series, CX2615 Series, CX2618 Series, CX2619 Series, CX2620 Series, CX2620h Series, E-100M G Series, E-100M SB Series, E-100M Series, E100-M Series, M210 Series, M250 Series, M250A Series, M250B Series, M250E Series, M250ES Series, M250G Series, M250GS Series, M255-E SB Series, M255E Series, M255-E Series, M255E-SB Series, M255G Series, M255-G Series, M280 Series, M280E Series, M285 Series, M285E G Series, M285-E G Series, M285-E SB Series, M285E Series, M285-E Series, M320 Series, M325 Series, M360 Series, M360A Series, M360B Series, M360C Series, M460 Series, M460A Series, M460B Series, MX3042 Series, MX3044 Series, MX3044h Series, MX3210 Series, MX3215 Series, MX3558 Series, MX3560 Series, MX3560h Series, MX3562 Series, MX3563 Series, MX3563h Series, MX3610 Series, MX6025 Series, MX6025h Series, MX6027 Series, MX6027h Series, MX6028 Series, MX6030 Series, MX6124 Series, MX6124h Series, MX6128 Series, MX6135 Series, MX6420 Series, MX6421 Series, MX6423 Series, MX6424 Series, MX6424h Series, MX6425 Series, MX6428 Series, MX6430 Series, MX6433 Series, MX6433h Series, MX6436 Series, MX6437 Series, MX6438 Series, MX6440h Series, MX6441 Series, MX6442 Series, MX6450 Series, MX6455 Series, MX6625 Series, MX6627 Series, MX6627h Series, MX6629 Series, MX6629h Series, MX6631 Series, MX6633 Series, MX6633h Series, MX6641 Series, MX6641h Series, MX6650 Series, MX6650h Series, MX6912 Series, MX6951 Series, MX6951h Series, NX100X Series, NX200S Series, NX200X Series, NX250X Series, NX260X Series, NX500S Series, NX500X Series, NX510S Series, NX550X Series, NX550XL Series, NX560X Series, NX560XL Series, S-7200C Series, S-7200N Series, S-7500N Series, Solo 1100 Series, Solo 1150 Series, Solo 1200 Series, Solo 1400 Series, Solo 1450 Series, Solo 1450SE Series, Tablet PC M1200 Series, Tablet PC M1300 Series
  • GENEX: M400A, M400G, M551G, M551V
  • GENX: Axiz C112, Axiz M650, Axiz W654
  • GERICOM: 1st SuperSonic, 1st Supersonic GPRS, 1st Supersonic M6-T, 1st Supersonic P4, 2000, 2200C, 2200S, 2200T, 3220, 3420, 3620, 8089, A360, A360+, A380, A385, A386, A550 (Genio), Bellagio 1440, Bellagio 1540, Bellagio 8089, Blockbuster Mobile, Cinema, FID2030, G550, G551, G552, G553, G556, Genio MSW (A5, A550), GigaBook A430, A440, A450, Hollywood 2040, Hollywood 8060, Hollywood Centrino 8060, HydroSpeed, Millennium 2, Millennium 3, Millennium II, Millennium III, N30W, N38W2, N38W3, NB2000, Overdose 1440e, Overdose 2200C, Overdose 3, Overdose III, Overdose Radeon 9600, Overdose Radeon 9700, Overdose Radeon MC G551, Overdose S, Overdose S2, Overdose S3, Overdose T, Overdose T1130, Overdose XL Per4mance G550, P14, P14G, Silver Shadow 2, Silver Shadow, Silver Shadow II, SuperSonic 1000, SuperSonic 1200, SuperSonic 2, SuperSonic, SuperSonic II, Supersonic Per4mance, Supersonic Performance, T3 Series, Webboy, Webgine, Webgine Advanced, Webgine Advanced XL, Webgine MSE, Webgine MSE, X5, X5 Force
  • GIGABYTE: G-Max N411 Series, G-MAX N512 Series, G-Max NB-1401 Series
  • GOTCHA: CopyBook 533, 533TX, CopyCat FSM
  • GREENNOTE: Green G720
  • GVS COMPUTERS: 8080, D270, D270E, D270S
