Portable Power Bank - 2600 mAh (Gold)
Item #: CEL-PB2600G   |    In Stock
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Portable Power Bank - 2600 mAh (Gold)
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Portable Power Bank - 2600 mAh (Gold)

Item #: CEL-PB2600G   |  In Stock
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Price: $6.95

Price: $6.95

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Product Specifications for Portable Power Bank - 2600 mAh (Gold)

BM Part #: CEL-PB2600G
Capacity: 2600 mAh
Length: 0.75"
Width: 3.75"
Shipping Weight: 0.50Lbs (8 oz)
Warranty: 45 Day Return

What's in the box:

  • 1x Portable Power Bank
  • 1x 11" MicroUSB to USB charging cord
  • Compatible with most smartphones and tablets.
    • Due to their larger batteries, this power bank may only partially charge tablets.
  • Aluminum alloy housing has a solid feel, is drop resistant, and great quality.
  • Includes charging cable for power bank.
  • LED light shows how much power is left in your power bank.
  • Works with your existing charging cables.

Charges most smartphones and any other device that uses a charging cord with a standard USB plug on one end.

How to Charge your MicroUSB Device

  1. Plug your charging cord into the device's USB port and plug the other end into the device you want to charge.
  2. Press the button on the device and charging will begin.

How to Charge your Portable Power Bank

  1. Plug the supplied MicroUSB end into the power bank.
  2. Plug the USB into a charger or computer.
  3. The LED light will shine red during the charging process.
  4. When charging is complete, the red LED light will disappear.
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