Nebo Z-Bug Mosquito Zapping LED Bulb
Item #: 6458-ZBUG   |    In Stock (2 Available at this Price)

Nebo Z-Bug Mosquito Zapping LED Bulb
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Nebo Z-Bug Mosquito Zapping LED Bulb

Item #: 6458-ZBUG   |  In Stock (2 Available at this Price)

Price: $18.95

Price: $18.95

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Product Specifications for Nebo Z-Bug Mosquito Zapping LED Bulb

BM Part #: 6458-ZBUG
Height: 6"
Diameter: 3.125"
Shipping Weight: 1.00Lbs
Warranty: 45 Day Return
  • Attracts and Kills Bugs
    • NUV LED light attracts most flying bugs, including mosquitoes.
    • 1000 - 1200V electric grid kills bugs on contact.
  • Bright LED Bulb Lights Wide Area
    • 9W LED bulb.
    • Provides 600 lumens of bright light, comparable to a 60W incandescent.
    • 40,000+ hour lamp life.
    • Eco-friendly: Consumes less energy, has a long life.
    • For indoor and outdoor use.
  • Screws into standard light socket.

For use indoors or outdoors, Z-BugBulb provides bright white, ambient lighting to any space with its 600 lumen LED. The 4 NUV LEDs emit a 395nm near ultraviolet glow, which mosquitoes and other flying insects find very attractive. Surrounding the NUV LEDs is a 1,000 - 1,200V high-voltage grid that kills the allured insects on contact. Z-BugBulb includes Z-BugBulb Sweeper to remove insect remains from the grid housing.

Lighting Facts: (Per Bulb)

  • Brightness: 600 lumens
  • Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $1.31
    • Based on 3 hours / day, $0.133/kWh; Cost depends on rates and usage.
  • Life: 45 years (based on 3 hours / day)
  • Energy Use: 9 watts
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What our Customers are saying
Nice idea - But---
February 8, 2017
by on February 8, 2017

Worked great for 2 weeks then the LED bulb section stopped working. Bug zapper still works. Disappointing.

New Orleans
Would recommend to a friend?
September 10, 2016
by on September 10, 2016

A sudden infestation of gnats was driving me crazy. A little over 24 hrs after installation I noticed almost no gnat activity.
I just noticed a couple stragglers but no doubt they will soon meet their fate. The last generation!
I just used the blue light mode all day and night. I am very pleased with this purchase. I bought (2) bulbs but only used (1) for a (2) room and bath area.
The gnats seemed to fly a circuit between the (2) rooms. That's probably why one bulb did the trick.
I once read that for every gnat you kill you prevent 350 future gnats.

Gnat free
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