  • [email protected]: CY23, CY25, N30N3
  • HIGHLANDER: HighLander HL-30, HL- 31, HL-31TH, HL-340s2 HL-340s8, HL-340s2 HL-340s8, HL-342, HL-3420, HL-38, HL-68, HL-N30N
  • HITACHI: Flora 270SX NH8, Prius Note 200A, Prius Note 200B4TM, Prius Note 200C4TMD
  • HUNDYX: 7200, HU D27ES, M450C
  • HYPERDATA: 2500, 2700 (CY27), 340S1, 340S8, 3410, 5510, 7300, 7321, CQ60, CQ62, CQ70, CY23, CY25, CY27, G550, G551, KH60, KH69, MediaGo 1200 Series, MediaGo 2300 Series, MediaGo 2310 Series, MediaGo 2320 series, MediaGo 2700 Series, MediaGo 2710 Series, MediaGo 2730 Series, MediaGo 2750 Series, MediaGo 2800 Series, MediaGo 3800 Series, MediaGo 798 Series, N222S, N30N3, N30W, N341S2, TS30W, UF37, UF57, UH57, Ultra Slim 2300 Series
  • HYUNDAI: 223II, M-Life D270, D270S, M-Life M350C, M350C-BJD, M-Life M400G, M-Life M540G, M-Life M540V, M-Life MB05, N223II
  • IPC: 340S2, 8080, 8080P, 8081, 86, HighNote M 7170, Lifestyle Centrino (G553), LifeStyle Centrino Expert (G556) , MagicNote F, MagicNote M, MagicNote U 340S8, MagicNote U, PowerNote M 7321, StarNote M 7521, M 7521C, StarNote M, M Plus, StarNote M15, TopNote H 340S2, TopNote H, TopNote U, [email protected] 8080
  • IRIDIUM: Starbook 505, Starbook 510, Starbook 710, Starbook 750, Starbook S505, Starbook S510, Starbook S710, Starbook S750
  • ISSAM: MiniBook M722, SmartBook 8080, SmartBook 8080, SmartBook 8080, SmartBook 8080, SmartBook D22ES, SmartBook i-1500C (M55V), SmartBook i-2000, SmartBook i-7170, SmartBook i-7321, SmartBook i-7521, SmartBook i-8050, SmartBook i-8050D, SmartBook i-8060, SmartBook i-D22ES, SmartBook i-M350C, SmartBook i-M722, SmartBook M350C, SmartBook M55V
  • JET: 2850, 3400
  • JETTA: 2700, 2700C, 2700T, Brilliant 2700, JetBook 2700 Series, JetBook 2850 Series, JetBook 3200, JetBook 3400 Series, JetBook 7700 Series, JetBook 9100, 9100A Series, JetBook 9120 Series, JetBook C250P Series, JetBook C250S Series
  • JEWEL: 233II0, 2700, 2700C, 2700T, Brilliant 2700, Brilliant 2750, CY23, CY25, N222S, N30N3, N340S8, N341C2, Saffier 1400, Saffier 1400, Saffier 1500, Saffier 1500, Topaz 9000, Topaz 9600
  • KAPOK: 2200, 2800, 2820, 2830, 2850, 3220, 3420, 3620, 86, M220S
  • KDS: Valiant 5340, 5345, 5347, 5350, 6000, 6001, 6370, 6371, 6380, 6480, 6481, 6480i, 671, 681
  • KEYDATA: 2200T, 340S2, 340S8, KeyNote 6600, KeyNote 6800, KeyNote 7060, KeyNote 7085, KeyNote 7095, N38W2, N38W3
  • KEYNOTE: 2200T, 340S2, 340S8, KeyNote 6600, KeyNote 6800, KeyNote 7060, KeyNote 7085, KeyNote 7095, N38W2, N38W3
  • LAM SYSTEMS: LAM 7170, LAM 722, LAM 7521, 7521P, 7521T, LAM CY23, LAM CY25, LAM CY27, LAM N223, LAM N38W2, N38W3
  • LEO: A320, A320 Plus, A385, A430, A440, A450, A985, CT1, CT2, DesigNote 2200C, DesigNote 2200T, DesigNote A360, DesigNote A360 Plus, DesigNote CP10, DesigNote M285, GR1, GR2, GT1W, GT2W, LEONT03-MB02, LM1W, LM2W, M288, M785, MB02, MB05W, PA354
  • LIFETEC: LT41100, LT5061, LT5214, LT5218, LT5222, LT5223, LT5225, LT5389, LT5400, LT5498, LT5499, LT5943, LT5944, LT5945, LT5946, LT6181, LT6442, LT7321, LT9303, LT9304, LT9326, LT9580, LT9580-F, LT9628, LT9695, LT9703, LT9787, LT9788, LT9795, LT9799, LT9865
