Storm Preparation Kit (Better)
Item #: HCANE2-KIT   |    In Stock
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Storm Preparation Kit (Better)
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Storm Preparation Kit (Better)

Item #: HCANE2-KIT   |  In Stock
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Price: $62.95

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Product Specifications for Storm Preparation Kit (Better)

Length: 10.50"
Width: 7.13"
Height: 8.50"
Shipping Weight: 7.00Lbs
Warranty: 45 Day Return

What's in the box:

  • (1) Group U1 Battery Box with tie down kit (Item #: BOX-U1)
  • (1) Outback Cobber XL Headlamp (Item #: OB3160)
  • (1) NEBO Poppy Lantern and Spotlight (Item #: 6555-GRY)
  • (1) Eveready Readyflex Floating Lantern (Item #: EVR-EVFL45SH)
  • (2) 2600mAh Portable Power Bank (Item #: 51037)
  • (40) AA Alkaline Batteries (Item # AA-ALK-40PK)
  • (10) AAA Alkaline Batteries (Item #: AAA-ALK-10PK)
  • (2) D Alkaline Batteries (Item #: D-ALK-2PK)
  • Alkaline Battery Features:
    • Up to 10% longer life than comparable batteries.
    • 10 year shelf life.
    • Made in Germany.
  • Outback Digger Small Size Headlamp
    • Adjustable head strap for customizable comfort.
    • 70 degree adjustable head.
    • Water-resistant exterior.
  • NEBO Poppy Lantern and Spotlight Features:
    • 300 lumen COB LED Lantern and 120 lumen LED spotlight.
    • 120 meter beam distance (spotlight).
    • Water-resistant with a rubberized impact-resistant body.
  • Eveready Readyflex Floating Lantern Features:
    • Bright and dependable.
    • Long-lasting LED that shines 4x brighter than standard LEDs.
    • 50 lumen, 80 hour runtime, and 100 meter beam distance.
  • 2600mAh Portable Power Bank Features:
    • Convenient portable size that can be easily tucked away in a pocket.
    • Can extend cell phone life by 8 hours or more.
    • Capable with any USB supported device.
  • Group U1 Battery Box Features:
    • Gasoline and acid resistant polypropylene construction.
    • Includes heavy-duty battery box tie down kit.
    • Popular in a wide range of applications, including ATVs, lawn mowers, and more.

Be prepared with this special hurricane kit from Battery Mart! It includes 50 common household batteries and a bright handheld lantern... all stored snugly in one of our popular battery boxes.

Top-performing Varta batteries are popular with our customers for use in their portable, high-drain digital electronics and flashlights. Varta's "Triple Energy Fusion Formula" gives them up to 10% longer run time than comparable batteries. Varta batteries are made in Germany and boast a 10 year shelf life.

The Digger headlamp is a small-sized headlamp, perfect for kids and adults alike. But don't let its modest size fool you, this headlamp is packed with power. The Digger includes four useful settings: a high powered 100 lumen beam, an energy saver 50 lumen beam, a solid red beam for night vision, and a flashing red safety light.

NEBO's innovative poppy flashlight is both a lantern and a spotlight. Powerful LED lighting illuminates up to 120 meters. Water-resistant and features a rubberized impact-resistant body.

The Eveready Readyflex Floating Lantern is a great solution for storms, camping, and more. It features 50 lumen light, an 80 hour runtime on two D batteries, and a 100 meter beam distance.

The 2600mAh power bank if portable and fits snugly inside purses, travel bags, or even pockets. It's capable of charging any USB supported device and can extend a cell phone's battery life by 8 hours or more.

The U1 battery box is made from polypropylene and is impervious to battery acid and gasoline. It includes a heavy-duty battery box tie down kit.