Enersys Hawker Cyclon 0860-0004 Lead Acid Battery - 2 Volt 4.5Ah
Item #: HAW-2V4-5D   |    In Stock
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Enersys Hawker Cyclon 0860-0004 Lead Acid Battery - 2 Volt 4.5Ah

Item #: HAW-2V4-5D   |  In Stock
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Product Specifications for Enersys Hawker Cyclon 0860-0004 Lead Acid Battery - 2 Volt 4.5Ah

BM Part #: HAW-2V4-5D
Voltage: 2 Volt
Capacity: 4.5 Ah
Type: Lead Acid
Height: 3.78"
Diameter: 1.35"
Shipping Weight: 0.75Lbs (12 oz)
Warranty: 1 Year

Product Description

  • Power density - Per unit weight, the power provided by pure lead-tin EnerSys Hawker 0860-0004 batteries offers the greatest high-rate power density for your energy dollar. CYCLON's greater volumetric power allows engineers to consider more energy-supporting features.
  • Cycle life - Compared to competitive lead products (offering up to 200 full cycles), a pure lead-tin EnerSys lead acid battery provides 50% to 200% greater full cycle capability. CYCLON product will deliver up to 300 cycles (100% DOD, C/5).
  • Float life - Conventional sealed-lead batteries vary greatly in specified standby life: from three to six years at 20oC, C/20. EnerSys Hawker 0860-0004 CYCLON Single Cells, however, offer a ten-year design life at 25oC, C/5, to 80% of rated capacity.
  • High stable voltage delivery - The high stable voltage delivery of a pure lead-tin battery results from its low internal resistance. The flat discharge voltage profile of our batteries, similar to Nickel Cadmium.
  • Safety - Since CYCLON Single Cells and Monoblocs emit minimal to no gassing under normal charging conditions they are safe for installation in offices, aircraft cabins, hospitals or any other environment occupied by human beings.
  • Widest temperature range - Due to the product's strong construction and high vent pressures, these cells will maintain their performance and physical parameters in extreme conditions.
  • Rugged construction - Due to their strong external packaging and internal pure lead-tin composition, an EnerSys lead acid battery can withstand not only extreme temperatures but also harsh usage.
  • Fastest recharge - EnerSys' pure lead-tin chemistry allows our batteries and cells to offer the highest recharge efficiency of any sealed-lead battery on the market. With pure lead-tin, you can achieve a 95% state of recharge in less than one hour
  • Orientation/placement/transport - Due to the products' mechanical design, CYCLON can be mounted and operated in any position, an attractive feature for less accessible areas.
  • Shelf life - Pure lead-tin batteries have an extremely low self-discharge rate, thus providing extended storage capability while maintaining high state-of-charge levels for dependable operation.

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