  • LION: 7321, 7521, A550, ArtWorker 341C, N341C, N341C, Sarasota 8050, Sarasota 8050D, Sarasota 8080, Sarasota 8080P, Sarasota 8089, Sarasota 8889, Sarasota Artworker 8089, Sarasota Artworker 8889, SlimBook 722, Voyager 7521
  • LITTLEBIT: Idol 550, Jelly D52x, Luzon 633, Microdon M722, Pearl X32
  • MAG PORTABLES: Verity 775CDT
  • MAGICBOOK: Toranado
  • MAX COMPUTER: Max NoteBook 223II0, MaxBook 340S2, 340S8, MaxBook 722 (M722), MaxBook 752 (7521), MaxBook N3 (N30N3), MaxBook N30 (N30W2, N30W3), Metolius XL (N30W)
  • MAX GROUP: MaxNote C9923, MaxNote U-223IIO
  • MAX STATION: Max NoteBook 223II0, MaxBook 340S2, 340S8, MaxBook 722 (M722), MaxBook 752 (7521), MaxBook N3 (N30N3), MaxBook N30 (N30W2, N30W3), Metolius XL (N30W)
  • MAXDATA: Artist FT6000, M-Book 1000T, Performance 110T, Performance 120T, Pro 6000I, Pro 600IW, Pro 650, Pro 650T, 650X, Vision 350, 350m, Vision 450, 450T, Vision FX 460, Vision FX 470, Vision MX
  • MAXSPEED: MaxBook CY23, MaxBook N30
  • MAXTECH: 799, G720, G799
  • MECER: Mecer 223II0, Mecer MB02, Mecer N223II, Mecer N340S8
  • MEDIABOOK: Model 340 (340S2, 340S8), 6100 (7521), 722 (M722), 880 Plus (Valiant 5000, 5340), 920 (30W, 38W2, 38W3), e-751i (ACY23, 30N3), N30, N30W, Navigator (M722), Premium 7321, Premium 7521
  • MEDION: 2592, 6032, 6071, 8089, D27ES, FAM2000, FAM2000+, FID2000, FID2010, FID2020, FID2030, FID2040, FID2060++, FID3010, FIM2010, MAM3000, MB6071, MD2549, MD2550, MD2592, MD2727, MD2804, MD2852, MD2853, MD2879, MD2889, MD2965, MD40179, MD40854, MD41100, MD41164, MD42100, MD42462, MD42462s, MD42469, MD42489, MD5029, MD5061, MD5214, MD5216, MD5218, MD5222, MD5223, MD5225, MD5389, MD5400, MD5498, MD5499, MD5943, MD5944, MD5945, MD5946, MD5950, MD5957, MD5958, MD5959, MD6032, MD6071, MD6071, MD6100, MD6181, MD6191, MD6269, MD6270, MD6271, MD6272, MD6416, MD6442, MD7276, MD7321, MD9303, MD9303, MD9304, MD9326, MD95007, MD95020, MD95022, MD95062, MD95155, MD95300, MD95309, MD9535, MD9580-F, MD9588, MD96100, MD9620, MD9621, MD9625, MD9628, MD9630, MD9631, MD9639, MD96500, MD96500 WIM2040, MD9655, MD9687, MD9694, MD9695, MD9698, MD9699, MD9703, MD9719, MD9730, MD9787, MD9788, MD9799, MD9800, MH47, MIM2030, SAM2000, SIM2000 (XG-60x), SIM2000 (XG-650), WIM2040
  • MICRO FLEX TECH: FlexNote 2820, 30N (N30N3), 30N3, 30W (N30W), 340, 340S2, 340S8, 38W, 38W2 (N38W2), 38W3 (N38W3), 7500, 7521, CY23 (ACY23), CY23, CY25, CY27, N223, N223II
  • MICRON: Millennia Transport NX, Millennia Transport TREK 2, Millennia Transport TREK 233, Millennia Transport TX, TX2, Millennia Transport VLX Series, Millennia Transport VX, Millennia Transport XKE Series, Transport NX, Transport T1200, Transport TREK 2, Transport TREK 233, Transport TREK, Transport TX, TX2, Transport VLX Series, Transport VX, Transport XKE Series
  • MICROSTAR: MD2804, MD6032, MD6442
