Skil 92955 Replacement 2200 mAh Battery
Item #: TOOL-142   |    In Stock

Skil 92955 Replacement 2200 mAh Battery
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Skil 92955 Replacement 2200 mAh Battery

Item #: TOOL-142   |  In Stock

Price: $51.55

Price: $51.55

Best Value
1 Year Warranty
Brand New
100% Compatibility

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Product Specifications for Skil 92955 Replacement 2200 mAh Battery

BM Part #: TOOL-142
Voltage: 9.6 Volt
Capacity: 2000 mAh
Type: NiCd
Shipping Weight: 2.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year
  Little known fact:  
Replacement batteries and accessories have the comparable performance standards as OEM batteries but are significantly cheaper. Why? Simply carrying a brand name on a product makes it more expensive. Smart shoppers don't fall for that.

This NiCd Replacement Battery is 100% compatible with the Skil 92955. Our batteries and accessories are made with high quality parts and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications at a reduced price. All batteries are tested for 100% Quality Control Assurance.

This Skil 92955 Replacement Battery includes a 1 Year Warranty to guarantee that it has no manufacturing defects.


Skil: 2375-04, 2380, 92955, Warrior 2375, Warrior 2380

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What our Customers are saying
Battery is fine, but good luck finding charger
February 17, 2018
by on February 17, 2018

The replacement battery for my Skil Warrior 2380 drill was fine and fit perfectly. Then I realize that the charger 92950 also needed replacement. Problem is that it was recalled by the company because of safety hazards some time ago and I was never notified. They don't make it any more. After hours of research and trolling eBay and Amazon and Home Depot, I found a universal smart charger made by Tenergy, item 01005, for 7.2v - 12v NiMh/Nicd battery pack, which works well and charges my drill battery which is 9.6v. True, you have to use the alligator clips that come with it, but it works great and now I get to keep my beloved old drill.

Garden City, NY
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This replacement battery is an exact duplicate of the original.
May 2, 2017
by on May 2, 2017

I needed a replacement battery for my SKIL 2375 cordless drill, which is 18 or so years old but still works perfectly. The factory charger fits exactly onto the replacement battery that I purchased from Battery Mart. I charged the new battery for over an hour and used my drill just as I always do and it functioned excellent! I am pleased with my purchase from Battery Mart and do recommend them. They are the only business that I have found who carries a replacement battery for my SKIL cordless drill.

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Skil 92955 Replacement 2200 mAh Battery
May 15, 2011
by on May 15, 2011

I was afraid I would be throwing a perfectly good skil drill in the trash, but after ordering the battery the drill is alive and well!!!!

Staunton, Virgi
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