12 Volt 26 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery
Item #: SLA-12V26   |    In Stock

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12 Volt 26 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery

Item #: SLA-12V26   |  In Stock

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Product Specifications for 12 Volt 26 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery

BM Part #: SLA-12V26
Voltage: 12 Volt
Capacity: 26 Ah
Terminals: Nut & Bolt
Type: Sealed Lead Acid
Length: 6.58"
Width: 6.89"
Height: 5.04"
Shipping Weight: 21.00Lbs
Warranty: 1 Year
Rechargeable: Yes
  • Rechargeable
  • Recyclable
  • No Memory Effect

Product Description

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Order today and receive free standard shipping on your 12 Volt 26 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery. Only valid in the contiguous 48 states and not valid with any other offer. Physical address required (No PO Boxes).

Brand New First Quality Factory Direct

If you are using these batteries for a UPS please verify the quantity needed by looking in the owners manual, checking inside the UPS or calling us.

Sealed Maintenance Free

The valve regulated, spill-proof construction of this battery allows trouble-free, safe operation in any position. There is no need to add electrolyte, as gases generated during charging are recombined in a unique "oxygen cycle".

Long Service Life

A dependable service life can be expected under normal operating conditions.

Long Shelf Life

Low self-discharge rate allows for storage of fully charged batteries for longer periods of time before charging is required. Lower storage temperatures will further extend shelf life.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

May be discharged over a temperature range of -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F), and charged at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C (4°F to +122°F).

Rugged Construction

The high-impact resistant battery case is made either of non-conductive ABS plastic or styrene. Large capacity batteries frequently have polypropylene cases, all of these materials impart great resistance to shock, vibration, chemicals and heat.


  • Length 6.58 in.
  • Width 6.89 in.
  • Height 5.04 in.
  • Terminal BO
  • 1 Year Warranty

4 Reasons Why You'll Love Our AGM Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

  • Sealed, Maintenance Free: Completely spill-proof and can be installed in any position, except upside-down.
  • Fully Charged and Ready to Go: Right out of the box, this 12 Volt, 26 Ah rechargeable sealed lead acid battery with Nut & Bolt terminals is ready for anything.
  • 100% Brand New and Factory Fresh: We receive new shipments daily, ensuring each of our SLA batteries are as fresh as possible when you need them.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We back all our batteries with our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and our SLA batteries include a 1 year warranty.

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Cross Reference

The 12 Volt 26 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:
LP12-24 T3
LP12-26 T3
LP12-28 T3

Works with these wheelchairs:

  • Tzora Hummer XL (Titan 4)
  • Tzora Titan

This battery is compatible with these models:

  • ADI / Ademco PWPS12260F
  • Alphasource AS00236
  • Alphasource AS00323
  • Alphasource AS00324
  • Alphasource AS01099
  • Anybattery 1193
  • Anybattery 4351
  • Anybattery 5681
  • APC BACKUPS 1200
  • B & B Battery BP2412B1
  • B & B Battery BP2412T2
  • B & B Battery BP26-12B1
  • B & B Battery BP26-12T1
  • Battery-Biz B620
  • Best Technologies BA39
  • Black and Decker 242245-00
  • Black and Decker CM500_TYPE_1
  • Black and Decker CM500_TYPE_2
  • Black and Decker CM500_TYPE_3
  • Black and Decker CM600_TYPE_1
  • Black and Decker CM600_TYPE_2
  • Black and Decker CMM625_TYPE_1
  • Black and Decker CMM625_TYPE_2
  • Black and Decker CMM650_TYPE_1
  • Black and Decker CMM650_TYPE_2
  • Black and Decker CMM750_TYPE_1
  • Black and Decker CMM750_TYPE_2
  • Calcy International BP2412
  • Chauffeur Mobility MINI MODELS
  • Clockmate Batteries PSLA1224
  • Csb Battery Of America GH12260
  • Csb Battery Of America GP12240
  • Csb Battery Of America GP12240F
  • Csb Battery Of America GP12240NB
  • Csb Battery Of America GP12260
  • Csb Battery Of America GP2412
  • Dantona LEAD-12-26B-PS
  • Datascope 014600003201
  • Datascope 0146000034
  • Deltec Batteries PWRBC59
  • Deltec Batteries PWRBC61
  • Deltec Batteries PWRBC63
  • Deltec Batteries PWRBC65
  • Dewalt/Black & Decker 24166901
  • Dewalt/Black & Decker 24224500
  • Dewalt/Black & Decker CM500
  • Dewalt/Black & Decker CM600
  • Dewalt/Black & Decker CMM200
  • Dewalt/Black & Decker CMM650
  • Dewalt/Black & Decker CMM750
  • Diversified Medical N NP2412T
  • Diversified Medical SLA12240Y
  • Douglas DG1224
  • Douglas DG1226NB
  • Douglas PS12260
  • Dual Lite 12-731
  • Dual Lite 12-750
  • Dyna Ray 218161
  • Dyna Ray 2S18161
  • Dyna Ray S18161
  • Dynacell WP2412
  • Eagle Picher Batteries CFM12V25
  • Edwards 1612
  • Edwards 1613
  • Edwards 1799124ST
  • Elgar Batteries IPS1100
  • Elgar Batteries IPS1600
  • Elgar Batteries IPS550
  • Elgar Batteries IPS560
  • Elgar Batteries SPF5502
  • Elgar Batteries SPS1100
  • ELK Batteries ELK-12250
  • ELK Batteries ELK-12260
  • ELS EDS12240A
  • ELS EDS12240B
  • ELS EDS12260
  • Elsar 16256
  • Elsar 2338
  • Exide Batteries 2026C
  • Exide BAT0301
  • Fire Lite BAT-12260
  • Fire Lite CFM12V25
  • Fire Lite GC1223
  • Fire Lite PS-12250
  • Gamewell 69513
  • GS Battery PE12V24A
  • GS Battery PE12V24AB1
  • GS Battery PE12V24AF1
  • GS Battery PE12V25
  • GS Battery PE2012
  • GS Battery PE2412
  • GS Battery PE24A12R
  • Hi Light 3905
  • Hi Light 3922
  • Hitachi HP24-12
  • Hitachi HP24-12F
  • Hitachi HP24-12P
  • Hubbell 703485
  • Hubbell HP12100
  • Hubbell IMF12240
  • Interstate Batteries ASLA1146
  • Interstate Batteries SLA1146
  • Jasco RB12260 F2
  • Jasco RB12260 NB
  • Johnson Controls GC12200
  • Johnson Controls GC1223
  • Johnson Controls GC12230
  • Johnson Controls GC12250
  • Johnson Controls GC12506
  • Johnson Controls JC12250
  • Jump N Carry JC500
  • Lectronic Kaddy 2000
  • Sealake FM12240

Customer Reviews

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What our Customers are saying
Lots of Power
May 11, 2015
by on May 11, 2015

I had a much smaller SLA battery for running my GPS and fish finder in my kayak, and had to frequently shut it down so that I had enough power to guide me back to my launch point on the beach. Now I can run it all day without any problems. The weight is well worth the security of knowing I have more than enough power to keep my electronics alive.

Would recommend to a friend?
I would buy this product again
February 2, 2015
by on February 2, 2015

I bought this battery for my electric lawnmower. The price was much lower than the OEM and other sources.
The fit to the mower was good. I've used the battery to mow my lawns once so far and the battery provided plenty of power and reserve capacity.

Only more time will tell if the life of the battery meets my expectations. But so far so good.

Hume Fan
Oxnard, CA
Would recommend to a friend?
Good Power to Size & Weight Ratio
June 23, 2014
by on June 23, 2014

Relatively low height and roughly square base is ideal for fitting into the bottom of an R2-D2 type robot. Power capacity is more than ample.

Southern, NJ
Would recommend to a friend?
great replacement battery
July 13, 2013
by on July 13, 2013

Bought this battery to replace electric lawn mower battery for B&D CMM625; fit perfectly. Almost one year later the battery still delivers as good or better than the original when new.

SE of Oakland C
Would recommend to a friend?
Good Battery For B & D CM600 Mower
June 6, 2013
by on June 6, 2013

It is a replacement battery for my current one. I had replaced it a couple of years ago with another brand. We'll see how long this one lasts and then can give a more accurate reply.

Glen Ellyn IL
Would recommend to a friend?
the perfect solution!
August 3, 2012
by on August 3, 2012

Our old Black and Decker cordless mower had seen better days, but was still running. We bought a Worx mower and the battery kept dying every year! Thank god we didn't through out the old one. But this summer the battery would only charge enough to do half the lawn. The company said they don't make the battery anymore etc. so we searched and found what we needed here! Now our old mower runs perf

Bonnie the mowi
Windsor, CT
Would recommend to a friend?
Prompt Service
June 5, 2012
by on June 5, 2012

This replacement battery fit perfectly into my Black & Decker lawn mower.
It was exactly the same size as the old one and so there was no hastle installing it.

On the otherhand, it required bot a nut and bolt to attach the leads. The old battery just had a screw into an imbedded post. That made it easier to connect. Wish this battery had that feature.

Johnny three pu
Toronto, Ontari
Would recommend to a friend?