  • MITAC: 7068, 7170, 7170P, 722, 7521T, 8011, 8050, 8050D, 8050DC, 8060, 8060B, 8066, 8080, 8080F, 8080P, 8081, 8081P, 8089, 8089P, 8090, 8350, 8389, 8889, M7068, M7170, M722, M722H, MiNote 7068, MiNote 7170, 7170P, MiNote 722, MiNote 7321, MiNote 7520, MiNote 7521, MiNote 7521C, MiNote 7521P, MiNote 7521T, MiNote 8011, MiNote 8050, MiNote 8050D, MiNote 8050DC, MiNote 8060, MiNote 8060B, MiNote 8066, MiNote 8080, MiNote 8080F, MiNote 8080P, MiNote 8081, MiNote 8081P, MiNote 8089, MiNote 8089P, MiNote 8090, MiNote 8350, MiNote 8389, MiNote 8889, MiNote M7170, MiNote M722, M722H
  • MPC: Nomand 1500, TransPort T1200
  • MSI: MegaBook S250 Series, MegaBook S260 Series, MegaBook S262 Series, MegaBook S270 Series, MegaBook S271 Series, MS-1006 Series, MS-1012 Series, MS-1013 Series, MS-1057 Series, MS-1058 Series
  • MTECH: 2200C, 2200S, 2200T, 7521, 7531, M540G, M550G, N30N3, N340S8
  • MUSTEK: Mustek Note 270
  • MWAVE: Mwave MB02, MWave N223II
  • MYBOOK: N341C2
  • NATCOMP: NBI 700CD Avantgarde, NBI 800CD Subnote
    • aNote: 340S2, 540i3, 7521, 7521 Plus, i-1014-DS, i-1014-M, i-1014-ME, i-1014-PR, i-1014-R, i-1114-V, i-1115-PR, i-1214-Q, i-5013-X, i-5013-X, i-8013-BT, i-8013-BT, M722 SubNote, Max 60
  • NEC:
    • LaVie C Series Model: LC300/1A, LC500/1D, LC500/2D, LC500/3D, LC500/4D, LC500/5D, LC500J/34DR, LC50H/33DR, LC50H/34CA1, LC50H/34DA1, LC50H/34DB1, LC550/3DW, LC600J/34DA, LC600J/34DR, LC600J/54DC, LC600J/54DR, LC600J/54DW, LC60H/54DR, LC700/1D, LC700/2D, LC700/4D, LC700/5D, LC700J/34DL, LC700J/54DR, LC750J/74DH, LC800J/54ER, LC800J/74DH, LC800J/84DF, LC800J/84DH, LC900/1D, LC900/2D, LC900/3D, LC900/4D, LC900/5D, LC900/3E, LC900J/84DB, LC900J/84DH, LC950/3E, LC950/4E
    • LaVie J Series Model: LJ500/E3, LJ500/4D, LJ700/7E, LJ700/E3, LJ700/4F, VJ10H, VJ80M
    • LaVie L Series Model: LL1000N/84DH, LL300/1A, LL300/4D, LL500/1D, LL500/2D, LL500/3D, LL500/5D, LL550/3D, LL550/5D, LL700/1D, LL700/2D, LL700/3D, LL700/4D, LL700/5D, LL700R/73AR, LL700R/73DH, LL700R/74DR, LL730/5D, LL750/2D, LL750/3D, LL750/4DW, LL800R/74DH, LL800R/84DH, LL900/1D, LL900/5D, LL930/5D
    • LaVie NX Series Model: LW23C/52C, LW23C/52D, LW23D/52C, LW23D/52D, LW23D/53C, LW23D/53D, LW26H/62C, LW26H/62D, LW30H/63C4, LW30H/63C6, LW30H/63D4, LW30H/63D6, LW30H/64C6, LW30H/64D6, LW30H/72C, LW30H/72D, LW333D/74CA, LW333D/74C6, LW333D/74DA, LW333D/74D6, LW33H/73C6, LW33H/73C6, LW33H/82C, LW33H/82D, LW366D/74CA, LW366D/74DA, LW36H/12C6, LW36H/12D6, LW36H/84C6, LW36H/84D6, LW400D/84CA, LW400D/84DA, LW40H/13C6, LW40H/13D6, LW40H/14CW, LW40H/14DW, LW40H/84CA, LW40H/84C6, LW40H/84DA, LW40H/84D6, LW43H/14CA, LW43H/14DA, LW43H/22C6, LW43H/22D6, LW43H/23C6, LW43H/23D6, LW450J/13CA, LW450J/13DA, LW450J/14CV, LW450J/14DV, LW450J/24CA, LW450J/24DA, LW450J/24DW, LW450J/24EA, LW45H/23DR, LW45H/24DR, LW46H/14CA, LW46H/14DA, LW500J/24CA, LW500J/24DA, LW500J/24DR
    • LaVie Pro Series Model: LH300/2A, LH300/3F, LH700/2D, LH700/3E
    • LaVie S Series Model: LS46H/24DV, LS46H/24DW, LS50H/34DV2, LS50H/24DW2, LS50J/34DV, LS50J/34DW, LS55H/54DV, LS600J/55DV, LS65H/64DH, LS65H/64DS, LS700/8D, LS700/9D, LS7009D, LS700J/36DT3, LS700J/65DH, LS70H/74DH, LS800J/56DH, LS900/8E
    • LaVie T Series Model: LT300/5D, LT500/4D, LT500/5D
    • LaVie U Series Model: LU40L/22A, LU45L/3SB, LU45L/33D, LU50L/53DC, LU50L/54DC, LU700R/63DC, LU700R/63DR, LU700R/64DV
