EarthX LiFePO4 Portable Emergency Jump Pack
Item #: ETX-JPK   |    In Stock
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EarthX LiFePO4 Portable Emergency Jump Pack
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EarthX LiFePO4 Portable Emergency Jump Pack

Item #: ETX-JPK   |  In Stock
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Price: $129.95

Price: $129.95

Best Value
1 Year Warranty
Brand New
100% Compatibility

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Product Specifications for EarthX LiFePO4 Portable Emergency Jump Pack

BM Part #: ETX-JPK
Length: 6.5"
Width: 1.3"
Height: 2.6"
Shipping Weight: 2.50Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year
Product Manual: Download
Peak "Jump Starting" Current: 400A
Cranking Amps: 220A
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh / 26.4Wh
Wall Charger Output: 1A @ 15V
Max Jump Pack Recharge Time: 2-3 hours

What's in the box:

  • EarthX Portable Emergency Jump Pack
  • Jumper Cables
  • Wall Charger (100-240VAC 50/60Hz)
  • Carrying case - Dimensions: 8.25" (L) x 2.6" (W) x 3.6" (H)
  • USB 5V/2.1A port to charge/power electronic devices (charges cell phone in under 30 minutes)
  • 12V output
  • High intensity LED flashlight
  • Charge level indicator LEDs
  • Once charged, it will hold its charge level for a year!
  • Reverse connection protection
  • Built in electronics to protect the battery from over-discharge/over-charge
  • Water-resistant carrying case
  • Unique rubber coating on the outside for ease of holding even in bad weather!
  • Designed for rugged conditions with plastic covers for all the ports to keep dust and water out!

Jump your own vehicle in seconds!

The EarthX Jump Pack is light and compact so you can take it anywhere and start just about everything with 400 burst cranking amps (car, up to a V8 truck, boat, motorcycle, atv, airplane and snowmobile). The entire kit only weighs 1.4 pounds and comes with the jump pack unit, the wall charger, jumper cables, and the case!

The EarthX Jump Pack is custom designed for rugged off road use featuring dust covers for all power and charge ports, plus an "easy hold" grip with a rubber like finish.

Like all EarthX batteries, the EarthX Jump Pack uses LiFePO4 cells, not Lithium Cobalt (LiCoO2)! This is a big deal! LiFePO4 is the most stable and robust of all the lithium chemistries.

The EarthX Jump Pack uses 4 cells in series at a voltage range 10V-14.6V vs. a Lithium Cobalt jump pack that uses 3 cells at a voltage range of 9V-12.6V.

Why is this a very important difference? This means the voltage of the EarthX Jump Pack is 100% compatible with your vehicles charging system and at no risk of over charging as the normal charge range is up to 14.6V which is what your car, truck, airplane or power sport vehicle can produce once started. The jump pack that uses the Lithium Cobalt cells must use diodes in the jumper cables to protect the cells from the excess voltage. If this diode fails, the Lithium Cobalt cells can and will be overcharged causing damage to the cells and even cell rupture/fire.

Another difference is the life span. A LiFePo4 cell has double the life! And the thermal runaway temperature for a LiFePo4 is 518°F, vs. the Lithium Cobalt at 302°F.

The EarthX LiFePO4 Portable Emergency Jump Pack has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models: