AC Adapter for HP OmniBook Pavilion
Item #: HP1512   |    In Stock
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AC Adapter for HP OmniBook Pavilion
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AC Adapter for HP OmniBook Pavilion

Item #: HP1512   |  In Stock
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Price: $66.95

Price: $66.95

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Product Specifications for AC Adapter for HP OmniBook Pavilion

BM Part #: HP1512
Voltage: 19 Volt
Capacity: 3.2 AMP
Type: AC Adapter
Length: 5.15"
Width: 2.35"
Height: 1.35"
Shipping Weight: 1.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year

Product Description

70 Watt AC Adapter

This AC adapter is designed to power Hewlett Packard OmniBook, Pavilion series laptop and notebook computers.

This item has a power status light and U.S. AC power cord.

Small size and long cord makes this a great spare adapter.

This ENERGY+ item is built with the highest quality standards, safety features and has a 12 month warranty.

Safety approvals include CSA, CE, GS, TUV and UL.


F1454, F1454A, F1718, F1718A, F1781, F1781A, F4600, F4600-60901, F4600A, F4814, F4814A, PA-1600-07, PA-1600-07H

Cross Reference

The AC Adapter for HP OmniBook Pavilion has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:
Hewlett Packard OmniBook
Pavilion Series
HP (Hewlett-Packard) Business Notebook
  • N1050v Series
HP (Hewlett-Packard) OmniBook
  • 2100 Series, 2100, 2103, 2105, 3000, 3000CTX, 3100 Series, 3100, 3101, 4100 Series, 4150 Series, 500 Series, 500B Series, 510 Series, 6000 Series, 6050 Series, 6100 Series, 7100, 7130, 7150 Series, 900 Series, vt6200 Series, XE Series, XE2 Series, XE3 Series, XE3L Series, xe4100 Series, xe4400 Series, xe4400s Series, xe4500 Series, xt100 Series, xt1000, xt1000s Series, xt1500 Series, xt6050 Series, xt6200 Series
HP (Hewlett-Packard) Pavilion
  • n3000 Series, n3100, n3110, n3150 Series, n3190 Series, n3200, n3210, n3215, n3250 Series, n3270, n3290, n3295 Series, n3300, n3310, n3330 Series, n3350, n3370, n3390 Series, n3400, n3402, n3410 Series, n3438, n3478, n3490 Series, n5000 Series, n5125, n5130, n5135, n5140 Series, n5150, n5170, n5190, n5195 Series, n5210, n5221, n5240, n5241 Series, n5250, n5261, n5270, n5271 Series, n5290, n5295 Series, n5310, n5311 Series, n5340, n5341, n5350, n5351 Series, n5371, n5381, n5390 Series, n5402, n5412, n5415, n5420, n5421 Series, n5422, n5425, n5430, n5435 Series, n5440, n5441, n5442, n5444 Series, n5445, n5450, n5452, n5454 Series, n5455, n5461, n5462 Series, n5470, n5472, n5474, n5475 Series, n5481, n5482, n5484, n5485 Series, n5490, n5491, n5495 Series, n6000 Series, n6190, n6195 Series, n6395, n6396 Series, n6397, n6398, n6399 Series, n6400, n6401, n6402 Series, n6403, n6404 Series, n6490 Series, xf100 Series, xf125, xf145 Series, xf235, xf255, xf300 Series, xf315 Series, xf325, xf328 Series, xf335 Series, xh136, xh156, xh176 Series, xh215, xh216, xh226 Series, xh335, xh355, xh365, xh395 Series, xh455, xh485 Series, xh535, xh545, xh555, xh575 Series, xh635, xh675 Series, xt115 Series, xt118 Series, xt125, xt128 Series, xt155 Series, xt178 Series, xt183, xt188 Series, xt236, xt276 Series, xt345 Series, xt375 Series, xt395 Series, xt412 Series, xt4316, xt4316wm Series, xt4328, xt4328cl Series, xt4345, xt4345qv Series, xt512 Series, xt5335, xt5335qv Series, xt5366, xt5366wm Series, xt5377, xt5377qv Series, xt545 Series, xt555, xt565, xt575 Series, xt585, xt595 Series, xt595 Series, xu155 Series, xz133, xz148 Series, xz163, xz168 Series, xz185, xz275, xz295 Series, xz335, xz355 Series, ze1110, ze1115 Series, ze1145 Series, ze1201, ze1202 Series, ze1210, ze1230 Series, ze1250, ze1260 Series, ze4100, ze4101, ze4102 Series, ze4103, ze4105 Series, ze4111, ze4115 Series, ze4120, ze4123 Series, ze4125 Series, ze4130, ze4133 Series, ze4140, ze4145 Series, ze4200, ze4201, 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  • MD6001