    • Versa: 1Xi Series, 2400 Series, 2400, 2400CD, 2405, 2405CD, 2430CD, 2435CD, 2500 Series, 2500, 2530, Aptitude Series, AX Series (with AMD K6, 500 or 550), AX Series (with Duron 700mHz Processor), AX Series (without Duron Processor), E120 Daylite, E120 Series, E2000, E600 Series, E680 Series, IXi Series, J2i Series, L320 Series, M300 Series, M500 Series, M540 Series, Note ES Series, Note Series, Note SXi Series, Note VX, VXi Series, P600 Series, P700 Series, Premium, Pro A Model VA16S/AG/G, VA17S/AG/G, VA20S/AE/G, Pro A Model VA18S/AF/H, VA18S/AG/H, Pro A Model VA22S/AE/H, Pro B Model VA73J/BH, VA73J/BL, Pro B Model VA93J/BH, VA93J/BL, Pro D Model VA10H/DF/G, VA10H/DX/G, Pro D Model VA10J/DF/D, Pro D Model VA10J/DF/E, VA10J/DF/G, Pro D Model VA10J/DX/G, Pro D Model VA11J/DF/D, Pro D Model VA11J/DF/E, VA11J/DF/G, Pro D Model VA12H/DX/H, Pro D Model VA12J/DF/H, VA12J/DG/E, VA12J/DG/G, Pro D Model VA13J/DG/H, Pro D Model VA80H/DF/E, VA80H/DX/E, Pro D Model VA86J/DF/E, VA86J/DX/E, Pro NX Model VA23C/WD/4, VA23C/WS/4, Pro NX Model VA23D/WS/4, Pro NX Model VA23D/WX/4, Pro NX Model VA26D/WT/5, Pro NX Model VA26D/WX/5, Pro NX Model VA26H/WS/5, Pro NX Model VA30D/WT/5, Pro NX Model VA30H/WS/6, Pro NX Model VA33D/WS/6, VA33D/WT/6, VA33D/WX/6, Pro NX Model VA36D/WX/6, Pro NX Model VA50H/WT/9, VA50HWX/9, Pro R Model VA10H/RF/G, VA10H/RX/G, Pro R Model VA10J/RF/G, Pro R Model VA10J/RH/G, VA10J/RX/G, Pro R Model VA11J/RF/H, VA11J/RX/H, Pro R Model VA12J/RF/H, VA12J/RX/H, Pro R Model VA15X/RF/H, VA15X/RX/H, Pro R Model VA17S/RX/H, Pro R Model VA20S/RF/H, Pro R Model VA45L/RS/9, VA45L/RT/9, Pro R Model VA50L/RS/A, VA50L/RX/A, Pro R Model VA70H/RS/D, VA70H/RX/D, Pro R Model VA80H/RS/E, VA80H/RX/E, Pro R Model VA85J/RX/E, Pro W Model VA10J/WX/C, VA10J/WX/D, Pro W Model VA40H/WS, VA40H/WT, VA40H/WX, Pro W Model VA43H/WS, VA45H/WS, Pro W Model VA45J/WS, VA45J/WX, Pro W Model VA46H/WT, VA46H/WX, Pro W Model VA50J/WS, VA50J/WT, VA50J/WX, Pro W Model VA55H/WS, VA55H/WT, Pro W Model VA60H/WX, Pro W Model VA60J/WS, VA60J/WX, Pro W Model VA65H/WS, VA65H/W, Pro W Model VA70J/WS, VA70J/WX, Pro W Model VA75H/WT, VA75H/WX, Pro W Model VA80J/WX, VA90J/WX, S940 Series, SXi Series, VX, VXi Series
  • NETLUX: NX-7321, NX-7521, NX-8080
  • NETWORK: M220S, NBI 450MP, NBI 466MP Avangarde, NBI 600MP, NBI 650MP, NBI 700C, NBI 800DC, NBI 850, NBI 866 Premium XL, NBI850, NBI866, Premium, Premium X
  • NORTHGATE: G710, M8080, N223
  • NORTHSTAR: Green 710
  • NOTEBOOKY: MicroBook 825TU, MicroBook 843TU
  • OLIVETTI: Echos P100C, P100E, P120E, P133S, Echos Pro 100, Echos Pro 150S, Echos Pro P133, Xtrema Series
  • OPTIMA: Optima N341C2
  • ORDI: Nexus D27ES
  • PACKARD BELL: Chroma, Chroma Millenium Series
    • Easy Note: 1700, 1701, 2800, 3100, 3102, 3131, 3138, 3750, A7 Series, A7145, A7178, A7720, A8 Series, A8202, A8550, C3 Series, C3202, C3205, C3223, C3227, C3253, C3255, C3265, C3300, C3302, E1 Series, E1245, E1260, E1280, E3 Series, E3215, E3225, E3227, E3228, E3228, E3242, E3244, E3245, E3248, E3250, E3255, E3256, E3258, E3265, E3266, E5 Series, E5138, E5141, E5142, E5145, E5146, E5147, E5151, E5412, R1 Series, R1000, R1004, R2 Series, R2000, R3 Series, R3320, R3400, R4 Series, R4250, R4340, R4355, R4360, R4510, R4622, R4650, R5 Series, R5155, R5175, R6 Series, R6512, R7 Series, R7710, R7720, R7725, R7745, R8 Series, R8720, R8740, R8770, R9 Series, R9200, R9252, R9500, S8 Series, S8500, SC 3700, SC 3750, SC, SC J2i, Silver, T5, T5135, VX
