AC Adapter for Acer Aspire Extensa TravelMate
Item #: AC1514   |    In Stock
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AC Adapter for Acer Aspire Extensa TravelMate
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AC Adapter for Acer Aspire Extensa TravelMate

Item #: AC1514   |  In Stock
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Price: $66.95

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Product Specifications for AC Adapter for Acer Aspire Extensa TravelMate

BM Part #: AC1514
Voltage: 19 Volt
Capacity: 3.1 Amp
Type: AC Adapter
Length: 5.15"
Width: 2.35"
Height: 1.35"
Shipping Weight: 1.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year
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60 Watt AC Adapter.

This AC adapter is designed to power Acer Aspire, Extensa, TravelMate series laptop and notebook computers.

This item has a power status light and U.S. AC power cord.

Small size and long cord makes this a great spare adapter.

This ENERGY+ item is built with the highest quality standards, safety features and has a 12 month warranty.

Safety approvals include CSA, CE, GS, TUV and UL.


91.41Q28.001, 91.41Q28.002, 91.41Q28.003, 91.42S28.002, 91.44G28.002, 91.47A28.004, AP.A0103.001, AP.T2101.001, AP.T3503.001, AP.T3503.002, AT.T2303.001, HAP.0060.001, LC.T2801.006, LC.T2801.018, N18664

