Rechargeable 9 Volt Lithium Ion Battery
Item #: R-LI9600   |    In Stock (21 Available at this Price)

Rechargeable 9 Volt Lithium Ion Battery
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Rechargeable 9 Volt Lithium Ion Battery

Item #: R-LI9600   |  In Stock (21 Available at this Price)

Price: $10.95

Price: $10.95

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Product Specifications for Rechargeable 9 Volt Lithium Ion Battery

BM Part #: R-LI9600
Voltage: 9 Volt (7.4 Volt Nominal)
Capacity: 600 mAh
Type: Li-Ion
Battery Size: 9 Volt
Length: 1.02"
Width: 0.64"
Height: 1.91"
Shipping Weight: 0.08Lbs (1.28 oz)
Warranty: 1 Year (Replacement Only)
Datasheet: Download

Product Description

These Hitech 9 Volt Lithium Ion batteries are the perfect companion to the Hitech 9V Lithium-Ion Smart Charger. You can have your reserve batteries charging while you are using the others.


Given the technology behind these batteries, a standard NiMH/NiCd charger will NOT charge this battery. You need a charger designed for Li-Poly/Li-Ion batteries. The charger we offer that will charge this battery is our 2 Bank 9 Volt Battery Charger.

Charging this in a charger not designed for Li-Ion batteries will cause fire or explosion. Charging this 9V lithium battery in a NiMH/NiCd charger will void your warranty.

Important note about the voltage of this battery:
Rechargeable batteries, like this 9V-size Lithium Ion battery, are rated at a lower voltage than their Alkaline-based alternatives. If your application absolutely requires a full 9 volts to operate, rechargeable batteries may not work for you. Please view the datasheet or give us a call at 1-800-405-2121 for further information.

If your device has a charge indicator, this battery will most likely not show a "full" charge when installed. These indicators are calibrated for alkaline 9 volt batteries, which, by design, have a higher initial voltage level than a fully charged rechargeable battery. The battery will work, but the indicator will display inaccurate results.

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What our Customers are saying
Batteries work great
July 12, 2012
by on July 12, 2012

Reliable, work great.

Bud Raymond
Atlanta, GA
Would recommend to a friend?
The Very Best!!
July 3, 2012
by on July 3, 2012

I have tried every Lithium rechargable 9Volt battery and these are hands down the best. Batterymart has the best price on these batteries and I have told all my friends to buy them!

Scottsdale AZ
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Hi performance from small package
May 4, 2012
by on May 4, 2012

Used in wireless microphones and has extended duration of microphones
Finally 600 mah in place of 150 mah Ni-MH

Edmonton, Alber
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An absolute must for guitar players!
March 20, 2012
by on March 20, 2012

Having tired of guitar cords years ago I'd been constantly frustrated over not being able to make it through long gigs without changing batteries. At one time I tried some Varta batteries but they gave me such short runtimes that I quickly gave them away.

I've been using the HiTech 9volt rechargeable lithium batteries for a couple years now and just can't believe the incredible runtimes I get out

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Good product, does not get any better
March 14, 2012
by on March 14, 2012

Good product. Love it. Do not need to buy another 9V battery for along time.

Tony Boy
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1st week of heavy use - no disapointment
March 11, 2012
by on March 11, 2012

I work on film sets, as location sound mixer.
After using iPower 520mAh for several years, and getting frustrated with their lack of over-discharge protection, I hope that this battery fulfills what it promises.
I have used 16 pcs for 1 week, in heavy rotations:
8 to 10 bateries go through 2 cycles throughout the day.
Lectro IFB's, Lectro Transmitters, Audio Limited Transmitters, Denecke TimeCode

Toronto, ON, Ca
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So Far so good
March 8, 2012
by on March 8, 2012

I bought this battery for a tachometer about a month ago. It says "Mad in China with Japanese Cells".
I was sceptical first for their warning 'using their charger'.
I have a programmable charger and charged it with 200mA first. It took a bit long. So there is no problem using another charger with known current made for LiIon batteris.
I used it since few times and the voltage holds steady at 8 vol

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