    • Easy One: (AMD K6, 500 or 550), (with Duron 700mHZ Processor), (without Duron Processor), 3120, DC 1700, DC 1701, DC, Silver 2101, Silver 2120, Silver 3101, Silver
  • PARS: Xcite D27ES
  • PATRIOT: 2000, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2276, 2410, 2450, 3005, 3030, 800 Series
  • PC CLUB: EnPower ENP 240, EnPower ENP 352, ENP 352W2, EnPower ENP 413, EnPower ENP240, EnPower ENP352, ENP352W2, EnPower ENP413
  • PEACOCK: Independer R, Liberano T
  • PIONEER: 2200C, 2200T, Carver M400A, M270S, Value D270S
  • POINTER SYSTEMS: M120W, M375C, M400A, M450C, M550G, M550V
  • PREMIER: N223II0
  • PRESTIGIO: CP10V Lite, Infinity M220S, Lite M120C, Visconte 120
  • PRISMA BOOK: PrismaBook D220E, PrismaBook M300N, PrismaBook M350C
  • PROMEDION: 2700T, D27ES, M400A, M400G, M450C, M550G
  • PROSTAR: 2200C, 2200S, 2200T, 2253, 2273, 2293, 2794, 4062, 4082, 5522, 86, D270X, M400A, M540G, M550G, M55G
  • QDI: M-8011, M-8050D, M-8089P, MB-02, Millennium 8011 Widescreen Centrino, Millennium 8050D Slimline Widescreen, Millennium 8089P
  • QUANTA: G120, G120D, G200, G200A, G200B, N411
  • QUANTEX: 1410, M550V, N30N3, N30W, N30W, N38W2, N38W3
  • RAINBOW: M350C Milano, Enote Student (223II0), Navigator E415 (M220ES), Navigator E416 (KT6) (M220S), Navigator W200 (223II0), Navigator W200WH (223II0), Next W200 (223II0), Voyager KT5
  • SAGER: 2200, 2250, 2260, 2270, 2280, 2720, 2850, 3750, 3760, 3790, 4020, 4060, 4080, 5560, D270S, D400E, D400V, M350, M375E, M37EW, M55G, NB8600, NP2200, NP2250, NP2260, NP2270, NP2280, NP2460, NP2720, NP2850, NP3750, NP3760, NP3790, NP4080, NP5560, NP8600, NP8620, NP8623, NP8700, VM8000 Series, VM8100 Series
  • SAMSUNG: SENS 10, SENS 690, SENS 8
  • SANYO: JL1, LE1
  • SCEPTRE TECH.: SoundX 6600 Series, SoundX 6900 Series, SoundX S5500 Series, SoundX S6600 Series, SoundX S6900 Series, SoundX S8400 Series, TS-Series TS30W
  • SEANIX: SeaNote 2700T, SeaNote CY23, SeaNote D220, SeaNote M22ES, SeaNote SN231N-1
  • SIEMENS: Scenic Mobile 501, 510 Series
    • Amilo: A 1650, A 1650G, A 6600, A1650, A1650G, A6600, D1420, D-1420, D-5100, D-5500, D-6100, D-6500, D-7100, D-7199, D-7500, D-7800, D-8800, K7600, K-7600, L 7300, L 7300G, L1300, L-1300, L1310, L-1310, L1310G, L-1310G, L7300, L7300G, M1405, M-1405, M1420, M-1420, M1424, M-1424, M1425, M-1425, M1450, M-1450, M3100, M-3100, M4100, M-4100, M4500, M-4500, M-6100, M-6300, M-6500, M6800, M-7300, M7405, M7424, M-7424, M7425, M-7425, M7440, M-7440, M7440G, M-7440G, M7800, M-8300, M8800, Pro V2010, Pro V2020, Pro V2030, Pro V2035, Pro V2040, Pro V2045, Pro V2055, Pro V2060, Pro V2065, Pro V2085, Pro V3205, Pro V3405, Pro V3505, Pro V3505 Edition, Pro V8010, Pro V8010 MSD, Pro V8210
    • LifeBook: 30N3, C1010, C1020, P7120, P7120D
  • SMARTBOOK: SmartBook D22ES, SmartBook i-2000, Smartbook i-D22ES
  • SOLIS: TS30T
  • SOTEC: 3000 Series, 31100, 3120 Series, 3120X, 3123XS, 3150 Series, 3150H, 3050HD, 3050HS, 3050HW, 3150P, 3200, Afina AP5140CL
  • SPECTEC: ACY23, ACY25, ACY27, CY25, N30N3 (30N3), N30W (30W), N38W2, N38W3 (38W2, 38W3), TS30T (30T)
  • STAMP: 223, 223II, 2700, 2700C, 2700T, 7321, 8170, All-in-one 2700, 2700C, 2700T, All-in-one 7321, All-in-one D270S, All-in-one M220S, D270S, G550, M220S, M350C, MB02, N222, P14N, UltraSlim 8170 UltraSlim Series, UltraSlim M722, M722H UltraSlim Series, UltraSlim N222 S1 Ultra Slim Series, UltraSlim N222 S8 Ultra Slim Series
  • SUPER TALENT: DM-G550-B, DM-G551-B, DM-G552-B, DM-G553-B, DM-G556-B, DM-G556e-B, DMM3N-COM, G550, G551, G552, G553, G556, G556e, MB02, P14N Combo
  • SYSTEMAX: 7321, 8050, 8050D, 8080, 8080P, 8089P, CY27, MB02, N223II, N223II0, Neotach 3300, Pursuit 2200, Pursuit 2210, Pursuit 4000, Pursuit 4010, Pursuit 4020, Pursuit 4100, Pursuit 4105, Pursuit 4110, SW-14 Series, SW-15 Series, SW2, SW3 (N38W2, N38W3), SX (340S2), Ultra TTX9200
  • TANGENT: Shuttle 2500 (3830), Shuttle 2700 (4025), Shuttle 2700 Plus (4027), Shuttle 7000 (N30W) (3015), Shuttle 9700 (3470)
  • TARGA: Companion, Traveller XTR, Visionary 1300, Visionary 1600, Visionary 1800, Visionary 1900, Visionary 4U, Visionary I, Visionary I, Visionary II, Visionary P, Xtender 400, Xtender 500
  • TATUNG: N223II
  • TERRA: Anima 3300, Anima F 430, 440, 450, Anima M7521, Aura 1700, Aura 1700 Wide Screen
  • TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Extensa: 550, 550CD, 550CDT, 555, 555CD, 555CDT, 560, 560CD, 560CDT, 565, 565CD, 565CDT, 570, 570CD, 570CDT, 575, 575CD, 575CDT
  • TOPNOTE: TopNote 2700, 2700C, TopNote 3420, TopNote CY27, TopNote D270
    • Equium: L10-142, L10-200, L10-273, L10-300, L20-197, L20-198, L20-217, L20-264
    • Satellite: 1000 Series, 1000, 1000-S157, 1000-S158, 1005 Series, 1005, 1005-S157, 1005-S158, 1100 Series, 1100-S101, 1100-Z Series (1100Z), 1100-Z1, 1100-Z2, 1100-Z3, 1100-Z4, 1100-Z5, 1100-Z6, 1100-Z7, 1100-Z8, 1105 Series, 1105-Z Series (1105Z), 1200 Series, 1200, 1200-S121, 1200-S122, 1605, 1625, 1675, 1695 Series, 1605CDS, 1625CDT, 1675CDS, 1695CDT, 1715, 1730, 1735, 1750, 1755 Series, 1715XCDS, 1735XCDS, 1755XCDS, 3000 Series, 3000, 3000-S304, 3000-S353, 3005 Series, 3005, 3005-S303, 3005-S304, 3005-S307, 3005-S403, L10 Series, L10-100, L10-101, L10-102, L10-103, L10-107, L10-108, L10-114, L10-117, L10-118, L10-119, L10-121, L10-123, L10-125, L10-130, L10-132, L10-144, L10-151, L10-154, L10-186, L10-190, L10-192, L10-193, L10-194, L15 Series, L15-S104, L15-S1041, L15-S107, L15-S1071, L20-121, L20-181, L20-182, L20-183, L20-204, L20-205, L20-S310TD, L20-SP231, L25-S1192, L25-S1193, L25-S1194, L25-S1195, L25-S1196, L25-S121, L25-S1212, L25-L1213, L25-S1214, L25-L1215, L25-S1216, L25-L1217, M105-S3001, M105-S3002, M105-S3004, M105-S3011, M105-S3021, M30X Series, M30X-S1592ST, M30X-S1593ST, M30X-S171ST, M30X-S181ST, M35X Series, M35X-S109, M35X-S111, M35X-S114, M35X-S1141, M35X-S1142, M35X-S1143, M35X-S149, M35X-S1491, M35X-S1492, M35X-S161, M35X-S1611, M35X-S309, M35X-S3091, M35X-S311, M35X-S3111, M35X-S3112, M35X-S329, M35X-S3291, M35X-S349, M35X-S3491
