Storm Preparation Kit (Best)
Item #: HCANE3-KIT   |    In Stock
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Storm Preparation Kit (Best)
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Storm Preparation Kit (Best)

Item #: HCANE3-KIT   |  In Stock
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Reg. Price: $100.69
SALE Price: $78.95

Price: $78.95

Best Value
45 Day Return
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Product Specifications for Storm Preparation Kit (Best)

Length: 10.50"
Width: 7.13"
Height: 8.50"
Shipping Weight: 7.00Lbs
Warranty: 45 Day Return

What's in the box:

  • (1) Group U1 Battery Box with tie down kit (Item #: BOX-U1)
  • (1) Outback Cobber XL Headlamp (Item #: OB3160)
  • (1) NEBO Poppy Lantern and Spotlight (Item #: 6555-GRY)
  • (1) Flashlight Bundle Pack (Item #: BE3AAA-BLU-C)
    • (3) Rayovac Brite 9-LED Mini Flashlight (Item #: BE3AAA-BA)
    • (1) Larry C LED Work Light (Item #: 6327-BLU)
  • (2) 2600mAh Portable Power Bank (Item #: 51037)
  • (1) Varta Alkaline Bundle Pack (Item #: VARTA-KIT)
    • (40) AA Batteries
    • (10) AAA Batteries
    • (4) C Batteries
    • (4) D Batteries
    • (2) 9V Batteries
  • Alkaline Battery Features:
    • Up to 10% longer life than comparable batteries.
    • 10 year shelf life.
    • Made in Germany.
  • Outback Digger Small Size Headlamp
    • Adjustable head strap for customizable comfort.
    • 70 degree adjustable head.
    • Water-resistant exterior.
  • NEBO Poppy Lantern and Spotlight Features:
    • 300 lumen COB LED Lantern and 120 lumen LED spotlight.
    • 120 meter beam distance (spotlight).
    • Water-resistant with a rubberized impact-resistant body.
  • Larry C LED Work Light Features:
    • High-powered 170 lumen C*O*B LED work light.
    • Water and impact-resistant housing.
    • 180° rotating magnetic clip.
  • Rayovac Brite 9-LED Mini Flashlight Features:
    • Compact size fits easily in hand or pocket.
    • Faceted rubber grip.
    • 18 lumens, 8 hour runtime, and 18 meter beam distance.
  • 2600mAh Portable Power Bank Features:
    • Convenient portable size that can be easily tucked away in a pocket.
    • Can extend cell phone life by 8 hours or more.
    • Capable with any USB supported device.
  • Group U1 Battery Box Features:
    • Gasoline and acid resistant polypropylene construction.
    • Includes heavy-duty battery box tie down kit.
    • Popular in a wide range of applications, including ATVs, lawn mowers, and more.

Be prepared with this special hurricane kit from Battery Mart! It includes 60 common household batteries and a bright handheld lantern... all stored snugly in one of our popular battery boxes.

Top-performing Varta batteries are popular with our customers for use in their portable, high-drain digital electronics and flashlights. Varta's "Triple Energy Fusion Formula" gives them up to 10% longer run time than comparable batteries. Varta batteries are made in Germany and boast a 10 year shelf life.

The Digger headlamp is a small-sized headlamp, perfect for kids and adults alike. But don't let its modest size fool you, this headlamp is packed with power. The Digger includes four useful settings: a high powered 100 lumen beam, an energy saver 50 lumen beam, a solid red beam for night vision, and a flashing red safety light.

NEBO's innovative poppy flashlight is both a lantern and a spotlight. Powerful LED lighting illuminates up to 120 meters. Water-resistant and features a rubberized impact-resistant body.

The Larry C is one of the brightest pocket lights available, with powerful C*O*B LED technology that outputs 170 lumens of light. The rotating magnetic clip gives you convenient hands-free lighting anywhere. The plastic body design is water and impact-resistant, making the light basically indestructible.

Rayovac's 9 LED mini flashlight combines compact size with raw power, boasting 18 lumens output and a beam distance of 18 meters. This flashlight uses three AAA batteries (included in the package). It is built to last and rated for drops of up to 1 meter without damage.

The 2600mAh power bank if portable and fits snugly inside purses, travel bags, or even pockets. It's capable of charging any USB supported device and can extend a cell phone's battery life by 8 hours or more.

The U1 battery box is made from polypropylene and is impervious to battery acid and gasoline. It includes a heavy-duty battery box tie down kit.