Fisher-Price 6 Volt, 4 Ah Blue Power Wheels Battery
Item #: SLA-6V4-POW   |    In Stock

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Fisher-Price 6 Volt, 4 Ah Blue Power Wheels Battery

Item #: SLA-6V4-POW   |  In Stock

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Price: $36.95

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Product Specifications for Fisher-Price 6 Volt, 4 Ah Blue Power Wheels Battery

BM Part #: SLA-6V4-POW
Voltage: 6 Volt
Capacity: 4 Ah
Type: Sealed Lead Acid
Length: 2 3/4"
Width: 1 3/4"
Height: 4 3/8"
Shipping Weight: 3.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year
Rechargeable: Yes
  • Rechargeable
  • Recyclable
  • No Memory Effect
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Fisher-Price 6 Volt, 4 Ah Blue Power Wheels Battery
Fisher-Price 6 Volt, 4 Ah Blue Power Wheels Battery
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Product Description

This Fisher Price 6-volt 4 ah blue Power Wheels battery is only for use with small vehicles using the small blue battery.

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Keep your Power Wheels battery healthy

We ship out all Power Wheels batteries brand new, fresh from the factory. However, we recommend that you have the Power Wheels charger to keep it healthy.

It's a good idea to recharge the battery every three months when the toy is not in use. This is important during the Winter when the toy might sit for extended periods of time. Keeping the battery maintained will make sure that when the toy is being used again, it'll run for a long time.

After use, you should charge the batteries immediately. You should never run down batteries and let them sit in a discharged condition for long. If they sit for too long, there's a good possibility they'll never power the toy for as long as it should. So, keep the batteries charged and maintained!

Cross Reference

The Fisher-Price 6 Volt, 4 Ah Blue Power Wheels Battery has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:

This battery can be used in these models:

  • Ballet Barbie (Model 76104)
  • Barbie Jeep Blitz (WM) (Model X0072)
  • Barbie Jeep Lil Wrangler (Model T1961)
  • Barbie Jeep WM Blitz (Model X6655)
  • Barbie Jeep Wrangler (Model X2248)
  • Barbie Lil Quad (Model CDY13)
  • Barbie Lil Quad (Model N3460)
  • Barbie Lil Quad (Model W6215)
  • Barbie Lil Quad (TRU) (Model CDY14)
  • Barbie Lil Trail Rider (Model 77767)
  • Barbie Princess Lil Quad (Model N2892)
  • Barbie Songbird (Model 76980)
  • Barbie VW Beetle (Model P6830)
  • Barbie VW New Beetle (Model X3414)
  • Barbie Wrangler (Model N9732)
  • Batman Lil Quad (Model CLG97)
  • Batman Lil Quad (Model M5728)
  • Batman Lil Quad (Model M7246)
  • Batman Lil Quad (Model X0075)
  • Blaze Lil Quad (Model DTB78)
  • Blitz Girl Barbie Jeep (Model W6200)
  • Bubble Tractor (Model 75320)
  • Butterfly Princess (Model 78550)
  • Camo Lil Quad (Model X3050)
  • Camo Lil Quad (Model Y5267)
  • Caterpillar Jr (Model 78600)
  • Diego Lil Quad (Model K4565)
  • Disney Princess Tot Rod (Model R2510)
  • Dora and Friends Lil Quad (Model CDD18)
  • Dora Lil Quad (Model J7825)
  • Dora Lil Quad (Model V4343)
  • Dora Lil Quad (Model Y8639)
  • Dora Lil Quad 10th Anniversary (Model V3710)
  • Firetruck TRU (Model M1350)
  • Get Set Go! Kart (Model J4030)
  • Get Set Go! Kart (Model M5130)
  • GO Kart (Model 76790)
  • GO Kart (Model 78780)
  • GO Kart (Model B0263)
  • Handy Manny Tot Rod (Model T3260)
  • Harley Jr (Model 74230)
  • Harley Rocker (Model CLG99)
  • Harley Rocker (Model P5065)
  • Harley Rocker (Model X0067)
  • Hot Wheels Jeep Blitz (Model W6199)
  • Hot Wheels Jeep WM Blitz (Model X6656)
  • Hot Wheels Lil Quad with Track (Model CLM86)
  • Hot Wheels VW Beetle (Kmart) (Model P5921)
  • Hot Wheels VW Beetle (Model N3964)
  • HW Jeep Blitz WM (Model X0071)
  • HW Jeep Wrangler (Model X2247)
  • Jake Lil Quad (Model BCG69)
  • Jeep Blitz (Model N9356)
  • Jeep Blitz (Model R8932)
  • Kawasaki Lil Quad (Model CDD24)
  • Kawasaki Lil Quad (Model W6214)
  • Kawasaki Lil Quad with Track (Model CDD26)
  • Lawn Tractor DTC (Model CBX26)
  • Lil Barbie Trail Rider (Model K0451)
  • Lil Harley (Model X6222)
  • Lil Harley Motorcycle (Model B1503)
  • Lil Jake (Model 78560)
  • Lil Kawasaki (Model 75520)
  • Lil Kawasaki (Model 76940)
  • Lil Kawasaki (Model 76940)
  • Lil Kawasaki (Model X3421)
  • Lil Kawasaki 1999 (Model 76920)
  • Lil Kawasaki 2000 (Model 76921)
  • Lil Kawasaki 2002 (Model 77768)
  • Lil Kawasaki Premium (Model 76937)
  • Lil Kawasaki Red (Model 77440)
  • Lil KFX (Model K0452)
  • Lil Lighning McQueen (Model W2603)
  • Lil Lighting McQueen (Model Y8640)
  • Lil Lightning McQueen (Model T3639)
  • Lil Lightning McQueen (Model W5541)
  • Lil Quad (Model 74380)
  • Lil Quad 2002 (Model 77760)
  • Lil Quad Pink (Target) (Model N8379)
  • Lil Quad Restage (Model M7331)
  • Lil Suzuki (Model 76089)
  • Little People Tot Rod (Model G2580)
  • Little People Tot Rod (Model H4793)
  • LP Toddler School Bus (Model N8415)
  • Mater (Model V4100)
  • Mickey Mouse Tot Rod (Model V3299)
  • Minnie Lil Quad (Model Y4997)
  • Minnie Mouse Lil Quad (Model CLG98)
  • Minnie Mouse VW (Model X9218)
  • My First Craftsman (Model K3034)
  • Paw Patrol Fire Truck (Model DGL23)
  • Paw Patrol Lil Quad (Model CMP32)
  • Pink Harley Rocker (Model T4869)
  • Pink Tot Rod (Model M0411)
  • Princess Lil Quad (Model X3051)
  • Princess Tot Rod (Model T5427)
  • Red Kawasaki Lil Quad (Model Y1773)
  • Rock And Roll (Model 76950)
  • Songbird 2000 (Model 76922)
  • Spongebob Go Kart (Model CJG73)
  • Thomas Toddler (Model CHN00)
  • Thomas Toddler (Model T4963)
  • Thomas Toddler (Model T5169)
  • Thomas with Bonus Track (Model BCK94)
  • Thomas with Track (Model BCK92)
  • TMNT Lil Quad (Model CBG71)
  • Toddler School Bus (Model M1349)
  • Toy Story 3 Tot Rod (Model V3298)
  • Toy Story Lil Quad (Model CHN01)
  • Toy Story Lil Quad (Model T5003)
  • TRU Lil Kawasaki (Model 76990)
  • VW Barbie Beetle (Model W6209)
  • VW Dora & Friends Beetle (Model CDD19)

Customer Reviews

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What our Customers are saying
All powered up
Apr11l 22, 2018
by on Apr11l 22, 2018

Fits like a charm. Granddaughter can now drive her car. Unfortunately she isn't a very good driver just yet. But she has the juice to go in circles.

Would recommend to a friend?
worked like a charm!
June 5, 2017
by on June 5, 2017

Found an old "batman" power car on the side of the road. Said "Free". I took it, washed it all up, then we needed the battery and charger.
Perfect match! the actual picture along with the color of the battery made it so easy to find the right fit!
Our granddaughter loves the car, and my husband was so happy with the outcome!

Redding, CT
Would recommend to a friend?
January 19, 2017
by on January 19, 2017

I got my battery so quickly and the transaction an product was over and above expectations. Will buy again thank you

Would recommend to a friend?
December 17, 2016
by on December 17, 2016

Awesome, the transaction was easy, fast and the battery came ready to "roll"
My boy is having a good time again with his favorite toy.

Would recommend to a friend?
Great Experience
September 10, 2016
by on September 10, 2016

I order a battery for my sons Fisher Price Little Quad. They shipped it the same day and the price was great. The battery even came with a charge so he could ride it right away when it got it. Will order from Battery Mart again.

Burlington, Iowa
Would recommend to a friend?
Works great
August 2, 2016
by on August 2, 2016

Bought this for my grandsons Jeep. Fully charged out of box and my little guy can ride his jeep again! Thank you BatteryMart!

New York
Would recommend to a friend?
Perfect! Thx!
July 29, 2016
by on July 29, 2016

Worked perfect!

Would recommend to a friend?