    • Satellite Pro: L10 Series, L10-103, L10-118, L10-175, L10-178, L20-227, L20-228
    • Small Business: 1200 Series
    • Tecra: L2 Series, L2-S011, L2-S022
  • TRONIC 5: 3620, C27, C27C, C27S, C27T, C28, C37E (M375E), D27ES, D27S, D41, K32 (3220), M222Sx, M27, M27ES, M27S, M300N, M35C (M350C), N222Sx, Voyage, WordBook 1, WordBook 2, WordBook 3, WordBook 3 Plus
  • TWINHEAD: A1000 Series, DuraBook D13RI, DuraBook D14RI, DuraBook N1400, DuraBook N15RI, DuraBook NR14RA, DuraBook NR14RI, efio 1000, efio 1060, efio 1070, efio 141i, efio 142i , efio 2300, efio 2300 CTZ Combo, efio 2300 CTZ Mobile, efio 2310 PTZ Moblie, efio 2365, efio 2370, efio 2390, efio 2600, efio 2A00, efio 2B00, efio 3000, efio 3060, efio 3080, efio 3210, efio 3211, efio 3380, efio 3385, Miracle 740, Miracle 750, Miracle 780, Miracle 810, Miracle 820, Miracle 830, Miracle 840, Miracle 850, N1400 Series, N14PA Series, N14PB Series, N222S, N222S1, N222S8 Series, N23PA Series, N23PB Series, N23PS Series, N23PV Series, P14N Series, P14NB Series, P14S Series, R14S Series, SlimNote 340S2, SlimNote 340S8, SlimNote P88, P88TE, SlimNote VX Series, SlimNote VX2, VX3, SlimNote VXc, SlimNote VXe Series, SlimNote VXe3 Series, SlimNote VXf
  • UBM COMPUTER: NCY27, NCY27-14, NCY27-15
  • ULTRA: M540G, M550G, N30W, TTX9200
  • UMAX: ActionBook 345T
  • UNITED MICRO: M8080, N223II
  • UNIWILL: 223II, 223II0, 245II0, 245TI0, 245TI2, 255ELx, 255TI2, 255TI3, 259EI, 259EI3, 259ELx, L51AI, L51AIx, L51II, L51IIx, L51RI, L51RIx, Lio One, Lio Two, M31EI, M31EIx, N222, N222S, N223, N245II0, N245TI0, N245TI2, N255ELx, N255TI2, N255TI3, N259EI, N259EI3, N259ELx, N340G, N340P, N340S1, N340S2, N340S8, N341C2, N346C6, X40II, X40IIx
  • USER EASY: 7521, CY23, CY25, CY27, CY27-14, CY27-15, N30N3, N341C1, N341C2
  • VEGA: Vega_II ACY23, Vega_II N30N3, VegaPlus 223, VegaPlus N340S2, VegaPlus N340S8, N340S8T, VegaPlus N341C2
  • VIDEOSEVEN (V7): MW Merkur Cent (G551), MW Merkur CT155-P4E (G553), N30W
  • VIEWSONIC: ViewBook VP1200S
  • VIKINGS: ProNote G550-M, Voyage G553-M, Voyage G556-M
  • VOBIS: HighPaq Professional, HighPaq XI 1600 Combo, HighScreen HighPaq Professional 1
  • WAVELIGHT: Book Office 340
  • WEBTECH: ACY23-15, N30N3-15, N340S2, N340S8, N341C2, N34AS1
  • WORKSTATION: WorkBook 2700T
  • WORTMANN: Terra Anima F 430, 440, 450, Terra Anima M7521, Terra Special D22ES
  • XERON: Sonic Pro 220CX, Sonic Pro 700AX, Sonic Pro 700TMX, Sonic Pro 750AX, Sonic Pro 750TMX, Sonic Pro 800TX3, Sonic Pro 808LCX, Sonic Screen, Sonic Vision, Sonic Vision XL, Viago III
  • XTERASYS: 340, 340S2, 340S8, CX-8080, CX-8080, CX-8080, CX-8080, CY25, CY27, N223, XteraNote N223
  • YAKUMO: 7521T, 8050, Centrino 1.3 (550), D27ES, EG551, EG553, Mobilium II, Q5M Basic YW, Q7 XD, Q7M Combo XD, Q7M Combo XD D27ES, Q7M Mobilium 1.4 XD, Q7M Mobilium 1.5 YK, Q7M Mobilium II XD, Q7M Mobilium II YW, Q7M Mobilium II YW DV, Q7M Mobilium SG XD, Q7M Mobilium Wide II YW, Q7M Mobilium Wide YW
  • ZITECH: B55, MB02, MB05, WB-B55