BatteryMINDer Battery Chargers

How does BatteryMINDer stack up versus other charger brands?

The BatteryMINDer charger, by VDC Electronics, desulfates, maintains, and fully charges batteries. They never overcharge batteries, no matter how long they are left connected. These desulfator battery chargers can be used on all size, types, and brands of lead-acid batteries, including engine starting, deep cycle, AGM, and other varieties. BatteryMINDer ranks among the best on the market for slow battery charging and storage.

Founded in 1993, VDC Electronics have specialized in desulfation battery chargers designed to improve and extend the life of all lead-acid batteries, through use of unique, proprietary design techniques and U.S. patented desulfation circuitry. Their BatteryMINDer charger is the leading pulse type battery charger in the U.S.

Over the years, BatteryMINDer has been proven to improve the performance and longevity of batteries in a wide selection of applications: Airplanes, cars, RVs, farm equipment, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and more.