Schumacher 6V/12V ProSeries Battery Charger & Engine Starter
Item #: DSR118   |    In Stock

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Schumacher 6V/12V ProSeries Battery Charger & Engine Starter

Item #: DSR118   |  In Stock

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Price: $187.95

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Product Specifications for Schumacher 6V/12V ProSeries Battery Charger & Engine Starter

BM Part #: DSR118
Voltage: 6/12 Volt
Capacity: 6A<>2A Charge | 15<>40A Boost | 125A Engine Start
Input Voltage: 120V AC @ 60Hz
Length: 9"
Width: 9"
Height: 8"
Shipping Weight: 19.00Lbs
Warranty: 2 Year
Product Manual: Download
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  • Charges 6 Volt & 12 Volt lead acid batteries.
  • 125A Engine Start is powerful enough for SUVs, trucks, and large engines.
  • 15<>40 Boost Mode ramps up the voltage and send a quick burst of energy into the battery to quickly bring even deeply discharged batteries back to life.
  • 15<>40 Service Mode maintains a stable voltage at 13.6V and prevents discharged batteries during service or sitting idle in a showroom.
  • 6A<>2A Charge keeps stored, lead-acid batteries charged. Great for small batteries.
  • Fully Automatic prevents overcharging by monitoring and switching to maintenance mode when fully charged.
  • LED Indicators and Touch Pad Controls are easy to use and accurate.
  • Built-in Cord Management keeps the power cord and cables neatly wrapped for storage.
  • The High-Impact Molded Case is rustproof and non-conductive.
  • Built-in Battery Tester provides charge level and helps diagnose electrical problems.
  • The Scrolling Digital Display is easy-to-read. The animated display gives you step-by-step instructions to properly charge your battery.
  • 125A clamps with copper cable for top and side mount posts.
  • Auto-voltage Detection will automatically detect a 6V or 12V battery.
  • With Reverse Hook-up Protection, the charger does not operate if clamps are reversed (LED will light up).

Product Description

The DSR118 by Schumacher is a multi-purpose charger and engine starter. It can charge and maintain 6V and 12V batteries and provides a 125A engine start that's powerful enough for SUVs and trucks. It can bring deeply discharged batteries back to life with the Boost mode option, and maintains the battery's voltage at 13.6V in service mode. The charger is easy to use and the LED display provides all the necessary charging information.

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