DC Car Air Cord for Compaq Armada Evo Presario
Item #: CO1112-10   |    In Stock
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DC Car Air Cord for Compaq Armada Evo Presario
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DC Car Air Cord for Compaq Armada Evo Presario

Item #: CO1112-10   |  In Stock
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Price: $70.95
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Price: $70.95

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Product Specifications for DC Car Air Cord for Compaq Armada Evo Presario

BM Part #: CO1112-10
Voltage: 19.0 Volt
Type: Car Cord
Length: 4.00"
Width: 2.00"
Height: 0.90"
Shipping Weight: 1.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year
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Order today and receive free standard shipping on your DC Car Air Cord for Compaq Armada Evo Presario. Only valid in the contiguous 48 states and not valid with any other offer.

60 Watt DC Car Air Adapter

This DC car air adapter is designed to power Compaq brand Armada, Evo, Presario laptop and notebook computers.

Plugs into any standard 12 volt DC cigarette lighter power port or empower airline seat power port.

Small size and long cord makes this an excellent travel adapter for your car, boat or air travel.

This ENERGY+ item is built with the highest quality standards, safety features and has a 12 month warranty.

This ENERGY+ item is assembled in the U.S.A. by hard working Americans.


26564-b25, 386504-B21

  • ARIMA: A0709
  • ASUS: A1, A1000, A1000B, A1000D, A1000F, A11, A12, A1200, A1200-C700, A1300, A1300-P700, A1B, A1D, A1F, A2, A2000, A2000C, A2000D, A2000G, A2000L, A2000S, A2000T, A27, A28, A2C, A2D, A2G, A2L, A2S, A2T, A3, A3000, A3000E, A3000G, A3000L, A3000N, A32, A3E, A3G, A3L, A3N, A40, A4D, A4G, A4Ga, A6, A6000, A6000G, A6000Ga, A6000K, A6000L, A6000N, A6000Ne, A6000U, A6000V, A6000Va, A6000Vc, A65, A6G, A6Ga, A6K, A6L, A6N, A6Ne, A6U, A6V, A6Va, A6Vc, A86, A88, B01, B05, B06, B1, B1000, B1000A, B12, B1A, C23, F7, F7B, F7000, F74, F74B, F7400, F7400B, L1, L1000, L1000A, L1000B, L1400, L1A, L1B, L2, L2000, L2000B, L2000D, L2000E, L2400B, L2400D, L2400E, L2B, L2D, L2E, L3, L3000, L3000C, L3000D, L3000H, L3000S, L3000Tp, L31, L32, L34, L35, L3100, L3200, L3400, L3500, L3800, L3C, L3D, L3H, L3S, L3Tp, L4, L4000, L4000E, L4000H, L4000L, L4000R, L41, L42, L44, L45, L4500, L4500R, L4E, L4H, L4L, L4R, L7, L7000, L7000B, L7000C, L7000D, L7000E, L7000G, L7000H, L7200, L7300, L7B, L7C, L7D, L7E, L7G, L7H, L8, L8000, L8000B, L8000C, L8000Ce, L8000F, L8000K, L8000L, L84, L8400, L8400B, L8400C, L8400Ce, L8400F, L8400K, L8400L, L84B, L84C, L84Ce, L84F, L84K, L84L, M1, M1000, M1000A, M1A, M2, M2000, M2000A, M2000C, M2000E, M2000N, M2000Ne, M2400, M2400A, M2400C, M2400E, M2400N, M2400Ne, M2422N, M2442N, M2A, M2C, M2E, M2N, M2Ne, M5, M5000, M5000A, M5000Ae, M5000N, M5000NP, M500A, M500Ae, M500N, M500NP, M5200, M5200A, M5200Ae, M5200N, M5200NP, M5601N, M5606N, M5622N, M5642N, M5A, M5Ae, M5N, M5NP, M6, M6000, M6000A, M6000C, M6000Ce, M6000N, M6000Na, M6000Ne, M6000R, M6000RF, M6000V, M6000Va, M67, M6700, M6700A, M6700C, M6700Ce, M6700N, M6700Na, M6700Ne, M6700R, M6700RF, M6700V, M6700Va, M6706H, M6722H, M6722R, M6742H, M6762H, M67A, M67C, M67Ce, M67N, M67Na, M67Ne, M67R, M67RF, M67V, M67Va, M68, M6800, M6800A, M6800C, M6800Ce, M6800N, M6800Na, M6800Ne, M6800R, M6800RF, M6800V, M6800Va, M6802N