Samsung SCH-A990 Replacement Cell Phone Battery
Item #: BLI-984-7   |    In Stock

Samsung SCH-A990 Replacement Cell Phone Battery
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Samsung SCH-A990 Replacement Cell Phone Battery

Item #: BLI-984-7   |  In Stock

Price: $14.95

Price: $14.95

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1 Year Warranty
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Product Specifications for Samsung SCH-A990 Replacement Cell Phone Battery

BM Part #: BLI-984-7
Voltage: 3.7 Volt
Capacity: 700 mAh
Type: Li-Ion
Length: 1.39"
Width: 1.96"
Height: 0.22"
Shipping Weight: 0.25Lbs (4 oz)
Warranty: 1 Year
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Replacement batteries and accessories have the comparable performance standards as OEM batteries but are significantly cheaper. Why? Simply carrying a brand name on a product makes it more expensive. Smart shoppers don't fall for that.

Product Description

This replacement battery is 100% compatible with the Samsung SCH-A990 and all compatible models. Our batteries and accessories are made with high quality parts and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications at a reduced price. All batteries are tested for 100% Quality Control Assurance.

This replacement battery includes a 1 Year Warranty to guarantee that it has no manufacturing defects.

Cross Reference

The Samsung SCH-A990 Replacement Cell Phone Battery has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:
  • Samsung AB553446GAB
  • Samsung AB553446GABSTD
  • Samsung AB553446GZBSTD
  • Samsung BST3108BE
  • Verizon AB553446GAB
  • Verizon AB553446GABSTD
  • Verizon AB553446GZBSTD
  • Verizon BST3108BE

This battery is compatible with these models:

Cell Phone
  • Samsung Gusto
  • Samsung Gusto 2
  • Samsung Gusto SCH-U360
  • Samsung Gusto SCH-U410
  • Samsung Knack U310
  • Samsung Nimbus U420
  • Samsung SCH-A645
  • Samsung SCH-A870
  • Samsung SCH-A990
  • Samsung SCH-U310
  • Samsung SCH-U340
  • Samsung SCH-U350
  • Samsung SCH-U360
  • Samsung SCH-U365
  • Samsung SCH-U410
  • Samsung SCH-U430
  • Samsung SCH-U620
  • Samsung SGH-T119
  • Samsung Smooth U350
  • Samsung Snap U340
  • Samsung SPH-A420
  • Samsung SPH-A580
  • Samsung SPH-A640
  • Samsung SPH-D710
  • Samsung SPH-M240
  • Samsung SPH-M320
  • Verizon Gusto
  • Verizon Gusto 2
  • Verizon Gusto SCH-U360
  • Verizon Gusto SCH-U410
  • Verizon Knack U310
  • Verizon Nimbus U420
  • Verizon SCH-A645
  • Verizon SCH-A870
  • Verizon SCH-A990
  • Verizon SCH-U310
  • Verizon SCH-U340
  • Verizon SCH-U350
  • Verizon SCH-U360
  • Verizon SCH-U410
  • Verizon SCH-U430
  • Verizon SCH-U620
  • Verizon SGH-T119
  • Verizon Smooth U350
  • Verizon Snap U340
  • Verizon SPH-A420
  • Verizon SPH-A580
  • Verizon SPH-A640
  • Verizon SPH-D710
  • Verizon SPH-M240
  • Verizon SPH-M320

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Good battery works great!
August 20, 2009
by on August 20, 2009

Works as well as the original battery and I think better. It lasts longer than the original one and I can talk for literally several hours with it.

Delaware, OH
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