  • 4MBO: TravelMate 602
  • ACER Alpha: 550 Series, 550LC, 550LV, 550XV, 551, 551VX
  • ACER Aspire: 1200 Series, 1200X, 1200XV, 1202, 1202X, 1203X, 1203XC, 1203XV
  • ACER Extensa: 700 Series, 700T, 710, 711, 712 Series, 710DX, 710T, 710TE, 711TE, 712TE
  • ACER TravelMate: 200 Series, 200DX, 200T, 201, 201T, 202, 202T, 210 Series, 210, 210T, 210TER, 210TXF, 211, 211T, 212, 212T, 212TE, 212TXV, 213, 213T, 213TX, 213TXV, 220, 222, 223, 225 Series, 222X, 223X, 223XC, 223XV, 225X, 225XC, 225XV, 230, 233, 234 Series, 230XC, 230XV, 230XV-PRO, 233LC, 233X, 233XV, 233XVi, 234LCi, 2350 Series, 2352LCi, 2352NLCi, 2353, 2353LC, 2353LCi, 2353LM, 2353LMi, 2353NLC, 2353NLCi, 2353WLMi, 2354, 2354LC, 2354LCi, 2354LM, 2354LMi, 2354NLC, 2354NLCi, 2354NLM, 2354NLMi, 2355LC, 2355LCi, 2355NLC, 2355NLCi, 2355NLM, 2355NLMi, 260, 261 Series, 261X, 261XC, 261XV, 270, 272, 273, 275 Series, 270XV, 272LC, 272X, 272XV, 272XVi, 273X, 273XV, 275LC, 280, 281, 283 Series, 281XC, 281XV, 283LC, 283LCi, 283XV, 283XVi, 290 Series, 290E Series, 290ELC, 290ELCi, 290ELM, 290ELMi, 290EXC, 290EXCi, 290LC, 290LCi, 290LMi, 290XCi, 290Xi, 290XMi, 290XVi, 291LCi, 291LCi-G, 291LMi, 291LMi-G, 291XCi, 291XCiH, 292ELC, 292ELCi, 292ELM, 292ELMi, 292EXC, 292EXCi, 292LC, 292LCi, 292LM, 292LMi, 293ELC, 293ELCi, 293ELM, 293ELMi, 293LCi, 293LMi, 340, 341, 342, 343 Series, 340T, 341TV, 342T, 343TV, 345, 347 Series, 345T, 347T Series, 350, 351, 352, 353, 354 Series, 350TE, 350TE-N, 351TE, 351TEV, 352TE, 353TE, 353TEV, 354TE, 354TEV, 360, 361, 364 Series, 361EVi, 364ECi Series, 370 Series, 370, 370TCi, 370Ti, 370TMi, 371LCi, 371LMi, 371TCi, 371TCi XP, 371Ti, 371TMi, 372, 372LCi, 372LMi, 372TC, 372TCi, 372Ti, 372TM, 372TMi, 374, 374TCi, 380 Series, 380, 380LCi, 372LMi, 380TCi, 381, 381TC, 381TCi, 381Ti, 382, 382LCi, 382TC, 382TCi, 382Ti, 382TM, 382TMi, 383, 383TCi, 4050 Series, 4050, 4050LC, 4050LCi, 4050LM, 4050LMi, 4050WLCi, 4050WLMi, 4051, 4051LC, 4051LCi, 4051LM, 4051LMi, 4051WLCi, 4051WLMi, 4052, 4052LC, 4052LCi, 4052LM, 4052LMi, 4052NLCi, 4052WLCi, 4052WLMi, 4053, 4053LMi, 510, 512, 513, 514 Series, 512DX, 512T, 512TE, 512T-64, 513DX, 513T, 514T, 514TXV, 515, 516, 517 Series, 515TE, 516TE, 517TE, 520, 521, 522, 524 Series, 520ATX, 520ATXV, 520iT, 520TE, 520TEV, 520TX, 520TXV, 521ATX, 521iT, 521TE, 521TEV, 521TX, 521TXV, 522iT, 522TE, 522TX, 522TXV, 524ATXV, 524TE, 524TX, 524TXV, 525, 527, 529 Series, 525TE, 525TEV, 525TX, 525TXV, 527ATXV, 527TE, 527TEV, 527TX, 527TXV, 528ATXV, 528TEV, 528TX, 528TXV, 529ATX, 529ATXV, 529iT, 529TE, 529TX, 529TXV, 550 Series, 550LC, 550LV, 550XV, 551, 551XV, 600, 602, 603, 604 Series, 6000 Series, 6001, 6002, 6002LCi, 6003LC, 6003LCi, 6003LM, 6003LMi, 6004, 6004LC, 6004LCi, 6004LMi, 600TER, 602TER, 603TER, 604TER, 610, 611, 612, 613, 614 Series, 610TXC, 610TXV, 610TXVi, 611TXC, 611TXCi, 611TXV, 612TXC, 612TXCi, 612TXV, 613TXC, 613TXCi, 613TXV, 614TXC, 614TXCi, 614TXV, 614TXVCi, 620, 621, 622, 623, 624 Series, 620LCi, 621E, 621EC, 621EV, 621L, 621LC, 621LCi, 621LV, 621LVi, 621XC, 621XCi, 621XV, 621XVi, 622E, 622EC, 622EV, 622LC, 622LCi, 622LV, 622LVi, 622XC, 622XV, 623E, 623EC, 623EV, 623LC, 623LCi, 623LV, 623LVi, 623XC, 623XV, 624E, 624EC, 624EV, 624LC, 624LCi, 624LV, 624LVi, 624XC, 624XCi, 624XV, 630, 631, 632, 633 Series, 630LC, 630LCi, 630LV, 630LVi, 630XC, 630XCi, 630XV, 630XVi, 631LC, 631LCi, 631LV, 631LVi, 631XC, 631XCi, 631XV, 631XVi, 632LC, 632LCi, 632LV, 632LVi, 632XC, 632XCi, 632XV, 632XVi, 633LC, 633LCi, 633LV, 633LVi, 633XC, 633XCi, 633XV, 633XVi, 634, 636 Series, 634LC, 634LCi, 634LV, 634LVi, 634XC, 634XCi, 634XV, 634XVi, 636LC, 636LCi, 636LV, 636LVi, 636XC, 636XCi, 636XV, 636XVi, 720, 722, 723 Series, 720TX, 720TXV, 721TX, 722iTX, 722iTXV, 722TX, 723TX, 723TXV, 730, 732, 734, 735 Series, 730TX, 730TXV, 732TLV, 732TX, 732TXV, 734TL, 734TXV, 735TLV, 736, 737, 738, 739 Series, 736TL, 736TLV, 737TLV, 738TLV, 739GTLV, 739TLV, 740, 741, 744 Series, 740LVF, 741LVF, 744LCF, 8000 Series, 8000, 8000LCi, 8000LMi, 8001, 8001LCib, 8002, 8002LC, 8002LCi, 8002LCib, 8002LMi, 8003, 8003LC, 8003LCi, 8003LCib, 8003LM, 8003LMi, 8003LMib, 8004, 8004LCi, 8004LCib, 8004LM, 8004LMi, 8004LMib, 8005, 8005LCi, 8005LCib, 8005LMi, 8005LMib, 8006, 8006LCi, 8006LM, 8006LMi, 8006LMib, a550 Series, a550LC, a550LV, a550XV , a551, a551XV , Alpha 550 Series , Alpha 550LC, 550LV, 550XV, Alpha 551, 551XV , C300 Series, C300XCi, C300XCi-G, C300XM, C300XMi, C300XMib, C301XCi, C301XCi-G, C301XM, C301XMi, C301XMib, C302MXi, C302XC, C302XCi, C302XMi, C302XMi-G, C302XMib, C303XC, C303XCi, C303XM, C303XMi, C303XMib, K-550 Series
  • AOPEN: 1235, 1535, 1545, 1735, Open Book 1735
  • HITACHI Flora: 200, 20NV, 270GX NW1, 270GX NW2, 270GX NW3, 270HX NW5, 270HX NW6, 270HX NW7, 270W NW6
  • HITACHI Prius Note: 20U
  • LITTLEBIT: Snapper D6x2
  • MAXDATA Pro: 5000T, 5000X, 7100, 710T, 710X
  • NEC: Versa FP440 Series
  • PACKARD BELL: iPower 7000 Series
The AC Adapter for Acer Aspire Extensa TravelMate has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:
Acer Aspire
TravelMate Series