Palm IA1W721H2 Battery
Item #: PDA-38LI   |    In Stock
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Palm IA1W721H2 Battery
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Palm IA1W721H2 Battery

Item #: PDA-38LI   |  In Stock
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Today's Price: $21.95

Today's Price: $21.95

Best Value
1 Year Warranty
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Product Specifications for Palm IA1W721H2 Battery

BM Part #: PDA-38LI
Voltage: 3.7 Volt
Capacity: 950 mAh
Type: Li-Ion
Shipping Weight: 4.8 oz
Warranty: 1 Year
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Because OEM manufacturers know they can get away with marking up prices 80% (and more) and people will still buy from them. Smart shoppers don't fall for that.

Also included with purchase: This battery comes with the necessary tools to replace your original battery.

This replacement Palm IA1W721H2 battery is compatible with the Palm PDA models: Tungsten T1, Tungsten T2, Tungsten T3, Zire 31, Zire 71 and Zire 72. The replacement Palm IA1W721H2 battery is made with high quality parts and is guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment specifications at a reduced price.

The Palm IA1W721H2 Battery has been cross-referenced to be compatible with or replace these OEM part numbers and models:
T3; Zire 31
Tungsten T1