M6806N, M6822N, M6842N, M6862N, M68A, M68C, M68Ce, M68N, M68Na, M68Ne, M68R, M68RF, M68V, M68Va, M6A, M6C, M6Ce, M6N, M6Na, M6Ne, M6R, M6RF, M6V, M6Va, M8, M8000, M8000B, M8000C, M8200, M8200B, M8200C, M8300, M8300B, M8300C, M8B, M8C, S1, S1000, S1000A, S1000B, S1000N, S13, S1300, S1300A, S1300B, S1300N, S13A, S13B, S13N, S1A, S1B, S1N, S5, S5000, S5000A, S5000N, S5000Ne, S5000NP, S5A, S5N, S5Ne, S5NP, S8, S8A, S8000, S8000A, S82, S82A, S8200, S8200A, S86, S86A, S8600, S8600A, T9, T9000, T9000A, T90A, T93A, T94A, T9300A, T9400A, T9A, V6, V6000, V6000V, V6000-V, V6800V, V6800-V, V6V, V6-V, W1, W1000, W1000G, W1000Ga, W1000Gc, W1000N, W1000Na, W1000V, W1G, W1Ga, W1Gc, W1N, W1Na, W1V, W6, Z3, Z30, Z3000, Z3000A, Z3000N, Z30N, Z31N, Z33A, Z31, Z3100, Z33, Z3300, Z3A, Z3N, Z6, Z60, Z6000, Z6000A, Z6000Ae, Z6000N, Z6000NP, Z60A, Z60Ae, Z60N, Z60NP, Z61, Z6100, Z61A, Z61Ae, Z61N, Z61NP, Z63, Z6300, Z63A, Z63Ae, Z63N, Z63NP, Z6A, Z6Ae, Z6N, Z6NP, Z9, Z90, Z9000, Z9000R, Z90R, Z91, Z9100, Z9100E, Z9100ER, Z9100G, Z9100L, Z9100N, Z91E, Z91ER, Z91G, Z91L, Z91N, Z92, Z9200, Z9200G, Z9200L, Z9200Ne, Z9200U, Z9200Va, Z92G, Z92L, Z92Ne, Z92U, Z92Va, Z93, Z9300, Z9300E, Z93E, Z9R
  • BOLDATA: BolData M5N
  • CHEM USA: ChemBook 2060E, Chembook 2250, ChemBook 2300, Chembook 2333, ChemBook 2370VA
    • Armada: 110, 110S, E300, E500, E500S, E700, M300, M700, V300
    • Business NoteBook: NC4200, NC6100, NC6105, NC6110, NC6115, NC6120, NC6140, NC6200, NC6220, NC6230, NC8230, NW8240, NX4300, NX4800, NX6100, NX6105, NX6110, NX6115, NX6120, NX6125, NX6130, NX7100, NX7200, NX8220, NX9000, NX9005, NX9008, NX9010, NX9020, NX9030, NX9040, NX9050
    • Evo: N1000, N1000C, N1000V, N1005V, N110, N150, N200, N400c, N410c, N600c, N610c, N610v, N620c, N800, N800c, N800v, N800w, NoteBook 110, 110S, NoteBook N1000, N1000C, NoteBook N1000V, NoteBook N1005V
    • Presario: 300, 305, 306, B1000, B1010, B1011, B1013, B1014, B1015, B1015A, B1800, B1800TU, B1801TU, B1802TU, B1803TU, B1804TU, B1805TU, B1806TU, B1807TU, B1808TU, B1809TU, B1810TU, B1811TU, B1812TU, B1813TU, B1814TU, B1815TU, B1816TU, B1817TU, B1818TU, B1819TU, B1820TU, B2000, B2005AL, B2012AP, B2015AP, B2018AL, B2019AP, B2020AP, B2022AL, B2023AL, B2026AL, B2027AL, B2027AP, B2028AL, B2028AP, B2032AP, B2033AL, B2034AL, B2036AP, B2039AP, B2040AL, B2800, B2800TX, B2801TX, B2802TX, B2803TX, B2804TX, B2805TX, B2806TX, B2807TX, B2808TX, B2809TX, B2810TX, B2811TX, B2812TX, B2813TX, B2814TX, B2815TX, B2816TX, B2817TX, B2818TX, B2819TX, B2820TX, B2821TX, B2822TX, B2823TX, B2824TX, B2825TX, B3800, B3800AP, B3801AP, B3802AP, B3803AP, B3804AP, B3805AP, B3806AP, B3807AP, B3808AP, B3809AP, B3810AP, B3811AP, B3812AP, B3813AP, B3814AP, B3815AP, B3816AP, B3817AP, B3818AP, B3819AP, B3820AP, B3821AP, B3822AP, B3823AP, B3824AP, B3825AP, B3826AP, B3827AP, B3828AP, B3829AP, M2000, M2000Z, M2001AL, 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    • Prosignia: 170, 190
