Power Sonic PSL-SC-1290 Series Capable Lithium Battery (12V, 9Ah, LiFePO4)
Item #: PSL-SC-1290   |    In Stock

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Power Sonic PSL-SC-1290 Series Capable Lithium Battery (12V, 9Ah, LiFePO4)

Item #: PSL-SC-1290   |  In Stock

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Product Specifications for Power Sonic PSL-SC-1290 Series Capable Lithium Battery (12V, 9Ah, LiFePO4)

BM Part #: PSL-SC-1290
Voltage: 12.8 Volt
Capacity: 9 Ah
Type: LiFePO4
Length: 5.94"
Width: 2.55"
Height: 3.74"
Terminal Height: 3.74"
Shipping Weight: 2.90Lbs
Warranty: 2 Year
Datasheet: Download
  • Contains super safe lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry reducing the risk of explosion or combustion due to high impact, over-charging, or short circuits
  • Battery Management System (BMS) monitors the parameters of the battery to provide optimum safety by protecting against over-charging and over-discharging
  • Enhanced BMS design balances the battery cells, optimizing battery performance
  • Higher capacity or voltage capability through parallel or serial connections
  • Delivers twice the power of lead acid batteries, even at high discharge rates, while maintaining constant power
  • Fast charging and low self-discharge
  • Up to 10 times more cycles than lead acid batteries
  • Compact and only 40% of the weight of comparable lead acid batteries
  • Rugged impact resistant ABS case
  • Not for starting applications

Product Description

The SC series comes with a Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors current, voltage, and temperature during charge and discharge. This protects the battery from over-charge, over-discharge, and dangerous temperatures. The BMS includes a balancing circuit that controls all cell voltages in the battery, ensuring they are constantly at the same voltage level, optimizing battery capacity

The PSL-SC-1290 is part of our deep cycle lithium series connection range which can be connected in a series or parallel configuration allowing for higher voltage or higher capacity battery systems. The 12.8V 9.0Ah deep cycling battery lasts longer, weighs less and charges quicker than the equivalent lead acid battery.

At the heart of every PSL-SC deep cycling lithium battery is an intelligent battery management system that monitors and reacts to multiple voltage, current, and temperature events to maximize performance, battery life and safety. With its advanced BMS design, the PSL-SC-1290 can be connected up to 4 batteries in series or up to 4 batteries in parallel providing a solution for higher voltage and higher capacity applications.

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Nice battery, comes with good documentation. Made in Communist China.
May 29, 2023
by on May 29, 2023

Nice battery, comes with good documentation. I'm using this with an emergency solar generator that I put together. I'm using it with a 300 Watt solar panel. (Naturally, you only get about 200 Watts).

Made in Communist China.

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