    • Tablet PC: TC1000, TC1100, TC4200
  • CYBERCOM: CC9374, CC9399, CC9467, CC9580-A
  • HP:
    • Business NoteBook: NC4200, NC6100, NC6105, NC6110, NC6115, NC6120, NC6140, NC6200, NC6220, NC6230, NC8230, NW8240, NX4300, NX4800, NX6100, NX6105, NX6110, NX6115, NX6120, NX6125, NX6130, NX7100, NX7200, NX8220, NX9000, NX9005, NX9008, NX9010, NX9020, NX9030, NX9040, NX9050
    • Pavilion: dv1000, dv1001AP, dv1001xx, dv1002AP, dv1002xx, dv1003AP, dv1004AP, dv1005AP, dv1005EA, dv1006AP, dv1006EA, dv1007AP, dv1007EA, dv1008AP, dv1008EA, dv1009AP, dv1009xx, dv1010AP, dv1010ca, dv1010us, dv1010xx, dv1011AP, dv1011EA, dv1012AP, dv1012LA, dv1013AP, dv1013xx, dv1014AP, dv1014LA, dv1015AP, dv1015LA, dv1016AP, dv1016LA, dv1017AP, dv1018AP, dv1019AP, dv1019EA, dv1020AP, dv1020EA, dv1021AP, dv1022AP, dv1023AP, dv1023EA, dv1024AP, dv1024LA, dv1025AP, dv1025LA, dv1026AP, dv1027AP, dv1028AP, dv1029AP, dv1030AP, dv1030EA, dv1031AP, dv1032AP, dv1033AP, dv1034AP, dv1035AP, dv1036AP, dv1037AP, dv1038AP, dv1040ca, dv1040us, dv1042qv, dv1042xx, dv1044LA, dv1044xx, dv1045EA, dv1045LA, dv1049cl, dv1049EA, dv1055EA, dv1055xx, dv1057EA, dv1057xx, dv1060us, dv1060xx, dv1061EA, dv1061xx, dv1063EA, dv1064EA, dv1065EA, dv1065us, dv1066EA, dv1067EA, dv1068EA, dv1069EA, dv1071EA, dv1071us, dv1074EA, dv1075EA, dv1100, dv1101AP, dv1102AP, dv1103AP, dv1104AP, dv1105AP, dv1105EA, 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    • Special Edition: L2000 Lance Armstrong, L2000 LiveStrong, L2000, L2002CX Lance Armstrong, L2002CX LiveStrong, L2002CX, L2005A3 Lance Armstrong, L2005A3 LiveStrong, L2005A3, L2005A4 Lance Armstrong, L2005A4 LiveStrong, L2005A4, L2005CL Lance Armstrong, L2005CL LiveStrong, L2005CL, L2005CM Lance Armstrong, L2005CM LiveStrong, L2005CM, L2005CO Lance Armstrong, L2005CO LiveStrong, L2005CO, L2005CU Lance Armstrong, L2005CU LiveStrong, L2005CU, L2005CX Lance Armstrong, L2005CX LiveStrong, L2005CX, L2005US Lance Armstrong, L2005US LiveStrong, L2005US, L2098XX Lance Armstrong, L2098XX LiveStrong, L2098XX, L2099XX Lance Armstrong, L2099XX LiveStrong, L2099XX, L2105CA Lance Armstrong, L2105CA LiveStrong, L2105CA, L2105CL Lance Armstrong, L2105CL LiveStrong, L2105CL, L2105NR Lance Armstrong, L2105NR LiveStrong, L2105NR, L2205NR Lance Armstrong, L2205NR LiveStrong, L2205NR, L2300 Lance Armstrong, L2300 LiveStrong, L2300
    • Tablet PC: TC1000, TC1100, TC4200
  • ISSAM: SmartBook i-6000C
  • JETTA: JetBook 8400
  • LIFETEC: LT9374, LT9399, LT9467, LT9580-A
  • MAXDATA: Artist Denver
  • MEDION: MD9467, MD9559, MD9580A, MD9580-A
  • USER EASY: MediaNote M6, MediaNote M6N
The DC Car Air Cord for Compaq Armada Evo Presario has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:
Compaq Armada